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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
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How often has this happened to you? You buy a figma because you think the character is kinda hot, but when you get the figma its just not sexy enough. Kiss your problems goodbye! With this simple one shot lecture you can learn all you need to make any (Well almost any) figma mindblowingly sexy. As this stemmed from a request I received for a certain picture today we'll be using figma Nadeko from Bakemonogatari as model to teach the class.


Here's our subject and know let the lesson begin!

The best Figmas to use to make your prized figma sexier:


The quickest way to make your figma sexier is to swap its head to another figma's body. Sadly this does force you to buy more figmas, but hay Max Factory wouldn't have a business otherwise! A good figma you could start with is figma 63 Lum from some ancient anime. This figma comes wearing nothing, but a bra, panties and boots all yellow with black stripes. She's arguably the most revealing figma in current existence. Let's check out how her body works with Nadeko shall we?


Nadeko's coat adds a certain flair to her shots, which I really like. Anyway Lum is an excellent figma to use for body swaps, but she's also very old so getting her cheap may be an issue. Let's try another figma.

Aya Kagura:

Who is Aya Kagura? Your guess is as good as mine. Max Factory had the brilliant plan of releasing figmas for the characters in their own dating sim game. The fiends then created this Aya Morning Coffee figure with an INCREDIBLY revealing outfit (Side Boob Action!) and packaged her with the same dating sim for a huge price! This plan succeeded as hundreds of people bought the game and Aya just to acquire her body. The white shirt dress thing she's wearing is opened in the middle to flash her assets. There isn't much more than that, but frankly if you want your figma to look like a prostitute you can't do much better. Here's the pic.


Don't let me get you down on Aya, my wallet's still sad over the 100 US dollars she cost. Getting her for a decent price today may be pipe dream.

Adult Mikuru:

I like Mikuru Asahina. But I too didn't want her adult form. Eventually though I just wanted to buy a new figma, I saw her for 40 US dollars and said "What the hell?" She is a great figma, but what sets Adult Mikuru apart is her TIT FLASHING ACTION. She comes with hands designed to pull her dress open to like the former show her frontal area. I can't get mad at this figma for that reason. Its such a simple pleasure. Here's the pic.


Now for something completely different! Despite being over a year old, Adult Mikuru was NOT well received. You can still find her rather cheaply online most likely without much work.

The Dangerous fusion of Figma and Queen's Blade:


It had to happen. Sadly the main dilemma with combining figmas with Revoltech bodies is the horrible lose of neck that the figma tends to endure. Its actually very ugly to not have a neck. I've screwed around for years, but I have yet to find the perfect solution bar actually trying to customize my figures. Still with the right angle and shot like the picture above the neck loss can be dodged. I might as well also endorse Revoltech Melona right now as her body is easily the best one to use with other figures.

Well I'm out of lessons for now. I wish I could say more than just buy more figmas, but honestly I don't have much else to write. I hope you found this to be a nice waste of ten minutes and that you'll leave here both a bit more knowledgeable about figmas and.............. Aw fuck it, I know what you really want......HERE'S WOODY!!!!




Now have a nice day!
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I find this difficult to masturbate to.
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I think that Woody fared out the best here. ^_^'
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Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
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Nadeko with oppai...

can't fap to this :(
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Woodlandbunny S.T.A.R.S. Member
LOL! That picture of her sitting on Woody is brilliant! Gotta love the Queen's Blade Revoltechs xD
8 l. temu
That was disturbing...
8 l. temu
Dont forget figma Kos-Mos.

her ass so sexy.

and figma Billy for Woody evil tag team
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Or you can just get Mato.
8 l. temu
wut did i just read
8 l. temu
RaditzFan Ultimate Raditz Fan
That Woody. lol :)
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