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We're going demon recruiting!

After another long and dreadful wait, my second batch of (mostly) SMT loot has finally arrived!

The items came in two huge boxes weighing over 25 kilos in combined weight. That means higher shipping fee and customs inspection (and fees). :(


Here is a photo of the items after taking them out of the boxes:


This haul is mostly comprised of SMT items, but there are actually more Persona items in the mix (i.e. primarily because there are more Persona items available in the market than standard SMT stuff).

Let's start with the glorious SMT items!

Tremble with fear as Thor, the Thunderer (ITEM #55314), and Shiva, the Destroyer (ITEM #55313), finally joins the fray of mythological figures in my collection!


These two are the premier figures in the FuRyy "Real Figure" line, and are similarly the most expensive pair overall. I actually prefer Thor over Shiva's quality because the latter's paint job is quite poor. However, Shiva is usually more expensive than Thor. I got them both for quite a good price. I was worried with how they would arrive as the packaging for them is primitive. They were kept in place in the boxes with just twines. The boxes came in near mint condition, though. But when I opened Thor, his cape was slightly damaged from the strain of the packaging. And some paint in his hair was removed, probably because of the friction with the packaging. An end in a lock of hair was also chipped off, but I easily fixed it. Shiva appeared more intact than Thor. But I was in for a surprise when I realized that his base was missing. Thus, I need to look for an alternative. Still, I was fine with the two.

Next is the Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub (ITEM #83754)!


This is my favorite demon figure, hands down. Since this is probably the most popular figure in the line, it also became one of the rarest (in comparison with his batchmate, Loki). I couldn't find it at a good price. Most of the time, I couldn't find it at all. So when I saw one, I instantly bought it. It's a shame that it's missing its support stand, though. But I figured I could just replace it with something else. I'm just ecstatic to have finally acquired him.

With those three additions, I have finally completed the FurYu line of demons! It took a while and a significant sum of money, but I ultimately did it. Now, if only they didn't discontinue the line...



Moving on, time for some Persona action!

The Imperious Queen of Executions, Mitsuru Kirijo (ITEM #327), takes the lead!


She is one of the first Persona figures to be made, but that doesn't mean she is sub-par when it comes to quality. I actually picked this Kotobukiya version than the others because I think it captures her character more. Her box's backdrop is also useful for Persona-themed photos. The most surprising feature, however, is the when her skirt fell off when I was inspecting her. I didn't see that one coming! Sorry, Mitsuru!

Now to the saturated Persona 4.

Here is a set of prize figures by SpecialKuji. It includes Yu Narukami (ITEM #90117), Izanagi (ITEM #90118), Yukiko Amagi (ITEM #90120), Chie Satonaka (ITEM #90119), and two versions of Teddie (ITEM #93161) (ITEM #103383).


Yu, Izanagi, Yukiko, and Chie's bases can be put beside each other to form one full base. Despite being prize figures, I think they are pretty good in quality. Teddie, on the other hand, is my favorite in this set. I don't particularly like Teddie in Persona 4, but this figure is pretty adorable. Plus, he can hold your glasses with his arms! I don't plan to keep this set, though. Aside from one Teddie, I will be selling this set.

The reason why I'll sell the previous set is because I don't really prefer having various figures of one character, unless I really like him/her. I bought another set of Persona 4 characters which are for keeps. First is Yu Narukami (ITEM #124246).


Here is Yosuke Hanamura (ITEM #124247) and Naoto Shirogane (ITEM #124248).


Although these three are also prize figures, I like them more because they are scaled figures and are better in quality. The only concern I have is the accuracy of being scaled. Naoto is just about as tall as the other two guys, which is obviously incorrect. But I won't hold it up against them. These three are pretty affordable, and a good spend for your money at that!

Next is Yukiko Amagi by Megahouse (ITEM #91358).


This is a pretty straightforward figure, and I like it. It comes with several add-ons, including goofy glasses. I'm just not a fan of her gear-shaped base which takes a lot of space. But, overall, I'm satisfied. It's just sad that when I put her beside the rest of her scaled P4 buds, she looks smaller.

Since I will be selling the earlier Izanagi, I bought the superior version of him by Megahouse (ITEM #78824).


I love Izanagi's design; although, I got bored of him after so many appearances in the game and the anime. This figure is every fan's must-have. It's huge and in really good shape. There's nothing going against him. Even his gear-shaped base is excusable.

Taking Izanami's place as Izanagi's dancing partner is Konohana Sakuya (ITEM #98886).


Her box is freaking huge! I paid more in shipping than I paid for her! And after reading some of the comments and reviews, I anticipated that she might come damaged. I wasn't wrong. One of the connecting parts in her petal sash came off. Thankfully, it was easilly repaired. After assembling her, I realized that the huge box is really appropriate for her size. She can take a lot of space if to be displayed! But she looks amazing. Plus, you don't have to struggle with posing her. I'm looking at you D-Arts Konohana Sakuya...

Unlike my first haul which were mostly figures, I decided to buy several artbooks as well. I just wasn't aware that these books can cost as much as, if not more than, figures! And their weight isn't helping! I bought a lot of books, mostly for demon and character designs. That means a lot of Kazuma Kaneko.

First is Digital Devil Apocalypse (ITEM #306134).


It's a big book featuring designs from several of the games in which Kaneko did the artworks. It's glossy pages really make the images come to life. And, there are some featured art not done by Kaneko, including Belial battling Metatron.

Next is a three-book set featuring Kazuma Kaneko's work, entitled Kazuma Kaneko Graphics - Pandemonium.

The first book (ITEM #77832) features demons; the second (ITEM #49259), characters, persona, and miscellaneous designs; the third (ITEM #77833), more demons.




These books are essential to anyone who wants to have physical copies of Kaneko's incredible designs! It's like a picture dictionary of some of the best demons in SMT. At first, I wanted to buy another three-book set, named Kazuma Kaneko Works, but their price tags didn't allow me. After getting these three, I didn't feel quite as bad. These are definitely for keeps. Plus, it helps me in creating some of my demon figures.

Devil Dictionary (ITEM #77828) showcases demons from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.


Its book cover is amazing. Aside from the sprites used in Nocturne, this book contains works from three guest artists with their interpretations on the demons. This is worth buying.

Next is Devil Encyclopedia (ITEM #77830).


This book is rated quite highly in Amazon Japan. I didn't expect it to be a small book. But sometimes big surprises come in small packages. Some of the older and rarer Kazuma Kaneko artworks can be seen here. And despite its rather expensive price, I'm glad I bought it.

Shin Megami Tensei Grimoire: Chaos Museum (ITEM #306136) is a rather odd book.


It is divided into chapters like "Goddess," "Mantra," "Cathedral," etc. I think I think it explains the references of different elements in the game. It even displays Demifiend's tattoos from various angles. You can also see where the different locations in Nocturne took their semblances.

Now, for Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei no Subete (ITEM #306135), I don't really know what to say.


It's a book with sprites from SMT I and II as well as some maps. That's it. I think this is basically a walkthrough.

Aside from these, I also decided to buy Persona artbooks. Persona 3: Official Design Works (ITEM #43903) is great overall.


The paper quality is nice, and the art is amazing. Plus, the book I bought still has the belt/strap. That's nice.

On the other hand, the Persona 4: Official Design Works (ITEM #43904) is great as well.


Unlike P3's the Social Links and other characters got more portraits. However, I still like P3's more. Maybe it's because I'm more partial to P3 myself.

This haul isn't all about SMT, though. I also purchased some items from other games that I like; namely, Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean, Radiata Stories, and Final Fantasy.

First is Fayt Leingod from Star Ocean Till the End of Time (ITEM #1765).


Fayt has been one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite PS2 games. I've always liked his simple design. I bought this Kotobukiya figure which is more than a decade old. The box came with issues, but the figure is intact. The simplicity of the figure is expected from its manufacturing date, but it's still a beauty. And, hey, I don't get to choose from a lot of Fayt figures, do I? I just expected his complexion to be a bit fairer.

Next is a lot of loose trading arts including from Valkyrie Profile, Freya (ITEM #2043), Arngrim (ITEM #2041), and Alicia (ITEM #2046); from Radiata Stories, Ridley Timberlake (ITEM #4764); from Final Fantasy, Lightning (ITEM #17512), and Tina Branford (ITEM #39056); and from Sengoku Basara, Oda Nobunaga (ITEM #7275), Kasuga (ITEM #9323), and Nouhime (ITEM #7276).


I instantly bought this lot specifically for the Valkyrie Profile and Radiata Stories figures. Freya is simply gorgeous, elegant, and magnificent. The sheen of her dress is ethereal. Although I got ivory versions of Arngrim and Alicia, I'm all right with it, especially since these are highly rare nowadays. It's just a shame that I wasn't able to get a Jack Russell with my Ridley Timberlake. I'm not exhilarated by the two Final Fantasy figures, though. For the Sengoku Basara, I just played Devil Kings, so I don't have much going for them.

The last items on this blog is a set of clear versions of Final Fantasy Creatures including Doomtrain (ITEM #8174), 2 Shadow Lord (ITEM #8179), 3 Necron (ITEM #8176), 2 Trance Kuja, and Ultimecia Griever (ITEM #8175).


Personally, I would have wanted the full color or metallic versions, but I I have what I have. I will just be selling the duplicates.

That's it.

Here is a full photo of the entire haul:


I have a third package coming. Actually, it's already in the post office. I just have to pay customs fees to claim it. But it's smaller than my first two hauls.

I'm fully satisfied with this haul. It's always nice to have additions to my SMT collection. I just wish a had a bigger and better storage for them. Right now, they've taken residence in my closet.

To end, here is a complete shot of my Shin Megami Tensei collection as it stands to date:


Thank you for reading!

Let me know what you think in the comments below! :)
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Kimm134Saya2 l. temu#30934428I hope you find her soon! I've sold an extra before. You can still get her at fairly okay prices, but expect it to be a little sticky due to ageing.

A few years ago, I brought a pair of vintage ghost in the shell figures (the one that came included with the small black Fuchikoma) and when I opened them up, the plastic started dripping and the legs started to move! It was quite scary, but after airing them out a bit and keeping the legs in position, it worked out just fine.

They weren't bootlegs, just REALLY old figures that were left in the box for over a decade lol. Thanks for the warning tho! Im hoping she shows up at the local anime store I go to, as I'd be able to inspect that kind of damage before purchasing.
2 l. temu
gamergibbons2 l. temu#30934216That P3 Mitsuru figure is one of my grails @@. I've been looking around, but most of the older Persona figures are pretty hard to come by.
Awesome loot!
I hope you find her soon! I've sold an extra before. You can still get her at fairly okay prices, but expect it to be a little sticky due to ageing.
2 l. temu
That P3 Mitsuru figure is one of my grails @@. I've been looking around, but most of the older Persona figures are pretty hard to come by.

Awesome loot!
2 l. temu
Take Virile Insatiable Beast
Kimm134Saya5 l. temu#3099579I paid about ¥3000 for him, which is a fair price given he's been out for more than a decade.
I paid around the same thing :) Thanks!

Kimm134Saya5 l. temu#3100457I'm not sure if there are Persona games available for DS.
Persona Q, but I wouldn't advice it to someone who isn't already familiar with P3 and P4 casts.
5 l. temu
detectivelawliet5 l. temu#3100409Wow, these figures are so amazing! I've been wanting to get into these games. What are the best games of them for the 3DS?

You can try the Devil Survivor games for starters, but Strange Journey is recommended for more serious gamers. I'm not sure if there are Persona games available for DS.
5 l. temu
Wow, these figures are so amazing! I've been wanting to get into these games. What are the best games of them for the 3DS?
5 l. temu
Take5 l. temu#3099322Extremely impressive loot! Good job on your dedication as a SMT collector.
Would you mind sharing how much you paid for your Fayt figure? I got him last year at a convention and I have absolutely no idea if I paid a fair price for him or not.

Thank you! I know SMT isn't as popular as other franchises, but it's really something I've dedicated myself to.

I paid about ¥3000 for him, which is a fair price given he's been out for more than a decade.
5 l. temu
Seiidaishougun5 l. temu#3099228Yes, shipping with EMS can quickly get very expensive, and customs are always greedy anyway. I've got a story coming up on that.

Will check it out when you post it!
5 l. temu
Take Virile Insatiable Beast
Extremely impressive loot! Good job on your dedication as a SMT collector.
Would you mind sharing how much you paid for your Fayt figure? I got him last year at a convention and I have absolutely no idea if I paid a fair price for him or not.
5 l. temu
I never have hauls that big or varied. Most I get is usually 2 figures at most, so it is crazy to see what I've gotten of several months in just a few boxes. That's what I meant by 20-25%. Heck, just click on my profile to get an idea.

Building a shrine is great, I just saw in the post that you have some stored away in your closets and found it lamentable.
5 l. temu
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