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Its been a while since I did a joint review, though honestly its never been more justified than in the case of these two figmas.


Ryoko Asakura from Haruhi and Ein from Phantom Requiem. Two figmas with the same gimmick and similar accessories to boot! However which knife loving murderess is the greater figma? Let's dive right in!



Both figmas come with a knife as their main weapon though Ein's is more of a dagger while Asakura's is more simple and realistic. Both knifes can be held by the other figmas, but Ein's dagger looks far cooler than Asakura's dinky little blade.


Now the key difference between these two figmas is that Ein's packing heat! Pardon my colloquial I mean she has a gun. This revolver is a very cool accessory, but honestly its not as awesome as the two guns that come with the Waitress Mikuru figma (Mine was broken, but I still have the guns!)


However getting back on topic, Ein still comes with both a knife and a gun making her the superior killer. But what else do they have to offer? Well all figmas come with extra faces! So let's see here:


a) A normal smiling face
b) A closed eyes smiling face

Wow, I would complain, but honestly she didn't make that many faces before Yuki killed her!


a) Emotionless face
b) Angry face
c) Masked face

Three faces? Not bad! Let's check out the masked face shall we?


Now I've seen Haruhi and not Phantom so I can only surmise that Ein is some emotionless assassin. Whereas from reading Haruhi, I know all Asakura does is happily threaten people with her knife so strangely enough her basically interchangeable faces are spot on to her character. Also they make a nice contrast, Ein the serious killer and Asakura the sadistic killer.

I guess I can't forget about that random head you saw earlier. Yeah that's some dude who said like 5 words to Kyon during the first chapter and from my knowledge never did anything again. Figma was trying to goad serious Haruhi fans into buying a SECOND Kyon to use the body for this guy. Honestly it was a silly plot. This head works better as a victim of Asakura's evil rather than as a seperate figma.

Asakura also comes with a separate hand for Figma Yuki to use to block her knife to recreate their fight scene. Its nice, it works, not much to say here.


In conclusion judging these figmas based solely on their accessories for some reason is just not enough. Ein comes with a knife, a gun and three faces. Asakura comes with a knife, a head and two faces. Each is unique as a killer figma and I honestly love them both. Still a judgment must be made! On accessories these figmas tie!

Asakura: 1

Ein: 1

Articulation: Well you probably knew this part of the review was coming. The part when I calmly judge which toy is easier to pose fucking. Well let me proudly say!



THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT'S TIME FOR! But really as the picture above shows this is no contest. Asakura has a huge amount of hair that prevents her from any sexual posing. Ein on the other hand has no such problems. Thanks to her simple character design, Ein can do a LOT OF THINGS. I'll just leave it there. Besides I don't usually pose Ein fucking outside of fucking some other figma up!


Asakura: 1

Ein: 2

Geez what else do I judge these two figmas on? I mean honestly I thought reviewing them together would be ideal since they're essentially the same. I mean Asakura is easily one of the least needed Haruhi figmas (Bar all the later Haruhi versions!). Whereas Ein is the star (I assume) of some lesser known anime. Still I can safely assert that Haruhi is no doubt more popular than Phantom Requiem. So does that make Asakura better since she's technically more well known?

Simple answer: NO

Asakura is a great figma, she's just really REALLY forgettable. Ein provides all the murdering fun that Asakura does, but throws in a both a gun and a larger array of faces.



Ein is superior as a murderess and as a figma. Asakura is just inferior due to her massive hair and lack of variability. Asakura can cutely smile while stabbing with her knife. That's all she can do. I guess you can pose her plotting with her closed eyes face, but that's nothing to brag about. Asakura is basically a one-trick pony. Her trick is great mind you, but that's all she's got.

Ein can stab with no emotion, stab in anger or stab as a Jason Vorhees impersonator. She also can grab her gun to kill your other figmas with class. She may come with honestly TWO basic weapons, but with those weapons combined with her faces you can create a myriad of horrible tortures for your other toys. To put it simply Asakura is the learner, Ein is the master.

Asakura: 1

Ein: 3

Well that's about it. Sorry to just throw standards (LOL as if I had standards!) to the dogs and lobby my own opinion, but hell aren't all reviews just some prick's opinion? Anyhow I say follow my lead. Buy both figmas and have them ally for the greater good.



Frankly I feel like Asakura and Ein would get along rather easily. Mine are the best of friends! Sisters in sadism! Comrades of the kill! Hmm what else... Oh wait I got it! Mistresses of Murder!

OK that's enough. Thanks for stomaching all this gore. It seems I can't help but pose my toys either fighting or fucking. Its a curse I tell you! Well regardless I hope this helped you decide if you want to buy either of these old figmas. Asakura is old as hell, but I still bet you could get her cheap. I got my Ein on sale at Playasia for 16 US dollars. It was awesome. I feel like she may still be cheap to buy, though be weary as bootlegs of Ein for some reason exist.

Well goodnight, good luck and happy murdering!


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Ryoko Asakura


Wyna 「ウィナ」
I loved this review! Especially the bit about who's better for Kyon to.. put the moves on. >_>;;

Very insightful. I didn't know what to expect, but you actually picked two that were good to review together in their similarities and differences.

Looking forward to seeing more of these. n_n
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Another fine review, as usual.

"using figures for killing or fucking"...
..There's other reasons to buy figures? XD
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