Skit Scooter - Scooter Girl - 1/9 (Beagle Moon Toys)Skit Scooter - Scooter Girl - 1/9 (Beagle Moon Toys)Review

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Alright wanted to get this review out pretty quick now that I have her as I had an outstanding request for one by someone that was on the fence about her haha...

The problem is sitting here fiddling with her I'm quite overwhelmed as to how to proceed...This figure has so many facets to her I almost feel like I should be writing two (Possibly even 3...) different reviews...Well I shall endeavor to do my best I suppose. >_>

Feel free to skip to the end if you want the quick and dirty no BS version heh.

This particular figure comes from a 4 page manga story titled Skit Scooter by Kei Toume (She has no name herself if I remember right...) that was published in Volume 7 of Range Murata's Robot series of manga anthology books.

The art was so-so and sadly the only scan I've seen of the chapter was of such horrid quality i'd rather not repost it here so hopefully a shot of the box provided by Hobby Search will suffice... >_<

A front shot of her lovely packaging.

Speaking of the box it's an incredible bit of art in and of itself really. The majority of the text on it is English (And yes I mean EngLish not EngRish...Seems like Moon knows how to hire people who know the language ^_^) with lovely illustrations decorating 4 sides.

The back in particular carries the 50's theme of the box extremely well with stylized shots of all the things the figure and bike can do with a strange little character that looks like a bird dressed in an old gas attendants uniform giving a salute saying "High Quality!!!" heh.

The only reason I don't give the packaging a full 10 is because the way shes been packed inside is a serious pain as they wrapped tight plastic with tape on it ALL over her literally. Its a serious hassle to get her out of it all honestly although it admittedly protected her extremely well.

Ah anyway moving along to our girl herself she comes with the ability to basically transform into an entirely different figure all together. Not only can you shed her Kimono, but swap out her hair and even sandals aswell!

It's unfortunate that they didn't go the last step and allow you to change her face aswell, which is something that I'll have to talk about I suppose.

Showing some skin in her summer outfit with ponytail.

She's been delayed 2 months and in those 2 months Moon decided to change the face you see in the promo photos above to one more true to the original illustration. Mostly all this entailed was thinning her mouth slightly and adding lipstick.

It doesn't sound like much, but it really completely changed the look of the figure entirely. Because of this she went from a rather innocent looking young girl to a slightly older proper young lady. In the context of the 50's theme I'd say she fits it better now, but she did lose alot of cute points trading them in for a more sophisticated look.

You can see photos of her final look at Hobby Search...I'm going to attach a strong warning though that I'm just linking them for reference purposes...I think the photos are poorly done and makes her look much less appealing then she really is in person so PLEASE keep that in mind.

Now that I've prattled on long enough (I told you I need like a 2 parter to do this figure justice haha...) lets move on to other things like her paint job. In her summer outfit she's well painted if not very detailed and the only real sore point is abit of mess around her top where the blue meets her skin.

The colors and tone of her skin are excellently done though and her body is well sculpted with graceful lines and subtle curves. Her hair isn't quite as detailed as I'd like in the front, but the ponytail is very well done.

Letting her hair down with her kimono on.

As for her Kimono...ah...the damn Kimono...I swear if real ones are this hard to put on I know why few Japanese women wear them anymore...The dress itself is split into 4 pieces with a total of 15 connector points! It really is one of the most frustrating things ever to assemble properly...Everytime you think you have one piece fitted perfectly another will pop out of place...arghhhhh.

That said it does get easier, but the first time you do it will be a genuine nightmare. It'd have helped SOOO much if they could have been arsed to atleast include some instructions on how to put the damned thing together ya know...

Ah anyway enough ranting once you actually get the bloody thing on she looks fantastic...The new head sculpt really suits this look best. The odd contrasts of a post-war Yamato Nadeshiko in her proper Japense clothes and the European scooter is extremely striking to put it mildly.

The Kimono is well sculpted and painted with the bow on her back being especially well made. The actual dress part is fairly flexible with her obi that serves to keep the two halves together being more solid.

I could just drive it away...Perhaps with a nice kimono clad lady on the back yes? ^_^

And finally that brings us to the bike...ahhh the bike. Sadly it isn't diecast, but the wheels atleast are rubber. The seat is also made of a very nice soft material that doesn't feel all that much different from what my own scooters seat feels like...A very cool touch.

The whole things been sculpted well although their could be more detail on certain areas. The steering wheel does move and this acts as part of the bike she balances on.

She has no fixed peg to fit in so you just kindof plop her on the bike. She sits alittle easier on it without the kimono sadly, but I think with some more tinkering I can get a better pose going.

Moon gives you some crummy little piece of black plastic as a "base" but honestly she balances better without it so I just think of the bike as being her base really.

All and all I can't entirely say shes worth the amount she costs (Shouldof been like sub 10k yen if you ask me...) but shes well made and you can tell how much love was put into this figure. Seeing her sitting their with any easy smile and a lovely dress perched on her bike I can't help, but want to go take a ride on my own bike and indulge in alittle summer nostalgia myself. :p

While Moon Toys may have gotten alittle too overly ambitious with this figure I love a company that can take some risks...This combined with the fact that they made the absolutely perfect Elizabeth has made them a Maker I'm defiantly keeping my eye on. ~_^

*edit* Added a brief summation below.

She has great style and big visual impact with a good ,if not entirely exciting, paintjob but the lack of fine detailing in certain areas can be slightly disappointing for a figure of this price. The blue alternate clothes are well realized, but look rather poor with the new head sculpt and your unlikely to ever want to display her in anything but the Kimono.

Feel free to get her when she's on discount, but I wouldn't bother at her regular price.
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Very informative review! The scooter is a very cool accessory. Since I can't afford a vespa, I hope to snag this figure someday ;)
9 l. temu
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Ah thanks! Someday I have to get around to actually photographing her...
10 l. temu
Diabolo-Menthe Old-school-Goth'boy
Very nice review, thanks !!! :-D
10 l. temu
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Ah jeez Aka please don't tell me your reading through all these old reviews haha... >_<

Yea while the face isn't as bad it looks up their it is a different style as you say being slightly more classic and mature looking compared to the more youthful cuteness in the promo pictures.

My only regret getting her though was that I payed full price...thats about it. :p
11 l. temu
Aka Holo♥
Reading through your review I found myself reaching for my wallet until you pointed out the differences in her pre-production and production face. That's rather disappointed, I prefered the cute innocent appearance over the older more mature look. It's really too bad they made this change, it only detracts from the figure for me. Though after seeing the size and price I wouldn't have bought her anyway.
11 l. temu
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Glad you enjoyed it Fy...someday I'll have to go back through and take some photo's for these old reviews...I forget people still read them occasionally. >_>
11 l. temu
I too gave up on her after seeing HS's pictures... I feel a little better to know she looks better than that, but it's still a sad change.

And lovely review! I also prefer lenghty reviews, most reviews provide only pictures and random comments on them. I think a description of what you thought is way better than that!
11 l. temu
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Heh thanks...Yea she has quite the look, but that price does hurt. >_<
11 l. temu
I would like much to have this figure. It is very beautiful but the price is high.
Thank you for your review.
11 l. temu
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Those shots suck...I'm serious thats why I made sure to put the disclaimer on their haha...outright hideous lighting, didn't even sit her properly on the bike and didn't even put her kimono together correctly either because I can see the gaps where they must have gotten lazy and didn't put the effort to get it fit together securely...grumble...

First time I ever felt annoyed at not having a camera. I'm a terrible photographer anyway, but I'm pretty sure even I could do better then those...

The only thing I really regret about her is the whole alternate outfit because it forced them to make her kimono of thinner material and less detailed... >_<
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