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Hello again! :D
Today I will be reviewing a long anticipated item:

The new Nami Ver. BB_02, made by MegaHouse


First some pics for the general impression :)






She is my first Nami figure. I always wanted a nice version of her in my collection since I'm a very big One Piece Fan, but none of her previous figures really appealed to me. Until this one came along.


Nami is kneeling with her back pushed through wearing nothing but a white T-shirt and blue bikini bottoms. Her arms are crossed and her almost taken off shirt is allowing a nice look at her underboob.
Her wavy orange hair is not open like in almost every other figure, but in a beautiful ponytail.

This figure is small compared to other P.O.P lines, but she still sticks out nicely thanks to her typically bright hair.



(Her shirt is not right in this picture, it belongs between her fingers xD Sorry for that)








I have to say, it is a very simple figure, but her glory comes from the love for details and their nearly perfect execution.
Her body is scuplted beautifully, from her belly to her toes. MegaHouse used gentle shading which gives her more dimension imo.
The body itself may seem a bit strange for some people with this very very small waist, but that's One Piece, that's the way she looks and I have absolutely no problem with that :D

As already said, the devil is in the details^^
Her hair is stunning, but I will address that later. Nami's face is very cute with a little smirk, it's almost a shame that her arms kind of block the view. And she wears lipstick. Unfortunately I couldn't make that clear in the photos, it is too decent, just a little gleam on her lips. I was very supprised when I saw that, love it! You can also see her wearing pearl-like earrings and her nails are painted in very light pink.

Her T-shirt is nice and wrinkled, it looks very realistic. It says "crimin" under a scarred (?) star. Nice touch :D

Her tattoo is perfectly drawn, absolute clean lines.
The ribbons from her bikini bottoms are also very nice and stronger than I expected. You can touch them without fearing to break them. (And don't be afraid of paint transfer! Everything was wrapped in plastic, the ribbons, her arms etc. Just fyi :) )

The base is pretty simple, but the see-through blue colour fits the figure perfectly. I like the white ornaments and especially her "personal" Jolly Roger :D And like every P.O.P base, it has written her name on it.

Now to the hair, for me the best part^^


This is nothing but beautiful. The colour gradients from darker orange to a lighter variant, almost yellow-ish, stunningly sculpted from her bangs to the ponytail. I think this hair was the main reason I ordered this figure xD It just suits her so so good!


Yes, she can be cast off, but it's not intended. Let's have a look :)



Her head, her arms and therefore her T-shirt can be taken off and you have to to get all the plastic off.
They did a very nice and pleasant thing with her shirt. It is very very soft plastic. Some of you may have played with Polly Pocket when you were little? It's kind of like that but without so much softener xD
For the ones who have not: It's super flexible, you can bend it, squeeze it and just pull it off.
As a result there are no seams and no ugly gaps and it's so easy to take it off!

To give her arms more stability the lower one has a peg that goes into the upper one. Not that tricky to assemble, but you have to get the pegs in the shoulder and the arm nearly simultaneously.





As you can see she is not really meant to be displayed as a cast-off figure. Her breasts are not very detailed and the seams at her shoulders are not covered. Also her pose loses its meaning, it just doesn't look right :D But afterall it's up to you.

Comparison to Nami Ver. BB_01

First I have to say I don't own the first BB Version. I could only consult pictures to compare these two.

For example: PICTURE #1476921

Some people posted this pic and said that her head looks (too) big. Now, as said I only have the BB_02 standing in front of me, but I can say that her head does not seem to be too big. I think the ponytail makes it more massive. It's possible it is a bit bigger, but in person it is absolutely normal for anime proportions and doesn't look odd^^

I definitely like the pose of the BB_02 better. It is more interesting and has a (even if not intented) cast-off option. And this version is bigger, a simple criterion, but for some of us still important.

Also the colours of Ver. BB_02 appeal more to me. It's more simple with just blue and white, but I think it suits her better than a striped Bikini (the colours they've chosen, not the original white/mint-green) and the simplicity emphasizes the beauty of her hair.

But that's just my opinion and I would be stupid if I bought this one but like the other one better xD



This is a beautiful Nami figure, she's sexy, intriguing and over all very well done! Her hair is just to die for :D

Even if I'm not a hardcore fan of the BB-line (I too, wish for some new, proper P.O.P figures. Not only sex sells...), I'm very glad I ordered her.
For me, definitely the better one of the BB Versions, but please feel free to state your opinion :)

Thank you very much for reading! This time I tried to make my review a bit more organized. I hope I could give you a good impression about this wonderful figure.
If you have any questions, suggestions or anything else, please comment :)
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Thank you for the review. Found what I was looking for?
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Nice review!!!^^
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Nice figure :) I like her hair too^^
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