Native "Epicurious Alice" Figure Review (NSFW)Native "Epicurious Alice" Figure Review (NSFW)Review

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Hi, everyone.

Today I'll be giving a short little review on ITEM #236217. Let's begin!

Packaging: 10/10




The packaging is superb, to say the least. I mean, look at that box! It expertly conveys a sense of whimsicality and charm and simply elicits a smile from you as soon as you begin taking off the lid. The outside is lined with a menagerie of things from playing cards to sweets; items characteristic or reminiscent of the world created by Lewis Carroll. Inside the box, the blister packaging is neatly stacked and comes with Alice, a cup and saucer, spoon, mad hatter hat, and additional clothes to place in the cup. Alice was securely packaged in some plastic wrapping and bubble wrap as well. Set-up was straight forward. There was also the addition of a neat postcard of the original artwork.


Sculpting: 10/10




Likewise, the sculpting is masterfully done. The ruffles in her clothes add texture to the figure and make it pop. The detail in the hair is some of the best that I've seen. The dangling sock, revealing shirt, and overall state of undress add to the allure and is simply too enticing to look away from. The facial expression is a mix of charming and salacious. She exudes royalty yet also an overwhelming sense of cuteness.

The cup and saucer on the other hand are quite plain. The only real detailed piece on those is the cup's handle which goes well with the theme of the figure. The spoon and hat are also done well and complement Alice quite nicely. The timepiece in her left hand also has an actual tiny chain so the attention to detail is certainly admirable.


On a side note, the panties are cast off and she is fully "detailed" down there where the sun don't shine. Well, it will shine there if you remove the panties, but I digress.

Base: 10/10


"All your base are belong to us."

And that is how I feel with this figure's very unique base. The clear, glass teacup + saucer allows you to see Alice well from any angle and the additional spoon and mad hatter hat was a nice touch and prevented the cup from appearing too plain by itself.

Paint: 10/10



Possessing a great sense of depth and vibrance, the paint does well to fully elicit the positive characteristics of Alice. The mixture of whites, reds, and pinks are visually pleasing. But those eyes. Those eyes! A striking light blue - innocent and bursting with vitality yet also suggestive. It wonderfully conveys a dichotomy between sweet and sexy. Elegant and lascivious. All into a single piece that is totally worth the premium I paid after the strengthening of the yen post-Brexit (a single tear shed for my wallet).

Tl;dr - She has nice paint and her eyes are pretty nice.

Final thoughts:



I love it. I emphatically love it. It has certainly captured my eye with its charm and allure that work in conjunction to wonderfully depict the whimsical, colorful, and witty tale of Alice in Wonderland in the form of a figure. The amount of detail instilled in this entire package from the box to the figure itself is staggering but oh so welcome. It's bumped up to being one of my top 3 figures for sure. Get it!

Bonus Pics:









(Everything said here was of my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt if you wish)
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I know this review is old. am interested in getting this fig. I love everything about this except her face. I wanna know is her face better in person then in pic?
id love to know
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This figure is gorgeous, and you're an excellent photographer!
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I like how Native puts so much effort into making a unique package for each figure.

The paint job on her hair, just wow. Or the picture is very well taken.

Nice review !
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hikaridranz4 l. temu#12294134turned out really good ;v;
may I know about how big is the figure box?

It's about 12" x 7.5" x 8.5".

khmergod4 l. temu#12327935Does she come with any nipple cover?

No, she doesn't. I bought some rhinestones at a local crafts store to cover her up.
4 l. temu
Does she come with any nipple cover?
4 l. temu
Mine will hopefully be here this weekend, can't Wait!!!
4 l. temu
turned out really good ;v;

may I know about how big is the figure box?
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Nice and clean review. I'm pretty sure she goes great with milk and cookies :D. The only thing I might dislike with this figure is the nipple sticking out which IMO is somewhat off. However, I wouldn't mind having her in my collection.
4 l. temu
Thanks for the very nice detailed review :D

I really love this figure. She looks incredibly charming with details and sexiness :D
And Native didnt disappoint me at all :D
4 l. temu
Thanks for the review, she looks perfect native look like they really outdid themselves with the paint job. Now to hunt her for a good price ><
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