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Gabmag10Gabmag104 l. temu
Hey everyone!
I'm buying a few Obitsu 11cm bodies to use nendoroid heads with and I'd love to make a head for one of my favourite characters, Wally from Cherry Boy, That Girl.
Do you guys have any recommendations for faceplates/hair? I wouldn't mind repainting but if they came the right colour that would just be a bonus :)
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Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
Thanks everyone! I'll look in to the ones you guys mentioned :)
4 l. temu
ITEM #331510 has a very similar hair style, but the color is completely wrong. The plus side with this figure is its eyes look similar except maybe a bit rounder. ITEM #166960 has a hair style that isn't quite the same but the colors match almost perfectly. Hope this helps.
4 l. temu
Mitsutada faces would be great for him. Too bad he has an eyepatch
4 l. temu
ITEM #370230 matches his hair well, youd jus need to repaint it. as for faceplates, hajime seems like a pretty good match item/248117#tab... the eyecolor is right, youd just have to fix the eyebrows. youd also have to make earrings yourself and glue them to the faceplate but its simple as rolling up some balls ofair dry clay, painting them, and gluing them in place.
4 l. temu
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