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Ciel Phantomhive from SEGA

So what's the sitch?
Ciel Phantomhive is the owner of a toy and candy company, queen's 'dog' (he does all the queen's, being queen of england, dirty work involving things such as murders and kidnappings) and little emo pimp owner of the Phantomhive estate.
His parents were killed and their house burnt at a young age, where he was abducted and forced through months of torture - insert Sebastian Michaelis.
Ciel, giving up hope in God summons a demon, Sebastian appears, and they form a Faustian contract where Ciel vows to avenge his parents and in exchange for granting his wish Sebastian gets his soul. As to not arouse suspicion, Sebastian takes the guise of a butler and the adventures begin!
The name of the manga/anime is Kuroshitsuji, or Black Butler. The anime is currently still looking for an english release and the manga is under licence and is currently being published by Yen Press.

The SEGA Kuroshitsuji prize figures are of Ciel, the main feature of this review. Sebastian also has a review by me.


I was surprised by the quality of the sculpting of this figure.
His jacket is well sculpted, with various folds and his hair is also very nicely done. His Phantomhive Ring, even though it's obscured from view often, is very good for such a small detail.

The painting is excellent. I had quite a shock, expecting a little shading and some spots here and there, but the painting is much nicer than the official shot shows.
The green was initially an issue for this figure, as many of the people who were following the progress of this figure were expecting his attire to be blue. But once I got it, I got over it as it's not so bad.

This figure shows off well Ciel's stature and pride as Earl Phantomhive, while still allowing Ciel's childish side. It suits him well.

This gets the lowest marks as it's not amazing. Just a simple black rounded base with pegholes for his feet and his cane. However, the fit with the figure was great and keeps him sturdy, which is what's most important.

The packaging is nice and simple, with a picture of the figure on the front and a nice black border around the edge. I would have liked a window though, but that's just me.

I really like this Ciel. I wasn't expecting much for my first SEGA prize figure, but it's made me very happy. It's a simpler rendition of Ciel, unlike the Square Enix version of him in a elaborate blue outfit (which I so desperately, desperately want).

So there you have it, SEGA's Ciel Phantomhive prize figure. ^^

(come back later, I may have a picture up with my Sebby nendo ^^)
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