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Hot summer has arrived (~30C D:) and now is the time to look away if you rather not look at naked ladyfigures that came with it!

Mailman brought me two packets (or rather a crate and a packet) at the same time, Amiami wins by a landslide. Card for size reference.


I was expecting big boxes, lots of packing paper. But it's better this way (and I've gotten used to it) because the packet would be at the bottom while shipping with every little packet stacked on top of it.


Efficiency at it's peak.


Sonico by Taito prize figure.



I really like these Taito prize figures. I think it's the best one can ask in terms of price/quality.





They look just great together.


Another Sonico by Orchid Seed D:, Sonicoes errywere!

The box is what you would expect, tall and slim with a large window in front.



I suggest you read this awesome review by victorviper, it's better than what I can write at this point, photos are better too.





I think the best part of this figure is the bikini color, it just pops into your eyes.



With these next figures we will swim to the deeper end of the NSFW pool, first Princess Milk by Orchid Seed.

Windows, they are everywhere!



Quite surprisingly for a figure of this genre, her panties stay on no matter what!
Also keep in mind that her hair seems to be a paint trasferer, her skirt will get some but it won't show unless you go looking for it.


There's a huge gap in the lower body at this picture, but that was just me not putting her together correctly after removing all the plastics.


Hair everywhere!



But that gap under the right breast is by design, by looking at the arm connection one might be able to get the gap to close by removing some of the material inside the arms. But I'm not going to do that.


I think the painting quality on this figure is what I've come to expect, no huge mistakes but quite simple.
I do like the stockings a lot.

Finally from Amiami, Ilias by Daiki Kogyo

It's a box.



Removing protection plastics means removing clothing. If you compare the cast-off of Ilias and Princess Milk, Ilias wins clearly (better design in sculpting to accommodate it).
And again, frilly/lacy stockings :D


She just sits on top of this pedestal, I was quite worried that she would fall off but she's stable there, even if top heavy.






And Ilias with clothes on, but still not modest.


I also snatched this Lucifer by Amakuni from Mandarake with bonus item included and it arrived at the same time (then again I planned for it by waiting them both to arrive at customs and pay taxes at the same time.).

I read some comments that the hair piece on this particular figure has arrived broken even when bought new, so I was even more worried (but prepared to repair) when I opened the box, a snug fit this was.

I hope I never get a broken figure, fortunately not one of the packets have arrived horribly mangled like you see on the pictures on the internet.


Nice cutouts on the box, I like.


Sneak peak of the included bonus item.


Fortunately, she arrived safely with the hair piece in place. I saw right away why some people had it arrive broken, it's very wobbly and heavy.


Lucifer is quite slim.



But bikini bottom seems a number too small. (I guess it's a thing.)


Once again, blame the photographer for not assembling her correctly in the first place.


The included bonus item is a two sided "cleaning cloth".
I wonder how one would be able to display it, I could only think of handmaking picture frames for it.

Can you spot the difference?



And that's my june loot, thanks for reading and do comment!
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Great pics!
Some fine additions to your pile.
You sure have a one track mind!
5 l. temu
DarkNeo *Yuri Brigadier*
*holds nose* So... much... NAKED.

I love it~ :D

Lovely haul! You got some nice pieces~ So jelly!!!
6 l. temu
Now, I really want that Lucifer figure! Her outfit and hair look awesome, and the axed watermelon really gives the impression of an evil beach trip.

Thanks for the shout-out about the Sonico review, too :).
6 l. temu
Nice loot! I really like Ilias. I have that Lucifer figure too. I wish her oppai was as large as those in her poster. :(

angardia6 l. temu#2240956tempting!!!!
i have a feeling that soon enough ill start collecting naked girls xDDD

I think you'd enjoy it very much! Companies like Orchid Seed, Daiki Kogyou and Alphamax does an unbelievable job with making sexy girls. They are very good with castoff too.
6 l. temu
Nice Great NSFW loot !
6 l. temu
Please use NSFW for this blog.
6 l. temu
Nice loot, very sexy figures that you've bought. I hope you'll enjoy your loot. I see you have a similar taste as mine. And oh dear, you've a huge wishlist. Hope o see your next month's loot haul.

From your picture I see Ilias's hair color isn't so red-purple as shown in the official figure pictures. Overall I find the figure very attractive looking but because I find her face not matching the manga picture that well I didn't buy her.
6 l. temu
Love your loot! I wish parents allow me to NSFW Figures :)
6 l. temu
i have a feeling that soon enough ill start collecting naked girls xDDD
6 l. temu
I enjoyed your loot! :D
6 l. temu