Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
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I find that it's currently become a thing for me to rant on and on about itabags, so here goes another post about itabags!

Nah not really.

While being too lazy to blog about the actual game I was playing on my main blog, I was thinking about all the Ukyo goods that I've accumulated over the years, given that he became one of my greatest biases when I started buying games/collecting goods etc.

Brief background, Ukyo is a character from the otome game AMNESIA- which most of you may know from that poorly adapted anime of the same name. AMNESIA is a suspenseful game about a girl who lost her memories and struggles to regain them while questioning who is trustworthy or out to get her. Without spoiling too much, Ukyo is the secret route so all the answers lie there. It recently also got a localisation in the west with some massive discounts, so if you're interested, please go ahead and play it for yourself!

I've played both AMNESIA and AMNESIA Later, but haven't touched AMNESIA Crowd or AMNESIA World because I'm so scared it'd destroy any love I have left for Ukyo lol. It happened when I played NORN9 Last Era with my bias Heishi, so I need to prepare myself before diving back into AMNESIA.

As a result of falling in way too deep, I took out all the stuff I accumulated (especially after my last trip to Japan) and threw it all up on my ex-Nakigitsune bag (I took the stuff off the Nakigitsune bag because I felt sad it was so empty).

The result is here:


I did not realise I had duplicates of a lot of the stuff and that made me panic a lot lmfao

This tweet sums up my feelings about it.

Btw if we share any similar interests feel free to give me a yell there! I'm much more active on twitter than here.

I did the thing and cheated by covering empty space with clearfiles hahahaha.

When goods for AMNESIA first came out, Ukyo was aways left out of the sets so I'm really glad I found a bunch of things for him in Japan. ( ༎ຶ ◡༎ຶ) Life is so much suffering.

I was glad I found a lot of the things I was looking for too, like the GIFT kuji prize, AMNESIA world ANIMATE rubber strap set and unblinded Ukyo rubber straps. <- I really dislike buying entire boxes for one or two chars...

Funny story about the prize acrylic key chains on the right, they were first released when I went to Japan so I was supper ecstatic. Literally the night I got off the plane, I ran straight for the Adores in my local area.

I spent like 500 yen and still failed to get the keychain so the guy working at the arcade came up to me and offered me advice. While doing that, he asked me about AMNESIA and I was like YEAH I TOTES LOVE IT, UKYO'S SO GREAT UKYO UKYO UKYO.

Next thing I know he's like "Oh you like Ikki?" and puts the Ikki keychain into a really easy to get position. I didn't want to rude and go "hey no", so in the end I smiled and thanked him.



The catch is: I ABSOLUTELY HATE IKKI. HIS ROUTE PISSED ME OFF. SO. MUCH. I had THREEEEEE but I gave one away to my friend who liked him before I left Japan so...two now.

As luck would have it, every time I got a random gacha or even when I went to a crane machine to get Ukyo.........I'd always get Ikki first. Why this.


Also, one of my friends told me some fan girls in Japan can also be pretty horrible, something I did not think about at all. She said that if you have something of the char they like, they might take it and tell you off for having something of the char that belongs to them. Given I didn't experience anything like this over there (but then again I never went max power level either), it's probably unlikely.

But then again, don't forget someone got stabbed over some Touken Ranbu clear files.

So to all budding itabag enthusiasts like myself, be vigilant and protect yourself (and your goods) properly!
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kuroberry4 l. temu#8834536Where did you get your base bag?
I talked about the bag in this post here. If you look in the comments, a lot of people offered alternative bags as well!
4 l. temu
Where did you get your base bag?
4 l. temu
nammy4 l. temu#6114252That's the one I got lol. I need to finish the others 8/
Shhhhh, that's the only end you ever need. (≖ω≖) Lol. Good luck!
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Yukicchuu4 l. temu#6043984DD: I couldn't handle the shitty fangirls in his route. But I did like one of his bad ends, it was fantastic lmao "I'm gonna break the people who broke you" oh man //fans self

That's the one I got lol. I need to finish the others 8/
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Necroid_Neko4 l. temu#60460033.48ish onwards he talks about 'taking all of her by force' and 'breaking her'.
Damnit I just want a nice, healthy otome where the guys are lovely and sweet rather than terrible human beings ;^; I hear that Diabolik Lovers is just as bad if not worse

Ahh right, I don't think I ever noticed it in the game...which makes it even more surprising when Toma won the character poll..........<-remembers raging.

Lol diabolik lovers is on a level of its own, no other game is that bad. The only thing that matters honestly is that the consumer understands the relationship is unhealthy and in dialovers they don't glorify the abuse either. There are a heap of games that are cute and sweet like Storm Lover which is one of my all time favourite romance with very little plot xD or Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side!
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Yukicchuu4 l. temu#6045582 But I don't remember Toma actually being openly rapey?
3.48ish onwards he talks about 'taking all of her by force' and 'breaking her'.

Damnit I just want a nice, healthy otome where the guys are lovely and sweet rather than terrible human beings ;^; I hear that Diabolik Lovers is just as bad if not worse
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EmptyForUs4 l. temu#6044504When your love for something grows quickly so does your collection! I'm really excited for anything that will pop up and I hope to buy some rubber straps for it soon too. It really must have been suffering when there was nothing oommmggg, you are one strong fan to have survived that. BUT THAT TOSSHI HAS SOME GREAT ADVICE! I might have to follow it. Maybe one day I can make my own beautifully decorated bag for Toma, I'm not sure if I'll go full on itabag though!
It's really good that's fake though my gosh, I'd be real sad if it really was true! I always prefer to find out things are fake then to continue thinking it could really be real..

I'm making up for the drought now LOL. Good luck growing your collection :>
Trust me, you'll start small, like a rubber strap or keychain and before you know it.............you cannot see your bag anymore, only the goods LOL.
Well the stabbing is fake, but there are always gonna be people out there who do bad things in ridiculous circumstances :S www.smh.com.au/...
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snowfei4 l. temu#6045042Ahhh, I saw your blog post and got curious about the game... A day later and I finished 2 of Shin's routes and I'm hooked. @__@ I really want to start an ita bag, so far I haven't found one that "fits" me.
I've escaped idol hell and got straight into cute otome boys.

Well, normal bags with some (not covered in) anime goods is technically considered an itabag too, so you don't have to feel bad about not having one that looks like mine etc. You can always start small, like a themed tote/handbag with a few keychains! :>
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Kazkari4 l. temu#6044768I really hate the fact there is no scale figures of any AMNESIA characters, I like Kent the best but Ukyou is my second fav bar Orion hes so cute he barely gets any air time in the anime. I've played the games first btw not the ones only in Japan though since are abit much to import atm.
YES THIS SO MUCH. I WANT SOME SCALES AHhHHHH (but the Hakuouki figs were of questionable quality so I'm not sure how good it'd be if Otomate did produce them...)

Ahh you have very normal tastes :> I respect you for staying away from the weirdos (although Shin qualifies too). Orion does get a really big role in AMNESIA world I hear? Or was it AMNESIA crowd...I don't remember...and in AMNESIA later, he appears and sjdhakdhasfkl it's so cute //doesn't want to spoil. SO YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO THAT.
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layciie4 l. temu#6044376Oh god yeah I totally agree... his fangirls made me so mad lmao but I loved Ikki himself this poor guy. THAT ENDING I S2G. I played his route ALL NIGHT to get the best ending but I kept getting that one bad ending oh my god I guess if I were in that situation I would end up like that no matter WHAT lmao I am destined for destruction (on the other hand that line was... hoo boy I won't say I didn't enjoy the thought of revenge).
That's fine, the first end I ever got in AMNESIA was being thrown into a well by Ukyo LOLOLOL LOOK AT ME NOW. That line was the -best- down right and oh man you know those girls deserve it cuz even in the good end they aren't 10000% repentant on bullying the heroine
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