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So, I have been wondering what do you guys think about the recent popularity on FUNKO´s POP's.

The series that covers pretty much anything, from anime to TV series and games or other popular series.

Personally I don't like them.

I find the design a little too simplistic, I get that this is the "trademark" of this series, but overall most figures are recognazible due to strong appearance characteristics instead of a strong actual resenblance, as for example goku's unique hair.

I don't plan on collecting them, what about you guys?
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Generally, I dislike them. At cons they are the wall/pile of boxes I ignore while I look for scales. Plus, why get a Funko Pop when Nendos are cuter and higher quality (unless they have a very specific character you're looking for)?
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I don't really like their designs, they look kinda weird.
However there are a few I like.
Beside ITEM #378566, that I already own, I just love Smaug he's just damn adorable. I have to buy him one day >u<
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I own a Luka for my collection, plus it was a gift, and that's it. I don't think they're worth the space in a Nendo collector's shelf.

Also WTF no stand? (older ones I guess)
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They're simply off-putting.
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I like some of them, not enough to collect them all, but the Fallout Dogmeat is adorable, and I love my Captain Phasma bobblehead. I think some designs work better than others, and I like the variety, and that they're affordable.
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For the most part, I don't like them. I feel they butcher what the characters are supposed to look like (Sailor Moon and Vocaloids for example, looks terrible). Some designs look better than others, like Cthulhu or Alduin. I have a couple but for the most part, I avoid them since they rarely resemble who they're supposed to be (or I just know nothing about the series itself).
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funko pops got me started collecting vinyl figures. still collect them too. they have their pros and cons, just like anime figures.

funko pops pros are they are cheap and easily accessible and maintain or gain value frequently, also they have a pop of almost everything possible, so something for everyone to say the least.

cons are, terrible quality control, boxes that damage easy which lessens their value.

anime figure pros are they are very nice looking and have pretty good quality control and nice boxes.

cons are, they are extremely expensive/over-priced, hard to get aka need to order over seas and pay massive shipping fees and pre-order almost a year in advance, also not many seem to gain value or even maintain.
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They're interesting and it's nice to give some love to some unusual series that wouldn't otherwise. (Has anyone else made Golden Girls figures?) I don't get caught up in the craze, but if there's characters I really like, I'll pick them up. I only have 5 and don't intend to get too many more.
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They make prize figures look like high end quality. x)
Also, I love the top comment lol.
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Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
I used to collect them. I had over 800 of them including bunch that I managed to sell for over $500 a piece because of rarity. I got to say now that they are cheap as hell and I dislike them. The company is getting even lazier and copy pasting the poses and reusing parts of one figure onto another. The variations are so freaking lame for example, Deadpool and then Deadpool in the same pose but with a can of Soda.... These figures are truly a waste of space and money and the community behind it is just full of scalpers, opportunists, evil people and scammers. Truly, everyday that I browse the Facebook forums, I read about a new scam going on lol. Also, the buyers of Funko Pop! are the mofokn WORST! If the box has a little damage or a little cuff or whatever... boom you got paypal claim AND badmouthing all over the community. I am SO glad I quit that shiiiiiiii.
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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