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Hello MFC!
Today I'll be trying my best to give you a review on the newly released Mikuzukin from Max Factory. This is my first review so I'll appreciate any comments/feedback about how to improve.
I'd like to apologize for the somewhat dim lighting, it was raining yesterday and it's been cloudy ever since.

With that being said, let's introduce Mikuzukin.

Mikuzukin was a Red Riding Hood cosplay of Miku's that was playable in Project Diva. Of course, she's very cute! First thing we can notice is that bright cheery red that compliments Miku's tone and hair surprisingly well. And of course, that little wolf on Miku's head that must've seemed to fall asleep there.
The better to rest on your adorable head, my dear!

First thing I'll say is that people were very disappointed in how she was sculpted and painted. I too was actually slightly disappointed as I preordered her without giving it much thought. After several delays, she finally came out after a bunch of people getting iffy about Mikuzkin and her face.
But let's take a look at how Max Factory rendered her into a scale in the end, shall we?

Her box has a cute little forest theme to it to go along with the story of little Red Riding Hood going off to visit her granny's cabin in the forest. There's a lot of pictures of leaves and a few little butterflies and shadows. There are places cut out of the backdrop to let some light into Mikuzukin's box to really lighten up her beautiful hair and dress.


And out of her box...!

One thing that I'll say is that MFactory did a really nice job packaging her, like most scale figures should be and are anyways - but I guess that should be noted.

The base itself comes in a flat plain base that compliments Miku's hair, although it's a little darker in shades of green. It's plain and maybe I would've preferred a little more, but it does its job and that's all I really NEED anyways.
The little tuff of grass comes in the blister packaging too and you simply just plug it in and snap Miku onto her base (the hole is in her foot, yes) and she's up and ready to go!

This is how she compares next to a bottle of cococola.. Share a coke with your best(ie) figure. Cheers to you for being so cute, Miku! The pose is simple and sweet at the same time. Would I have liked something more?
No, not really actually. I think that this pose is cute enough, it gives us a little something to fall in love with but not too much that it's overbearing and difficult or strange. This pose shows off Miku's sweet cheerful playful side.

First impressions I can tell you, is that again, because the lighting is pretty bad today - her hair looks darker in these photos but I'll tell you right now that her hair is the same color as her Nendoroid 2.0 and the Snow Miku 2013 basically. So yes, expect her hair to be the same color - I've noticed that in most photos her hair looks a little darker green or something but naaaah, that's just the lighting! ^_^
I did a thorough looksee around my own Miku first and couldn't find any paint-spills, like REALLY - none. I think that the months of delay for this figure were well worth it because her quality is REALLY GOOD. Ya hear me? REALLY GOOD ^O^!

Another thing that I wanted to mention although I couldn't capture on camera since it's such a fine detail is that you can see her hair in the hood (behind her neck) is also sculpted into strands, I thought that was a beautiful little detail and things like that make me feel aliiiiive. o/
Her eyes are actually also very shiny and sleek too and you can notice some blush on her cheeks.
The wolf is very cute, but I had trouble getting my camera to focus on him..
And like the actual Mikuzukin, the wolf's expression remains in a >.< face, as if he's surprised that he's met somebody as cute as Miku. Me too ol' sport, me too. The wolf looks very chibi-like and I think it was an absolutely adorable idea to put a small wolf into Miku's hood.
Not only does it add the fun to the Little Red Riding Hood theme, but it also reminds me of Miku stealing baby wolves and storing them into her hood.

Let's get further into details now shall we?
Her apron has a nice decoration of flowers and small polka dots and tiny leaves. Attached are two little red bows on the sides of her apron. I really love the shading and many creases on her apron and dress. This figure is one of the figures where you can just take a lot and a looooot of time to observe the little wrinkles and crinkles in the frills and dress itself.
Miku's thighs have a really nice volume.. I-I'll definitely admit that. Oof.. Her dress slightly flaps up in response to her movement of her hips, giving off a quick glimpse of Miku's beautiful thighs.
Also, the sculptor didn't forget to include tons and tons of frills as there are another layer of frills under her dress.

Her cute painted nails!
I also love how the sleeves of her dress hug onto her arm and the little poofs. More tiny little lines to indicate the fun fairy-book pattern.

The beautiful ribbons on her leg are bendy and flexible, but of course, don't bend them too much or they'll break. I just wanted to show you the little creases on her legs too though, they bundled up the socks at where thigh-highs are usually suppose to bundle up at. As a real fan of socks, I approve of this.

Her little bracelet and her hand making the "wolf" gesture.
Subtle and cute! Well done, Max Factory.

The back of her dress is also beautiful! Again with all the tiny little details and shading..! I love how the wolf's ears stick up and can still be seen from the back of her.

The corsage tie! Beautiful, no paint spills whatsoever.

Also, if you look down at her feet, Max factory has decided to do a different coat of paint for her so her shoes look glossy and shiny, very special and they actually look like real shoes! Again we see the bundling of the socks near her ankles and feet which I love.

Overall I think that this figurine came out rather nicely, I too was worried about how her mouth would turn out but I think she came out really adorable and I'm glad that I opted for her in the end. She's my very first scale Miku and my 4th scale figure I own to date.
Her size worries me a little but I'll definitely find a nice spot for her.
She's definitely beautiful and I'm really happy to have her in my collection! :3c I think that if you have a heart for Miku and have some extra cash in your wallet this month, go ahead and get her!
The better to have more Mikus, my dear! ^___^

Thanks for reading!
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Really cute and nice review! ^^
5 l. temu
mukyuu5 l. temu#2995109Except it's Miku and some of us are kinda tired of her already, it's generic because it's Miku, besides, I think it's a nice, very near perfect figure.

Haha yeah, I totally agree.
5 l. temu
One of my favorite mikus. Very nice and detailed costume and amazing curves. I'm really tired of making only skinny ones. She looks gorgeous
5 l. temu
I'm not a huuuuge fan of Miku other than her more creepy songs being pretty good and even though she gets a huge amount of figures made alot of them are generally rather nice and well made. I really love this version of her. Her pose is adorable and interesting to look at and her outfit is adorable and the attention to detail is excellent. I would like to see more of the other Vocaloids get some love since Miku gets tons already.
5 l. temu
LoversCollection5 l. temu#2992886It's so generic Miku and meh, boring.

Except it's Miku and some of us are kinda tired of her already, it's generic because it's Miku, besides, I think it's a nice, very near perfect figure.
5 l. temu
Ahhh she looks so much nicer than in the official photos! Thanks for this o3o
5 l. temu
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
BOOTP5 l. temu#2994643Thanks for the review - she will be my first Miku scale too.
Am very much looking forward to her now as those thigh-highs are amazing.
Just curious, you mention concern about size; are you suggesting she is big for a 1/7 scale?

Congratulations! She's a real beautiful figure :) I imagine that you'll be pleased.
I actually knew what I was getting into when I measured her out before preordering, but since she's my first 1/7 (however not as big as Ultimate Madoka's 1/8) - I have noticed that she does take up a little bit of space as I can't really display her with my other scales without making her look awkward since she is a rather tall figure as we account for the 1/7 size AND the wolf :s She just looks weird with my other 1/8s
I've resorted to singling her out and placing her next to my laptop on my desk as a desk buddy since she'd just look awkward elsewhere. I'll probably relocate her later on, but for now that is where she stands. :)
5 l. temu
Thanks for the review - she will be my first Miku scale too.

Am very much looking forward to her now as those thigh-highs are amazing.

Just curious, you mention concern about size; are you suggesting she is big for a 1/7 scale?
5 l. temu
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
´ ▽ ` )ノ Thank you for all the positive comments everybody! I'm glad that it was able to be of some help or nifty for the purposes of just having a look at what is actually a very nice figurine (imo xD). She's become one of my desk buddies and is set next to my laptop for now. :3c
5 l. temu
Nice review. :3 I can't wait to open her in June after my big move. ^.^
5 l. temu
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