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Akuma Homura 1/8 Stronger

One Lovingly Captivating Figure


Disclaimer: This review will include spoilers from Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: Rebellion, the third movie as well as the original series first two movies. So basically if you somehow haven’t seen read ahead at your own risk.


For most regulars at Tsuki Boards, Akuma Homura, would not need any introduction been a somewhat unofficial sister figure to Ultimate Madoka, Item on Fire Number 1 ITEM #98665. The character Akuma Homura (AH) makes an appearance in the Third of the Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movies, which itself is an extension to the series and the first two recap movies.


Comparisons to Ultimate Madoka are unavertable as like her, Akuma Homura is the Ultimate form which Homura Akemi ascends to appearing for a sliver of screen time at the climax in the plot. While her design takes some hints from her original form as Mahou Shoujo or Magical Girl, it is cleared themed after that of an Angel of Darkness having been born from, dare I say it more selfish emotions, fitting the darker and edgier tone of the movie, to contrast Madoka’s Angel of light and hope. However her theme also works if your opinion of Homura’s action differ viewing it that she acted selflessly however still having the dark consequences of her actions to face up to.

Concept art of Akuma Homura used for the figure.

She was officially announced as a figure on the 9th of February 2014 at winter WONFEST Winter 2014. She then swiftly claimed her rightful place on MFC’s front page. Like her counterpart, she was announced as an exclusive figure, but this time by the company Stronger instead of Good Smile Company. Being distributed by Aniplex, an official Madoka partner, she is could be seen as a semi-official addition to Good Smile Companies’(GSC) 1/8 line up of the girls in their Mahou Shoujo uniforms.


This was the first Homura figure was sculpted by Miyajima Katsuyoshi ENCYCLOPEDIA #32291 who has sculpted a small number but impressive range of high profile anime characters as prepainted figures. Translated as to English her name means Devil/Demon Homura and is also known as Homucifer.


Akuma Homura as a 1/8 scale figure was initially scheduled for release in December 2014, however she was pushed back until March 2015. As a made to order figure with a price of 15,000 yen, which is about the same as Ultimate Madoka, if you account for inflation.


Now a little back storey on Homura to put things into context.
Homura was designed by Ume Aoki like the rest of the characters in the show. Homura Akemi was a Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girl) who is able to control time as a result of making a wish and contract with Kyuubey to save her best friend. In the series she is portrayed as a character who was cool, determined and extruding confidence, which admittedly I gushed all over when I first watched the series. However on a more detailed examination she has character several flaws of an unwillingness to work with others or explain her actions as well as acting impulsively and emotionally towards obtaining her goal. These personality traits taken to the extreme led to the creation of Akuma Homura.

Concept art of Homura Akemi by Ume Aoki as a Magical Girl.

Design wise Akuma Homura is Homura with changed eye colour, a red ribbon in her hair, wearing a tight black dress with matching skirt and wings. Due to her dark origin of the character with figure of her is set taking a less dynamic pose than what we have come to expect from the naïve and pure hearted Mahou Shoujo. She is seen sitting back legs folded while floating in the air wearing a contemplating expression on her face tilted up towards the sky, thinking what to do with her new found power. She leans forward but while holding her soul gem in her left hand.


Being a large and complex figure following in the steps of and being the matching figure to Ultimate Madoka the Ichiban item on fire at MFC for the last 3 years She has a lot of hype surrounding her. Lets not forget that she is also a highlight in the Puella Madoka Magica merchandise train here which hasn’t really slowed down its post series hype. Lets see if she lives up to expectations of a or is even able to best Ultimate Madoka. Like every other figure I have reviewed blog/2410&b... will be used to provide a scoring criteria for Akuma Homura.


Oh and Kyuubey, everyone’s favourite insidious mascot, is featured in this figure as well for his good measure.


Taking out of her box you will notice that besides from what you get with the main figure, which I have taken as her default appearance, and its base there are several other parts. These include an additional face which is grinning wickedly, an additional left hand holding a distraught Kyuubey. Also included are 3 sets of half wings, The first set forms the half which is connected to her back while the 2 others offer you two display options. The first if you want her to have folded space saving wings (default) or the second which allows you to display her with outstretched wings.


This means that Akuma Homura can be feasibly posed in 8 different permutations. I will mostly review her in the default this is contemplating face, holding the soul gem with the bent wings. With the outstretched ones she has a wingspan of 34 centimes which may make it impractical to keep her like these configurations in some collections. On display with her folded wings she only measure 17 Centimetres across.


Therefore Homura has 8 different configurations which she can be seen displayed in below.


Photo Section
Here we have a 360 degree view of Homura in her normal or default configuration.


And another 360 degree view of Homura in her complete opposite configuration, sinister smile holding Kyuubey with outstretched wings, which is more impressive then what I have designated her default form.


Setting up Homura wasn’t difficult. The only annoying thing with changing her form is finding the holes in her back behind her obtrusive hair to place the first set of her wings into, if you chose to change her face plate.

Above: Homura without a complete set of wings

Packaging: 9/10

The packaging of Homura is very important considering the weight and complexity of the figure. In my opinion I believe that Stronger / Aniplex have come up with a great solution for transporting her. For starters since she is an exclusive figure and probably not sold in stores but instead distributed through online and hence she comes with her own postage parcel box.


Other than when opening up her box you observe that that she and her parts are protected by a series of 5 blisters. The first 2 are the main holding her in place in the center of the box. While she sits on a blister which in the form of a seat which her skirt wraps around, it even comes with a piece of material. I believe this 3 blister system is smart design instead of free as it would absorb the force produced by the impact of her bulky skirt if the box was ever dropped. 2 Blisters in the back hold her accessories in place. So many plastic sheets applied to Homura in her packaging to prevent paint transfer occurring between her parts during transport in fact only her face which can be clearly viewed through the blister can be clearly seen. However with all this protection I am very confident that Homura would be able to avoid damage if her box was dropped, bashed around or even slightly squashed.


The dimensions are:

H: 330mm
W: 300mm
D: 280mm
With Weight with normal display box: 1.54 kg
Weight with outer parcel Box: 2.04kg

Homura in her protective plastic blister.

The theme on the outside of the box is different slightly different as it uses a set jagged triangular windows which form a rectangle instead of circular window theme of the series of the other Puella Magi by Good Smile Company. This contributes to the sense that Homura has transcended both the powers and the ideals of her previous self as magical girl. Like the GSC standard for the other PMMM girls there is a photo on the front and sides of Homura in many different configurations. If there is no window a closer up shot of face and body in the same configuration is also displayed. The back of the box, its largest plane area has a photo of the complete figure with her smiling face while a photo of her to compare against.

You do not get a very good view of the figure inside of the box is not a very good one. She is only visible through a relatively the relatively small jagged windows at the front from there most of her body is covered up with the protective plastic. However a moderate amount of light is let in from the window at the top of the box which I feel suits the style of the figure. However the design of the blister allows you a good view of her face as well as its red ribbon. The back piece of cardboard is that same dull hot pink with the black witch’s corruption lines running through it with what I identify as Homura’s witches sign in the background


An instruction sheet is also included on how to set her up properly with the most important step attaching her to the base and her wings through her hair to her back.


The Packaging receives 9 out of 10 from me it looks like it would do a great job keeping Homura, a large complex figure, safe while been dark and chaotic at the same time been in theme with the character.

Pose: 10/10

The pose Akuma Homura takes, in my opinion is not as iconic as that of Ultimate Madoka. As is it rather more interpreted then observed from the source material but like the former definitely takes its inspiration from one of the franchises’ most memorable scene.


However in my opinion the risk to produce a figure accurate to one of her actual depictions in the movie would have been too great. Not only would it have forced up the cost to produce and transport the figure which if she accurate to one of her actual depictions in the movie.


Homura pose is set to make her make affably evil in contrast with a personality change instead of cute or determined from what we have seen before. Miyajima has done this with setting her sitting while floating in the air. With her legs crossed and upper body leaning slightly forward while her head is positioned slightly towards the sky, it gives the appearance of her taking an interest in something of only to think “What can I do to you.” This is compounded by the way the way her right hand points up to her face, which works for either of the options.


With the default set of bent wings equipped instead of going “Wow” that is an eye catching pose Akuma Homura would definitely attract attention to herself when your observers are given more than a moment to gleam over your collection. I believe it would go along the lines of “Hey she is fairly complex and on second inspections her pose is more sophisticated”. To create the floating in mid air effect her skirt is set curving leftwards down to her base supporting her weight. However putting on her smile and changing her wings to the outstretched ones she would definitely attract attention faster and may even complete with Ultimate Madoka.


In summary I do really like her pose, as it in key with her character as well as it working with all of the display options. 10 out of 10.


Sculpting: 10/10

The sculpting for Akuma Homura works excellently with the pose of brining the malevolence of our young dark lady to life. She is a large figure with many intricacies but there are many, many things which Stronger and Miyajima got right.


When glancing over her everything seems in proportion and in scale with her appearance in the movie. The exception being her skirt which has been stretched part of her stand to be an integral part of the figure’s structure so I will overlook this. Her exquisite Diamond patterned thigh high covered legs to me compared to that of normal Homura’s might be lengthened just a little bit but that is never a bad thing and gives an air of maturity to the figure. Being neither too fat or thin.


Now for a close examination of the Akuma Homura starting with her hair. Which is the typical long but in either direction half way down the middle Akemi Homura hair, it is slightly more straight and less windswept then when she was a Puella Magi, but still has its individual strands.


There is good detail given to Homura’s two sets of wings with marks indicating ruffles in each of the feathers. Special attention has been given to the sculpting to give them a narrow and death like feel.


For Homura’s dress it is really quite tight with continued straight edges which help emphasises the slimness and gentle curves of her body.


As for the rest Homura’s arms covered by the gloves are long and slender which is good. The soul gem in her default left hand is suspended by a relatively thick clear see through rod unfortunately to create the hovering effect. Anyway better thick and robust instead of thin and broken. Kyuubey being so small is crafted rather accurately as well.


The skirt has very long lines through it to represent the feathers before they start diverging at the tips. This gives her a great sense of power as Ravens are familiars of witches and Homura has a skirt made out of long hence more powerful Raven feathers.


With the 19 cm tall GSC Homura
And with Ultimate Madoka and a measuring stick.

It’s hard to compare judging her scale from her appearance in the in the anime. If you use Kyuubey as a reference point she is way higher scale than 1/8 more like 1/20 however consider the circumstances using Kyuubey at this point wouldn’t be a very reference point.


However using 1/8 scale on a guide she will just right and in scale next to your 1/8 collection other GSC Puella Magi and Ultimate Madoka. To put it in mathematical terms has a height of 25.5 cm to the top of her head with her lowest foot being suspended 8 cm above the ground. Compensating for long legs this is just about right for 1/8 scale.

Here she is next to her original self for a comparison to a standard size 1/8 scale figure, herself.

Both of Homura’s face plates are crafted really well in my opinion so as the emotion which you choose her to displays is really up to you. In regards to the default face Stronger has gone with a strange choice as she it is never portrayed in the movie, however fits the future well. Rest assured as it is easily replicable with the one where she is smiling one did appear in the movie. Both Faces are faithful to what I remember of Homura’s face with added demon eye lashes which mark her ascendency. Noticeably though the purple of Homura’s pupils are more reddish than seen in the movie.


Akuma Homura, like other figures has the usual seamline on the top of her head, however this is required to remove her bangs to exchange faces.


Major Seamlines

It is also a bit frustrating to wiggle in her outer set of wings into her inner ones so if you set her up sloppily like I have you can easily be left with a seam. Other than that I couldn’t detect many other seam lines on the figure as they were too well concealed.


Wing Seamline

Overall her sculpting gets 10 out of 10 for me.



Even though they have slightly changed the colour scheme from the source material in my opinion Stronger has done an exceptional job with Akuma Homura’s paint job. This is exemplified as the figure contains a lot of deep dark purples, blues and black which while very similar, have been specially selected to make each part of the contrast enough with her other parts so the figure has volume and shape when viewed from afar. Instead of looking like a black blob from looking from afar, if they had kept with her original colour scheme from the movie.


Starting with top of the figure and making my way down her hair which is faithful to the lovely purity black Homura hair which we have become accustomed to. The bow on her head is a deeper more passionate red which doesn’t clash with the figure’s darker colour scheme. There is nice gloss on her wing bones giving the appearance that they are bones and precise application with the seamless layering of paint on her wing feathers where they go from opaque to see through at the end. The white tops of her wings while not to blaring white frame the figure nicely and give it contrast.


Her tight dress and long bridal like gloves are done with a consistent sublime dark purplish colour, the most feminine colour used in her clothing. The top part of her skirt phases into her dress then evolves into a lovely midnight blue, which really helps my impression that it is made out of raven feathers. On the inside of the skirt though the lighter purple highlights are no where near prominent than the stars on the underside of Ultimate Madoka's skirt hence i think they could have been emphasized more.


Most importantly her diamond patterned thigh highs, the last remaining call back to her original uniform, are painted with perfection with no paint transfer. This is exemplified in her shoes which complexly cross over her thigh Highs


Paint Defects
From my observation of Homura I could only find 2 defects of her, besides from hat she is perfect. These are unfortunately a long but thing black mark on the left side of exposed side of her body and a scratch on her head bow. Unfortunately these are on pretty prominent places so the paint job so she scores 9 out of 10. In comparison other scale figures I own have several times these defects so props to the quality department at Stronger. Which speak volumes about their dedication about wanting to please the figure collection market?


Base: 8/10

Akuma Homura’s base is meant to match that of the other GSC 1/8 scale figure line, so it is a slightly curved dome. It is a chaotically yellow, orange and black and has Homura’s Witch’s / Demon insignia on it in contrast to what have been a shaded plain colour.


Her skirt of Raven feathers merges seamlessly with the surface of the base to give the impression that it is not squashed on contact with the base adding to Homura’s weightlessness feel.


If just the tips of it are with it secured by two rather sturdy pegs and handling the figure has convinced me that it is robust enough that the pegs will not fail or pop out easily causing Homura to fall over if she is step up correctly. Unfortunately due to the skirt, unfortunately carrying to the left side instead of behind ruins the illusion of been suspended in mid-air by nothing which her counterpart had.


All up the base has a diameter 17 centimetres across which is about the area which is roughly equivalent to space which Homura occupies above it. The Base is simple, effective, sturdy and stable. Just food for thought I could imagine a couple more versions of the base which could have been thrown in if there was a deluxe or special version of the figure.


Enjoyment: 9/10

Now here comes the tricky and biased Enjoyment section.
As a somewhat aged and exhausted figure collector and a Puella Magi Madoka Magica fan that I have wanted to acquire Akuma Homura for my collection ever since she her announcement. However one thing sticks in my mind, as large complex figure Akuma Homura doesn’t have that level of WOW factor which had me awe struck when Ultimate Madoka had on me when she was announced, with the release of the prototype photos and then finally unpacking and displaying her, which I honestly expected to feel again for my most anticipated figure of 2014/2015. Perhaps these moments only come once in a life time or it’s myself getting older and more experienced in figure collecting.


Akuma Homura and Ultimate Madoka 360 Degrees Comparison.

Its hard to put my finger on her but character design wise which the figure has to carry through on in comparison to Ultimate Madoka who could be seen as a different character then Madoka, Akuma Homura could be seen as an upgraded Homura. Its like oh its Homura who went to an extra expensive and posh gown store and is now shiny black dress and wings and would be recognised as so instead of “Holy Incubators” just who is this graceful angel character, she looks so powerful but also quite familiar?”.


Perhaps this is more due Homura retaining her hair style and hence could be perceived as not that much of an upgrade. Don’t get me wrong, the similarities between the two figures vastly out weight the differences. I am being specific to highlight the difference. In character design they both have a set of wings, different coloured eyes, upgraded ribbons and wear upgrade dresses As a figure both are large and would be eye catching in any collection. However if placed together Madoka, with her brighter colour scheme and dynamic pose will have me initially more look at me than the subtle, sophisticated Homura in her relatively subdued colour. I feel like if I knew nothing of the anime and even figure collecting placed next to one another Ultimate Madoka would be the first one to captivate me, after giving her an intense inspection would my eyes start to look at Akuma Homura, which I could spend equally as much time on. This would be of course before examining other 1/8 scale figures.


Anyway after taking some time to contemplate this has only slightly dampened my enjoyment. Put on display and comparing her to more standard figures I believe that she would be a towering eye catcher. And knowing the source material and that she have tangentially developed from how she was originally presented as a character justifies the decision to add her to my collection.


Anyway to summarize Stronger and Miyajima have done a great job with pose, sculpt and paint work combining to make a fine figure. Making myself couldn’t be happier to have the ultimate form of my Favorite Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica character to my collection. Its something I felt I must do regardless of the cost. She was something which I have kept my eye on since release following her development so it gets 9 out of 10 as unfortunately she had to compare against Ultimate Madoka which it couldn’t surpass in Wow factor.


Akuma Homura with Good Smile Company Homura


Tallying up the scores Akuma Homura she gets 9.2 of 10 all up overall. For the important of pose, sculpting, painting and enjoyment categories she also gets 9.50 out of 10.


As expected of the one figure of Homura I would take over all others to add to my collection. Which is what I would expect for having paid almost $280 AUD or $220 USD to acquire her new. People might remember that Ultimate Madoka went on sale for up to half price up to 6 months after she was released where after that she quickly surpassed her initial asking price. Taking these learning’s from Ultimate Madoka, if you still haven’t got Akuma Homura now and want one I would encourage you to acquire one soon. This is compounded by the fact that Good Smile Company, still have the option to in my opinion won’t announce their version of “Official figure” of her to match their line-up of PMMM girls.


She would ideally be displayed alongside Ultimate Madoka as her partner of sorts however I would certainly encouraging the idea of separating them from time to time so Homura can truly shine. As a collector who likes to pack things tightly into their displays I wish I had enough room to allow her to wings and truly have room to show you her glory.


Cheers for reading through all of this!
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KurigohanChan1 r. temu#49322986Good review! got everything i needed to know for this figure. Just want to ask something since this post was from 3 years ago, is she still fine until now? does she not lean so bad? because this is my only concern so fa. Thanks in advance!

I took her out of my Cabinet, about 3 and a half years later, looks like she hasn't leaned at all, In the top photo the Red line extends from the tip of her finger passing on the left (our left) side of her left food.


Kosura5 l. temu#3310446My madoka has no flaws, for as far as I've seen. But Homura has enough for my entire collection at once. That's how bad I feel about her. She does look great if you only look at the entire figure and ignore details but I think we both know as a collector that detailing means a lot

Ah crap sorry 3 years to reply to a comment. Really Sorry.
Ah that's really disappointing to to hear about your Homura, At that time Stronger I believe at that time was a developing company and wasn't as established as GSC. So perhaps Quality Control wasn't the as sharp as a well established company. Akuma Homura was the 2nd pre-painted figure which they released. The photo below shows the Stronger Figures ordered with most recent releases at top.

1 r. temu
Good review! got everything i needed to know for this figure. Just want to ask something since this post was from 3 years ago, is she still fine until now? does she not lean so bad? because this is my only concern so fa. Thanks in advance!
1 r. temu
Sazako5 l. temu#3310303Thanks! I try to make it as comprehensive as possible. Could possibly re do some of the darker photos here.
Ah thats a real shame to hear for you personally. Yeah i have seen the complaints about QC from people. I suppose it would be a big blow to Stronger's Reputation then. Unfortunately due to their size they don't have QC standards of GSC. To balance it though my Ultimate Madoka has her fair shair of flaws compared to other people's.

My madoka has no flaws, for as far as I've seen. But Homura has enough for my entire collection at once. That's how bad I feel about her. She does look great if you only look at the entire figure and ignore details but I think we both know as a collector that detailing means a lot
5 l. temu
Darky5 l. temu#3308943nice review!

Thanks! I try to make it as comprehensive as possible. Could possibly re do some of the darker photos here.

Kosura5 l. temu#3071027I'm kind of jealous :(
The small issues that you have are no big deal at all.
The one I received was just a piece of crap ... and that's nicely said.
So many people have commented saying they have quite some issues as well so I guess you were that 1 out of a 100 that received a nice looking one. Grats, I suppose.
Currently struggling, trying to make a decision what to do with mine. She such a beautiful figure but what I got isn't reflecting that ... not in the least

Ah thats a real shame to hear for you personally. Yeah i have seen the complaints about QC from people. I suppose it would be a big blow to Stronger's Reputation then. Unfortunately due to their size they don't have QC standards of GSC. To balance it though my Ultimate Madoka has her fair shair of flaws compared to other people's.
5 l. temu
nice review!
5 l. temu
I'm kind of jealous :(
The small issues that you have are no big deal at all.
The one I received was just a piece of crap ... and that's nicely said.
So many people have commented saying they have quite some issues as well so I guess you were that 1 out of a 100 that received a nice looking one. Grats, I suppose.

Currently struggling, trying to make a decision what to do with mine. She such a beautiful figure but what I got isn't reflecting that ... not in the least
5 l. temu
pixiebear5 l. temu#3042658Your review has convinced me to hunt her down. And looking at your comments below, I'm not super scared of her leaning or breaking. She looks gorgeous in her own way and I think she compliments Godoka's figure really well. ^^
Thanks for posting this!

Hey no problems Pixiebear, glad to hear so. In regards to leaning I never thought she would. Its those figures who are awkwardly balanced on one leg, those are the ones out for. Homura is Stronger as her skirt is the shape of a circle the strongest structure.

Shimakaze695 l. temu#3040844She is beautiful! One of the Holy Grails I am striving to get as I just discovered the Madoka Series a few weeks ago. Great review, awesome pics. Might have to sell off my kidney to get her, but... WORTH IT!

Thank you very muc Shimakaze. Its never too late to get into Madoka, Good luck with your hunting and get her Quickly!
5 l. temu
Your review has convinced me to hunt her down. And looking at your comments below, I'm not super scared of her leaning or breaking. She looks gorgeous in her own way and I think she compliments Godoka's figure really well. ^^
Thanks for posting this!
5 l. temu
She is beautiful! One of the Holy Grails I am striving to get as I just discovered the Madoka Series a few weeks ago. Great review, awesome pics. Might have to sell off my kidney to get her, but... WORTH IT!
5 l. temu
Tomoe5 l. temu#3038626Awesome review! As a huge fan of Puella Madoka, I still definitely see this figurine coming into my collection one day. I remember seeing her on Mandarake for a good price but I was hesitant whether or not I would get her or ultimate Madoka since I was at odds and only had enough cash for one figurine that day. I decided that Ultimate Madoka was the way to go - for some reason she just had such a more "beautiful" tone to her than Homucifer did.
Though speaking, I am worried about Homucifer leaning too.

Hey Thank you Tomoe for your kind words.
Yeah i can understand going for Ultimate Madoka over Homucifer as the former is just Wow.
As for potential Leaning problem's Akuma's Homura's skirt is solid, that Won't bend. And the Pegs holding her inside I believe were very sturdy and short so there is minimal risk of her leaning over time due to these solid pieces.

ciro5 l. temu#3038614Ooh, I was curious how her pieces are assembled, now my questions have been answered!

Glad to Help.

MarionEtx5 l. temu#3038439I agree that in comparison to Ultimate Madoka, Akuma Homura doesn't have the same amount of impact (and I'm not even a big fan of Madoka's character). I think it's because Ultimate Madoka is in an active pose with a weapon, and has a lot of pieces and colors flowing around her. Akuma Homura is in a passive, contemplative pose, with a more monochromatic color scheme which doesn't really evoke a super 'wow' factor. However, I really love this figure and am glad I went out of my collecting comfort zone to get her.
I'm really nervous about leaning and cracking though so I fashioned a pedestal for her to sit on just in case. I find that even if she's not physically leaning, the flow of the pose seems to create the visual illusion that she is so I don't think I'll ever display her without some support.

MarionEtx, Yeah I think she has her hips trust out to one Side creating the leaning effect. Got to agree with everything you about the whole not been as Wow as Madoka. Unfortuately this figure more then all the others would be compared to her. Happy to know that you are glad with your purchase though.

IMO stress might get to the pegs in the base in 10 years or so time when so they would crack. As long as you aren't pulling her off and on her base imo you should be right.

SpinkellaSapphir5 l. temu#3038325Your review has showed me all the great details and quality of this figure! Great job!
I especially adore her skirt.
But my initial opinion of her stands. She looks at her best only from her right side. Otherwise, I'm not convinced that she isn't leaning even if she's supposed to look that way.
However, I only noticed now how great Ultimate Madoka's hair looks. I've never seen such dynamic strands before. :o Her skirt is a given but it's just lovely as well~

Thanks Muchly SpinkellaSapphir, I try to be as detailed as I can be with my reviews for stuff like this. Yes Ultimate Madoka is quite the figure. I believed it represented a great risk to GSC at the time so they could create something next level for anime fans everywhere.

kawaii-lurve5 l. temu#3038307You might want to check your spelling.. Unlimited Madoka..?

Whoops you could say i made the Unlimited Spelling mistake/misplaced word. All fixed now, thanks for spotting.

mukyuu5 l. temu#3038286I think she's a good figure overall, but when you notice on the picture with the ruler, don't you think she's leaning a bit? She was completely offputting to me when I noticed she leans, besides the fact I don't like Homura much even if she would match with Ultimate Madoka...

Ah wow thats quite the effect leaning has. I had to take her off the base a few times but tried to make sure she was put in tight so she wouldn't appear to be leaning. I forgot to mention her hips are shifted to her right which could create that impression of leaning.
5 l. temu