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The Time Has Come...The Time Has Come...


The time has finally come in which my passion for figure collecting has been surpassed by a new obsession. Two actually.

Lately, while im not sad that i collect figures, I definitely have not been keen on the idea of close to ~200 figures combined(wish,owned,and ordered) especially since i have a small room at home, will be leaving college soon and moving back home until another path opens up.

As such I really reevaluated and did a mass purge in my wishlist going from ~130 wished to ~70 wished.
Ive also decided to sell some figures that i believe i shouldnt hold on to for one reason or another. Oh why did i throw those nendoroid boxes away. Good thing Im only selling nendoroids I guess.

I honestly wanted my list to go down even more but most of the figures are simply grouped into 4 types which are from shows i really love. Some fall in the misc group but yeah. Honestly if i didnt start collection TR or Haikyuu nendoroids, my list would definitely be lower

Ive recently been into reading LNs. And with the recent increase in LN licenses, they're pretty expensive to buy.

Also, Ive gotten into raves. Its so fun and is a real treasured memory when i go to them and great experience especially with my friends (though ive only been to 2 so far, 1 one day and 1 two day).

The tickets arent something to scoff at though so Ive been thinking of slowly transitioning out of figure collecting and placing my money into buying tickets. I think my list will probably stay this way unless something amazing comes out in the future. Ill probably still buy from mfc users until the Ive completed the list but now there's no real deadline to get them.

I honestly never saw myself leaving this hobby or even slowing down. But i guess there just comes THAT time. I got into this hobby spontaneously and randomly and I suppose it shouldnt be a surprise that that is also how ill be "leaving." I realized i didnt check amiami as often as before and that probably should have been a sign that i was "losing interest."I guess the only thing is that my total collection would still be around 130. Not bad but also not that good. Maybe ill find some more will in me to really look into doing another purge. While I wont be leaving this community completely, I definitely wont be as active. I may pop in here or there and will definitely check out future wonfests leisurely, but I guess this would be considered a closure of one door for another.

This community has been great and super supportive. Ill definitely cherish my experience here. Thank you to everyone here who has given me advice and whom Ive bought things from.

Farewell and perhaps we'll meet again.
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I love to go out raving too! Lasting memories with your friends are more valuable than lifeless PVC that only makes you happy occasionally. Don't get me wrong, I love my figures but being financially strapped right now makes me pick dancing the night away with friends over sitting at home with only the company of my expensive PVC. I hope I get a better job soom so I can have both again :)
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HobbyCentric (1 r. temu) #11003704Out of curiosity, what is an LN license ( outside of a licensed nurse.... )? Light Novel license.
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I wish you the best in your next hobby endeavors D: On a side note, I seem to notice a correlation with people liking anime and raves. To be honest, I prefer urban clubs that play rap, hip-hop, and r&b because I like dancing and the music gets lit. The first rave I went to was strange because I thought people were experiencing epileptic attacks but they were just dancing. lol
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Out of curiosity, what is an LN license ( outside of a licensed nurse.... )?
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Great Figure, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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