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Aquamarine 1/8 Konjiki No YamiAquamarine 1/8 Konjiki No Yami

Today we'll be reviewing one of my most-anticipated figures of 2015, Aquamarine's Konjiki no Yami. Because of her somewhat skimpy outfit, some of the shots below could be considered moderately NSFW.

About the character: Konjiki no Yami (aka Yami, aka Golden Darkness) is a character from the To Love Ru franchise. Yami is an assassin who is sent to earth to kill protagonist Rito after Rito becomes betrothed to female lead Lala Deviluke. It would seem that one of Lala's many suitors back on planet Deviluke is not at all happy with this development.

However, either because she recognizes that Rito is a good person, or perhaps because she simply enjoys living a peaceful life on earth, Yami never gets around to killing Rito (although she is known to mention the possibility that she might someday decide to do so!) and eventually she becomes good friends with Rito's sister Mikan.

Now, let's get to the review.


The box came wrapped in tissue paper.


The box features a fairly minimalistic design, which is fine with me, as it doesn't distract from the figure inside.


The sides of the box are windowless, and one side features a large shot of the figure.


The other side shows off Yami's huge mane of hair and just a little bit of skin, too.


The back panel basically recycles that shot that was used on one of the sides.


Getting Yami set up is pretty straightforward, but an insert is also provided if there is any doubt about how to get her attached to the base.


Yami's cloak has three pegs sculpted in it, and there are two large holes in the base as well as one smaller hole. Thus, it's quite easy to get Yami attached to the base.


Set up and ready!


Even though Yami is a petite young lady, and this figure is only 1/8 scale, her huge cloak and the large base add some weight. Additionally, the cloak is made from a very rigid plastic and this makes Yami quite heavy for her size. The box measures 25 by 20 by 23 cm and the package weighs just under 600 grams. Yami shipped to me by herself, and a shipping box plus AmiAmi's signature overpacking made the total shipping weight approximately 1150 grams.


Yami's pose is quite interesting. One reason that Yami is such a feared assassin is that she can use nanomachines to transform various parts of her body into weapons (hence her claw), and in this form she is known as "Forbidden Darkness". Additionally, in this form her personality tends to change somewhat from her normal reserved self, which explains her coy expression.

Let's have a look at her.








The fact that Yami's cloak attaches to the base makes it appear as if she's hovering in mid-air, which makes for quite the cool effect.


This was the first Aquamarine figure I'd ever bought, and I wasn't sure what to expect. While the sculpt is quite good, Yami does have some issues on the painting front but overall I'd say she is slightly above average in terms of overall quality.

One of my favorite things about this figure is the design of Yami's lovely face. When in Forbidden Darkness mode, Yami's personality changes from her normal taciturn self, and her coy, smiling appearance definitely differentiates this figure from most of the other Yamis out there. I'm not usually a fan of blushing figures, but the combination of her skimpy outfit together with the fact that Yami is a self-professed hater of ecchi people, the blush seems like a perfect touch. Her blonde hair, red eyes, and horns all hit some of my moe points too...


That seam in her hair is a little bit jarring, though.


From looking at the promo shots, I hadn't really noticed the orange highlights in Yami's hair. Blonde hair can be difficult to highlight, and sometimes blond hair ends up looking very flat in finish, so this feature is appreciated.


Her horns attach to her head rather abruptly. I would have liked to see some feathering of the hair, or *something* to smooth that transition. I hadn't noticed this until looking at these photos, but if you look left of the base of that horn, you can see a rough patch in her hair as well.


The sculpt of Yami's hair is quite impressive, though! The way her hair is sweeping around gives a real sense of movement to the figure.


A common theme in this review will be that the closer you look at the figure, the more little issues will become apparent. There are some dark spots (excess paint from her cloak, I'd presume) in the tips of her hair, and one of the tips is also quite messy. It almost looks like one of the tips brushed against something before the paint was dry...


A key element of this figure is Yami's outfit. Despite the fact that there's not a lot of material there, her outfit has some interesting features. The silver star also appears on Yami's "everyday" clothes as well, and the collar and the spaghetti straps are interesting features.


I was pleased to see that the spaghetti straps on Yami's outfit are sculpted, as opposed to simply painted on. However, the straps are also a little wider and thicker than they should be and so when you look up close, it looks like she has flesh-colored straps growing out of her body topped with a stripe of black paint. In fairness, you really have to be looking close to notice this, but it's one of those things that once noticed...


This photo is brought to you by the phrase "just a little bit".


The strap keeping the bra portion of her outfit in place simulates a stretchy material. The transition between that strap and the rest of her body could have been handled a little bit better, though (it looks like there's some excess glue there). In case you're wondering, that's not yellow paint on her body; it's just reflection from her hair.


A key feature of this feature is of course Yami's claw. The fearsome-looking claw together with Yami's cute and perky appearance will really make this figure draw the eye!


There's some sloppy painting where Yami's claw arm meets the rest of her body.


The red finish on the claws is another feature that will really make this figure stand out. The segmented fingers are another nice little detail. Overall, Yami's cute appearance together with the slightly grotesque appearance of her claw arm reminds me a little bit of Calne Ca ITEM #162401 , albeit in a much milder form!


Another thing that I hadn't noticed from the promo shots was that Yami's cloak has a blue/purple color gradient.


Yami's skimpy panties are a feature that will surely draw the eye. The little notch in the front of her panties are an interesting feature, and Aquamarine gave quite a bit of attention to her inner thighs as well! Note another instance of sloppy painting on her upper arm.


It looks like the sides of her panties are just carved out of her torso. Also, there's some paint transfer on the side of her thigh where her cloak had been in contact with her skin. I guess it's Magic Eraser time...


With the help of the Magic Eraser, some of that black paint cleaned up. Maybe I *could* have removed it all, but I never like to get too aggressive with the Magic Eraser treatment on a brand new figure...


Yami wears black thong panties. If you display this figure on a shelf above eye level, you may be seeing this a lot...


While I own plenty of figures which are barefoot, for some reason Yami's bare feet really seem to stand out more than the others. It occurs to me, however, that her knee might be a little too...square?


There's some excess material on her toes.



Yami's base is not elaborate, but it is functional and I like that the base does not draw attention away from the figure itself.


The base is large, though. It's an ellipse whose major axis measures about 9.5 inches (24 cm) and whose minor axis is 5.5 inches (14 cm), and so Yami will occupy a nontrivial amount of shelf space. In the photo above, the base sits atop a standard DVD case for comparison.

Scale Comparison

The way she's hovering in mid-air, Yami spans about 8 in (20 cm) from the bottom of her base to the tip of her horns. If she were standing, I estimate that modulo the horns she'd be approximately 7.5 inches (19 cm) tall. Since it's established that Yami is 5'1" (153 cm) in height, this makes her listed 1/8 scale spot-on.

Both Yami and Triela ITEM #13765 are both assassins, and Triela is also 1/8 scale. When they're not in assassin-mode, both Yami and Triela are pretty nice girls, too.


Both Yami and Mina Tepes ITEM #27853 are probably not to be trifled with. At 1/6 scale, you can see how Mina compares in terms of scale.


I like the combination of the blonde hair and the black outfit shared by both of these figures. Retia ITEM #79114 is also 1/8 scale.


A subset of my collection that could be described as "blonde and beautiful". Eri ITEM #65, Sena ITEM #106566 and Nagi ITEM #5586 are 1/8, 1/7, and 1/6 scale respectively.


Some of my other favorite blonde-haired lovelies :). Misty ITEM #153426 and Miki ITEM #98895 are both 1/7 scale, and you can see how they are slightly larger than Yami.


Red eyes + blonde hair, two of my favorite features!


Although Yami is kind of a space hog, her weight is distributed fairly symmetrically, and so some creative use of risers could help to reduce the amount of shelf space she'll need.


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------9/10

Arguments for: I always liked Yami's character design the best of the To Love Ru girls, interesting pose, the claw arm really draws the eye, and Yami's smiling and coy expression differentiates her from most of the other figures of her character.

Arguments against: A greater than expected number of painting issues, large shelf footprint, and because of the large base and rigid cloak, Yami is quite heavy for a 1/8 scale figure.

Although she does have a few problems, mainly on the painting front, I have no regrets about having preordered this figure. I had been wanting a Yami figure for quite a while and the pose, outfit, and cute face of this particular Yami makes for a very attractive and distinctive figure. Highly recommended for Yami fans.

Availability (as of this writing)

Still available new.

I checked while writing this article, and to my surprise, Yami still seems to be available at a number of retailers, including HLJ and AmiAmi. Suggested price is 13000 yen, but she could be found for around 11000 yen if you're a savvy shopper. Keep in mind, however, that the weight of the figure could mean a higher shipping bill than you might expect for a 1/8 scale figure. Many Yami figures seem to appreciate on the secondary market, so I'll be interested to see what happens to the price of this Yami once she sells out new.


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In terms of *character design only*, who is your favorite To Love Ru girl?

  • 13%Mikan Yuuki.
  • 6%Lala Deviluke.
  • 1%Haruna Sairenji.
  • 24%Yami/Golden Darkness.
  • 19%Momo Belia Deviluke.
  • 5%Nana Asuta Deviluke.
  • 13%Mea Kurosaki.
  • 14%Yui Kotegawa.
  • 4%Someone else.
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Maakie (3 l. temu) #4813957Oh gosh, that blush! >w< And as you probably expected from me, I like her claw a lot! ;) Nice review again!

Yeah, the claw is really the focal point of the figure. Usually I don't like blushing figures, but the blush is perfect on this Yami. Just that ever-so-slight hint of embarrassment really takes her facial expression to the next level!
3 l. temu
Oh gosh, that blush! >w< And as you probably expected from me, I like her claw a lot! ;) Nice review again!
3 l. temu
I really really hate Mono, I've never got the appeal of anything to do with her. But anyway I like Nemesis' design the best.
3 l. temu
Run is the best ToLoveRu girl
3 l. temu
Rumiho (3 l. temu) #4722396I really like Haruna as well, but Momo wins for me. Can't wait to get the Max Factory 1/6 Haruna later this month ^^

I've got her ordered, and I'm looking forward to her arrival as well. Hopefully at the next WonFes, there will be prototypes of the Yami and Mikan in that line as well!
3 l. temu
Rumiho どういうこと!?
victorviper (3 l. temu) #4699828Hmm, people seem to really like Momo. Poor Haruna, no one has voted for her yet in the poll.

I really like Haruna as well, but Momo wins for me. Can't wait to get the Max Factory 1/6 Haruna later this month ^^
3 l. temu
Seiidaishougun (3 l. temu) #4699447Great review, makes me really want to get her :D
Also, Momo ftw! \^д^/

Hmm, people seem to really like Momo. Poor Haruna, no one has voted for her yet in the poll.

Rumiho (3 l. temu) #4699467Awesome review. I'm kinda worried now about how many issues I will have on mine when my Nippon Yasan order finally ships later this month .-. (Momo best girl <3)

Looking at the figure right out of the box, I was pretty transfixed by the good things (her face, the pose). It wasn't until I really started poring over her millimeter by millimeter that I started noticing the problems. At least none of the problems are the sort of things you can botice from across the room.

Christown (3 l. temu) #4699526Great review once again from you.
She looks pretty good, but still not quite the Yami I'm looking for.
Also for the poll it was a tough choice, but in the end I always pick Momo.

Thanks for the nice comment. This was just the right Yami for me, although that might change once we see a prototype of ITEM #331689 :).

paencake (3 l. temu) #4699617Great review! Personally I love Golden Darkness but can't get to like Darkness...the figure's still cute though, just not my thing.

I guess the horns and the smiling face did it for me. I can understand, however, why Yami fans might hesitate on this one. The outfit and the expression are after all so much different from the way she's usually depicted.
3 l. temu
Great review! Personally I love Golden Darkness but can't get to like Darkness...the figure's still cute though, just not my thing.
3 l. temu
Great review once again from you.

She looks pretty good, but still not quite the Yami I'm looking for.

Also for the poll it was a tough choice, but in the end I always pick Momo.
3 l. temu
Rumiho どういうこと!?
Awesome review. I'm kinda worried now about how many issues I will have on mine when my Nippon Yasan order finally ships later this month .-. (Momo best girl <3)
3 l. temu
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