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Naoe Kanetsugu - 1/8 (Alter)

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/StarshipPooper1332023823.jpegToday we will be taking a look at ALTER's latest release from the Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls series, Naoe Kanetsugu. Most know her as the warrior of love or at least that's what she would like people to say and call her. She views the world through a romanticized view and that it's her duty to defend love even if she has no idea what it is. She serves as the comic relief among the bevy of beauties and is often ignored and discounted by the other maven's which just annoys her to no end.

She was a standard release in February of 2012 and retailed for 8,800 Yen. At the time of this review she is sold out at most retail stores in Japan and only available on the secondary market. She should be available for sale and pre-orders at stores outside of Japan that deal in figures if you desire to acquire her now. With at least three figures already out is this one worth considering?

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! This review contains panty shots, proceed at your own risk.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡







ALTER stayed consistent with their design and layout just like the previous girls. If the figure boxes were displayed together, they would easily be a matched set. The faded floral artwork on their characteristic white background look great. The pictures chosen highlight the main features of the figure very nicely. Three window panels were used with their locations at the front and wrapping up to the top and on both sides. The side windows seem mainly to let in light as you can't really see anything through them. The large front window gives you a decent view of the figure and her massive hammer. If desired you could probably leave her in the packaging for display purposes but would be greatly missing out on all that the figure has to offer.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight: 755 Grams
H: 271 mm
W: 301 mm
D: 172 mm

As usual a lightweight non-corrugated cardboard was used for the packaging. However, I'm not sure it did much to save weight. The packaging empty weighed around 430 grams which means it weighed more than the figure! Add to that the protection on the packaging is suspect. The lateral compression resistance was sufficient but the front and back not so much. The front is especially weak due to the window design/materials and if not packaged probably will probably be compromised putting the figure at risk. The figure box with contents weighs 755 grams meaning shipping weight is around 1.5 to 2 Kg. Size wise it seems it's just big enough for the contents. Even though protection is in question mine did arrive unscathed while in a large shipping box with 10 other figure boxes bouncing around.

A typical two piece blister was used to secure the figure. The two pieces were also taped together to further secure it. Plastic sheets were used to protect the figure from rubbing and paint transfer. As mentioned the lateral compression resistance was sufficient but it's basically providing the entire protection for the figure due to the light construction on the box.

Instructions were included showing you how to set up the figure for display. This was appreciated especially since it wasn't obvious her hair could be removed. You could have easily damaged the figure if left to guess work. They also tell you how to keep the hammer stable by sliding her hand as far up the handle as possible and to pin it against her hair.

I'm somewhat conflicted on the packaging. On one hand the design and layout was consistent with the previous packaging and looks nice. On the other hand the level of protection is suspect if the box isn't packed properly. I guess the important thing is she got to me safely and looked great doing it. Expectations were mostly met.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Sculpting credits go to Makio Munetoshi who has been working on figures for a few years now. Makio has sculpted mainly for KOTOBUKIYA and more recently for ALTER. Below you can see some of Makio's past figures to get an idea of what to expect. For the most part you can discern a steady improvement with each figure in regards to details and presentation. Lets see if this progression holds true with Naoe Kanetsugu?

She is 1/8th in scale and as you can see the only part of her that can be removed is her hair to allow the installation of her of giant hammer.

Speaking of her hammer, it's quite impressive on its own. It's well put together and nicely detailed. You have the option of displaying it with or without a chain attached to the handle which is very easy to swap out. As you can see in the center of the hammer looks to be a shrine/temple. Such an impractical weapon for a silly girl. On each face of the hammer you find the word "love" ready to leave her mark of affection on her foes. As impressive and absurd the weapon looks it's rather flimsy. In the anime the hammer broke several times both in battle and just fooling around.

The hammer weighs in at 115 grams with the chain handle attached which is pretty heavy considering the figure on her own weighs in at 180 grams. This is probably the first time one of the girls from this line actually needed the support rod. And even then they didn't do such a good job with the implementation. I really wish they had just extended the base to allow it to be mounted properly. The instructions do help in setting it up but it's still a pain to move the figure around.

Now let us move onto the main attraction.


There were no sculpting issues to report, however as mentioned I do wish they would have made setting up the hammer easier especially if you need to move the figure around. Let's start with that cheerful face of hers. The sculptor did a fantastic job capturing her likeness and her features look great from all angles. I especially love the job they did on her mouth.

And just like the other figure of her I looked at previously her lovely tails steal the show again. However the hammer does compete for attention as well. I love the job they did on her bangs and how they frame her lovely face. Look at the various pieces of hair sticking up. The detailing is apparent and they did a great job minimizing and integrating the seams into her hairstyle.

Just look at the detailing found throughout. For her scale they put a lot of effort into her hair and it really shows. The biggest concern is some of that finer detailing is pretty fragile and you can break it if you are not careful with where you hold her hair. This is especially true when you're removing or installing her right tail which has several fragile parts on it. Look at the detailing on her hair ornaments, I can just hear them jingling as her tails sway around blowing in the wind.

Moving on down you can see her school uniform does little to hide her lovely physique. The hint of her midriff is a plus and if angled right you can actually see her tummy and belly button. Look at the details in her outfit from how the material hugs her body tightly as it stretches to the point of bursting barely able to contain her body. Look at how her vest and shirt wrinkles and folds making it really look like her uniform is being worn.

It's obvious she's supposed to be some sort of warrior monk and what warrior monk would be without her drinking gourd? The detailing and execution on the rope belt and lightning symbols looks like something a sumo wrestler would wear and it looks great. They kept the gourd simple yet that was all that was needed. Love the job they did on the cork.

As great as she looks from the front she looks just as great from behind. Look at those curves and details. The way her panties dig into her flesh enhancing her curves even further as well as how her thighs transition seamlessly to those stockings of hers. She has a butt that just won't quit and it just seems like she's begging for a spanking. 8Þ

If you can break yourself away from her lovely posterior you'll see she also has a great pair of legs. Look at the details put into her stockings at key points around the knees and ankles. Her legs are the perfect balance of muscle tone and curves. As mentioned the transition from her thighs on down could give you whiplash with how fast and smooth they flow.

Her shoes look great as well. The detailing and presentation is more than sufficient. I especially love the straps around her ankles as they're so damn hot against those dark stockings of hers.

ALTER did a fantastic job as usual with the fit and finish of the figure. There were no assembly issues to be seen and the tolerances were tight enough I doubt there will be much variance between figures especially with their track record. Makio Munetoshi's contribution was just as fantastic. This is definitely the sculptor's best work to date in both details and execution. I can only hope the momentum can be kept up. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡






ALTER usually does a competent job coloring their figures employing all the tools available. This figure is not any different. Starting with her face you can see the lovely job they did on her flesh and complexion. She has a blush as advertised and I love the job they did on her mouth. Her eyes were placed precisely and look accurate to the character. Look at the lovely job they did on her hair as well. It's not one flat color but various shades and gradations giving depth and dimension bringing her hair to life. My only "issue" is her bells. Compared to the other figure's bells shown the color just seems off.

I love the job they did on her uniform especially how the palettes used show off her physique and really makes it look like her outfit is stretched to bursting barely able to contain her body. The shading and gradation accentuate the details such as the wrinkles even better. The same can be said for her stockings as the same treatment was used and love the cherry blossom petals adorning it. Look at how her curves and features are accentuated and brought out by said treatment. And of course you can't forget her lovely posterior. Look at the lovely job they did on her flesh tone and the accents at the transition points. Her curves were brought out and enhanced by their attention and treatment. And of course her panties also looked very realistic in their treatment as well as they really brought out the details.

The same can be said for her hammer. Both the tinting and paintwork was top notch. The decals were applied precisely and looks great. Looking at everything I think I can forgive the color choice on the bells.

As mentioned ALTER did a fantastic job as usual. Every part of the figure down to her accessories were colored competently. The only "issue" I had was minor and maybe results will vary between figures in that count? The colors were bright and detailed and overall execution was superb especially her eyes and that blush of hers. Expectations were met and exceeded once again.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
What can I say? Look at the official photo and look at my figure. In regards to the pose they're basically dead on. As pointed out before the color of her bells just seem off compared to the previous figure as well as their official photo. As mentioned it's pretty obvious she's supposed to be a warrior monk due to her choice in weapon as well as the gourd of hers. Put that with her school uniform and those twin tails of hers makes for an interesting impression indeed.

And of course look at the size of that hammer of hers. At 1/8th scale look at it with the other figure which is 1/7th in scale. It's still massive. And at 1/6th scale the hammer is still pretty massive even in the hands of KOS-MOS. She clearly has one of most flashy and outlandish weapons I've seen on a character/figure to date.

Taking a closer look at her pose, look at that expression of hers. It's so full of life and cheerful that you can't but help smile when you look upon that expression. Then of course her stance with her legs spread apart as she leans forward while arching her back. The placement of one hand on one thigh as her panties and rear end are thrust out for all to see while she acts innocent pretending not to notice. So darn sexy, seductive and cute all at the same time.

As mentioned you can display her with or without the chains. Don't really see a reason not to use the chains unless they really get in the way when displaying with other figures. But I think it's worth it to make it work.

Makio Munetoshi and ALTER did a great job with her pose. She looks just like the prototype and official photos which is a plus. That expression, weapon, outfit and lovely physique makes for a dynamite package. Display wise she seems to look her best at eye level or slightly below it. She looks great from all angles but especially the front and rear. Her hair just makes her pose very dynamic as it really looks like her hair is fluttering about. And more importantly it seems in character with her as I could just see her doing something like that. Expectations were met and exceeded once again.

Base: 8/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡
Well, what can I say? ALTER was consistent with their design just like the other ladies before her. They make for a nice set but take up a lot of real estate. And as mentioned I really wish they could have integrated the support rod for the hammer into the base to make it more stable and of course easier to move around. The foot pegs do make me nervous as they look pretty fragile. I can just see them breaking especially the smaller one that goes into her left heel if you're careless with unmounting her.

They get the job down. The figure is mostly stable if you don't count the hammer especially when she has to be moved around. I wasn't expecting the support rod and really wish it wasn't needed in this case but if you want her then you'll just have to accept this I guess. The base does look nice as mentioned as it matches the scheme of the previous bases. It could be worse?

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
As mentioned at the beginning there are currently three figures to choose from and the goal was to see if this one was worth considering? Luckily I own all three and if I had to do it over again and only pick one. It would definitely be a toss up between this figure and amiamiZERO's but I'd have to say ALTER just comes out ahead. Luckily I did not have to choose and own all three gals. You'll note I didn't show the third gal... Let's say if I had to pick, the one not shown would definitely be my last choice for various reasons that I won't go into detail right now. She was worth every penny and I will happily own her for years to come. I can't wait for the next girl to join her friends. ALTER has done it again so keep them coming. When I examine her I only see quality, details, love and attention. And of course you can't forget that killer butt of hers, those twin tails and that massive hammer.

See you later.
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I wish that there were an re-release cuz i don't wanna spend 195$ for her... but she is perfect!
Edit: My wish has come true - re-release soon!
Edit2: Ordered her for total 67$ !!! Cant wait!!!
Edit3: I have her!!!!!!!!!!!
5 l. temu
Can't wait for mine now, getting from a US retailer, scheduled for later this month. Nice pictures, love the white background, makes her stand out perfectly. Wonderful close-ups of many details of her clothes and hammer(obviously love the panty shots). Great job in review
5 l. temu
GSLinux Love coding, video & figures!
Nicely done, greatly appreciate it ^^.
I'm so glad I have her in my collection with the rest of the girls; simply magnificent.
5 l. temu
Nice review as always. You make me want her more =)
5 l. temu
xShiroSakura Flagship
Your reviews never cease to amaze me.
Nice one, keep 'em coming 'cause I enjoy reading them =)
5 l. temu
I love your reviews they make me want to buy every figure you review.
5 l. temu
sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
Oh, StarshipPooper - your reviews are the best on this site. And, because of this and the fact this figure seems amazing, I want this figure badly now :')

Edit: I DID get it after all! SO happy~
5 l. temu
Dat ass.

ITEM #96896 is looking like one of the best figures ever also. Would have been THE best if she wasn't exclusive. >>
5 l. temu
PVC anime figure store.

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