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Why is AmiAmi so popular?Why is AmiAmi so popular?

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I'm just curious because they always seem to sell out faster than other shops.
For example, ITEM #212221 is already sold out at amiami even though he's 400 yen cheaper at BigInJapan and still in stock there. Is AmiAmi's customer service better? Do they ship things out faster?

Edit: the verdict seems to be combining orders + good selection. Of course, not everyone likes them.
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They offered the cheapest prices and largest library, as well as a variety of other things like games which were far cheaper than buying from the likes of Play-Asia. I guess they were just ahead of the rest.

BIJ has shady business practices (keeping people's forwarded items at ransom, ignoring people's proxy requests as it suits) and N-Y isn't much better since they've sold bootlegs, have terrible customer service, and their sites look like they've been designed by 20 year old college students trying to make a bit of money on the side by trying their hand at web design. I don't support French business practice, which is what both of these sites are about. They're basically only useful for exclusives, and even then, that's only because there aren't very many alternatives when it comes to them.

HLJ is only really useful for the storage system, and even this has issues - people have had their orders cancelled or orders have simply not been registered. On the bright side, their shipping on larger (1/4 scale) figures is competitive with the rest. HLJ's "sales" are also pretty much a joke.

Rakuten is crap, don't bother. Tons of stores which claim to ship internationally but won't, "free shipping" when there is none, etc. Every listing is machine translated, often misleading and forces me to check the original page to see if something is unopened, opened, used but unopened, etc. Rakuten is rarely used by Japanese (everyone just uses Amazon since they have free shipping, while Amiami charges for domestic shipping). I actually wrote a review (in Japanese) for a Rakuten store, giving them the lowest score possible, after their listing claimed to ship worldwide and with free shipping only for them to email asking me to pay EMS or to alternatively cancel.

HobbySearch's point system is redundant, but their bargain section is nice about once a year.

Mandarake is the cheapest and by far the best, but you're at the mercy of the used market and the original creators won't see a dime out of you. There's also that 5000 yen requirement else fees. They also dictate the aftermarket price, which can range from 1000-2000 yen off to 4000+ yen the day after release.

What we have here are a bunch of garden variety stores with a bunch of problems. Even Amiami has issues, the points system is just a false-sense of acquisition while in recent times their western counterpart listed figures slightly above that of their Japanese store, making the points system redundant. They don't allow cancellations by default (there's some leeway here though) and they don't have the greatest prices for preowned, especially in comparison to Mandarake. The site also still has server load issues whenever the preowned section is updated, which is really annoying.

So yeah, a bunch of mediocre stores with Amiami on top. That pretty much sums it up, I'm also not really a huge fan of Amiami's recently designed layout because it looks like someone was a huge fan of Amazon circa 2009. It used to be that you could find out an item's quantity (Amazon still allows this) but that's long gone.

I'm personally sticking with Mandarake.
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BitterFox (4 l. temu) #2222498It really isn't about personal taste at all - you can say you don't like the way AmiAmi's site looks, but from a simple consumer point it's leagues above the others.

The use of "leagues above" just prove it's your personnal preference. I personnally like their site but they have major let down, the site lag like hell (it's almost impossible to use it when they update), they show percentage of discount based on retail price + japanese tax which is misleading and only used as an artificial way to boost their discount rate, they also don't mention box size and weight. I'm also not a fan of their new left side menu, the problem is in fact the "Category List" buttom over it that trigger a new menu, I don't want to use that thing, but it often end up popping anyway.
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I'm a greenhorn collector, but I really wish I had discovered AmiAmi before placing several orders with Hobby Search. Don't get me wrong they're a really good site too (excellent customer service) and I intend to pay for every order I have with them, but it would have saved me quite a bit of money if I had made the orders with AmiAmi instead. Oh well.

The main thing I like about AmiAmi is that they make it super easy to make separate orders (on both in stock and per-orders items) and combine them into one monthly shipment. This feature is why they are my favorite site and why I will most likely make most of my purchases with them from now on. It doesn't hurt that they have a great selection and good prices.

A big con for me though is the lag on their website. I thought it was just my crappy internet provider but it seems like other people have had trouble with this as well.
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I bought there when I was new to collecting because it was told to me by other people that it was the best place to buy from. After a few years of buying there I found cheaper places, but was still "stuck" to AmiAmi for a while because I had quite a lot of pre-orders.

Nowadays I only buy pre-owned (for a good price) or Grab Boxes there, no pre-orders.
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When I first got into collecting, AmiAmi was the first site recommended to me and thus ive stuck with it ever since. Of course my shopping experience has expanded to other stores like rakuten, mandarake, HLJ, HS, GLS, and BIJ, since ive been collecting. But still the majority of my purchases still come from Ami.

My only major complaint would be their recent way of packing...
(30% figures + 70% packing paper = expensive shipping cost) (T^T)
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Elixir (4 l. temu) #2222814BIJ [...] N-Y [... ]They're basically only useful for exclusives

And for expensive figures which are sure to attract customs charges.
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I used AmiAmi for the first time last week, and I find their prices to be pretty good, especially their pre-owned section.
However, I prefer to go with auc-terraformer on Rakuten, as most of my figures have come from there. They have even better prices half of the time. Even if shopping there is hard to figure out, it's worth it in the end. I haven't had a problem with them yet.
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I think what amimami does so well is that it combines a decent website, easy navigation, loads of pictures, decent prices and really good shipping. The price of shipping is okay but the ability to defer and combine is a good idea as shipping is based upon weight. It also has an active "pre-owned" section which makes buying something that you missed. The point system is pretty gimicky unless you live or ship within Japan where it costs only 500 yen to ship anywhere domestically. All of the other companies have a very clunky website and I don't know if I would trust them with my deposit for a pre-order.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I dont get it either..
I ususlly use thrm fo r small merch only

Like cds that i cant find elsewhere.. Or the ars nova kits ^^
I like hlj for old merch a lot since it can take quite a while but is usually succesfull

Aside from that mandarake is the main shop i use besides BiJ and NY

Safly NY is the shop im kind of forced to use unless i want to prepay but since i want buyer protection etc i dont like paying beforehand
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When I started collecting, they looked the least dodgy website for figures XD
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They seem to have a big reputation going on, selling much stuff, and I have to say that personally I look at the web site once a day to see if new goods or figures are released. So I use this site as a kind of... ''new thing meter'' I guess I'm not the only one. So often Hobbysearch follows Amimi with new items. But of course Hobby link Japan is quite important too. Seem they are the big name of webshops, and I assume it serves them well.

And indeed Amiami offers good deals.
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i like them because of the huge selection + cheap shipping
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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