Queen's Gate - Alice - 1/8 - Designer’s color ver. (ALPHA X OMEGQueen's Gate - Alice - 1/8 - Designer’s color ver. (ALPHA X OMEGReview

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Today we'll be taking a look at HobbyJAPAN's latest figure manufactured by ALPHA X OMEGA. ALPHA X OMEGA is actually a team up of ALTER and MegaHouse. Originally, at least I was told that ALTER did the actual manufacturing and MegaHouse handled the distribution. However, revisiting their Project ALPHA X OMEGA site www.alphaomega-... it looks like MegaHouse is taking a more active role besides just distribution at least for certain figures that are also under their Excellent Model LIMITED line such as this figure. The figure in question is from Queen's Gate, a spin-off of Queen's Blade, Gate Opener Alice.

This is actually the 3rd version of her, however this one is the most drastic in recolor hence the "Designer's Color" moniker. She is an exclusive and limited figure. Exclusive in that you could only order her from the 2011 volume 8 and 9 of the HobbyJAPAN magazine. She is limited in that she was made to order during the period of time you could obtain those magazines.

She was released in November of 2011 so right now you still have a chance to buy her from various stores that offer exclusive figures as well as the secondary market. She retailed for around 6,000 Yen, but in all respect you're going to be paying double that not including shipping. The goal today is to just take a closer look at her to hopefully help those of you on the fence to decide if you wanted to take the plunge and acquire her or not.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! Some of the pictures in this review are NSFW, proceed at your own risk.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡







A typical four window panel was used like most MegaHouse figure boxes. They are located at the front, sides and top. The largest is of course the front portal where the figure and her accessories are visible. If desired, you could probably leave her in the box for display purposes but you would be missing out on all that she has to offer. The design and layout of the box complimented the theme of the figure. The choice of photos highlighted the main points of the figure and even an illustration of the character was provided. Overall, a nice job in presentation.


Dimensions of the packaging:
H: 220 mm
W: 180 mm
D: 172 mm

Below you can see a plain lightweight corrugated cardboard box. Normally, depending on where you buy an exclusive figure you do not see this container. This was actually used to protect the figure box which fit it like a glove. The figure box was also wrapped in the typical tissue paper you've probably seen on some of your figure boxes. This shipping box is actually pretty sturdy yet light and goes a long way to protecting the figure and the figure box.

The figure box itself is just like any other MegaHouse figure box. Its made of a lightweight corrugated cardboard coated for further strength and presentation. The box is very compact, barely bigger than the figure, fairly light but very strong. MegaHouse is usually able to achieve the perfect balance between size, weight and protection and this figure box isn't any different. And if the additional shipping box is included, you are almost guaranteed she'll get to you safely with little fuss in worry or cost.


A typical two piece blister was used to cocoon the figure during transport. The two pieces were taped together to further protect the figure.


As you can see, each accessory as well as the figure is covered in plastic sheets to protect from rubbing and paint transfer. Note the wire around her left ankle to secure her in place. This is because she's actually resting on another blister piece within that's acting as a spacer between her and the base to hold that in place during transport. Overall, they did a nice job ensuring she would arrive safely.


I'm not sure I agree with how they secured her cast off dress and the figure itself in this one area. Below you can see they wrapped plastic around her dress very tightly and taped it. It was difficult to remove since you couldn't pick out the tape from the plastic. They should have used something at the end of the tape so it would have been easier to remove. The same can be said for her torso which they also gave the same treatment. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the extra steps to protect the figure but it was still a pain to remove especially the one against her bare flesh as you could have easily damaged the figure trying to remove it.


As expected, MegaHouse did a nice job in both the presentation of the figure box as well as its protection. The packaging is compact and light so shipping costs shouldn't be much. And when you get her, the packaging looks nice enough that you could display her as if you desired. A great job as always.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Sculpting credits go to Akatsuki who has been working on figures for a few years now. Below you you can see most of the girls Akatsuki has worked on to give you an idea of what to expect. On the left, you have the girls done under ALTER and on the right the ALPHA X OMEGA girls.


She is 1/8th in scale and comes with several accessories, none of them are optional unless you choose to leave her undressed. From the top of the base to the top of her head she is about 145 mm tall. No part of her body is removable which makes dressing and undressing her difficult. Her tail can be removed but it doesn't help nor hinder dressing her.


Her dress can be removed if desired and you're actually forced to remove it when you first receive her. You'll notice it was rather difficult to remove but you had the benefit of the plastic around her body to help slide it off. Without it it's actually very difficult and there are so many things on her that get in the way. There's a very high risk of damaging the figure when you dress her so you really should make your decision on how you want to display her and just leave her be. As you can see the dress is very detailed and the main body of the outfit is very durable. However, the more intricate details are just as delicate complicating putting or removing the dress. The holes on the back are where you install her gun holsters.


From every angle you can see the dress is nicely detailed and really looks great. MegaHouse with their vast experience in cast offs, plus this being the 3rd iteration did an OK job managing the only seam line you'll encounter in regards to her cast off dress. The two pegs on the left side should connect without much of a fuss, and after some adjustment should fit OK on the figure. There is a seam line but it's integrated well with the design and isn't noticeable unless you're really looking for it.


Her gun holsters are fairly easy to install but they are meant to be only installed one way. If you notice they are turned away from you. Even though it looks like you can place them anyway you want you'll soon find out you don't have a choice due to her hair unless you want to break one of her tails off...


The holsters and guns themselves are nicely detailed and very sturdy. You would basically have to damage them on purpose. I do wish they made it so the blades could be removed so you could install the guns easier. It's a very tight fit and more than likely you'll break one of your figure's thumbs doing it. If it does happen just pray it's the glue that fails so you can fix it easily as that's what happened to me.


Now onto the main show.



Hopefully you can see there were no sculpting issues to point out. She was well put together and nicely detailed. And of course you have to keep in mind this is the third iteration of the figure so it's not like they had create her from scratch. The only worry I had was that they got complacent and took shortcuts. As far as I can tell, this was not the case. Now it's not all puppy dogs and sunshine, there are some issues but sculpting isn't one of them.

Starting with her face, Akatsuki did a nice job sculpting an innocent and pure face. As far as I can tell she's exactly the same as the previous girls just different colors. What I liked was they took advantage of her choker and used that to hide the seam line. Another thing I really liked was her mouth. I just couldn't get the right angle to show it, but this was as close as I could get. Akatsuki did a fantastic job on her mouth in shape and just plain execution. I could see this going wrong but Akatsuki pulled it off nicely. Love the detail with the teeth.


Moving on to her hair. Its intricately detailed but also just as fragile. It makes it even worse when you're trying to dress her. Her hair is just in the way along with other things and it just makes it very difficult. Her hair is fairly rigid and I can just see someone accidentally breaking some of her hair off trying to dress her. This is one of the few times I wish they gave you the option to remove her head. They already have the choker there to hide the mounting point and considering this was the third iteration. You would have thought they might have "improved" on the design. Now don't get me wrong, it doesn't change the fact her hair looks great and that it's very detailed. The typical seam line you find at the top of the head of figures is minimized and integrated well with her hairstyle.


Taking a closer look at her hair ornaments, they are as detailed as they are fragile. Those blades on top could easily be bent and broken off if you're not paying attention when handling the figure. Especially when you're trying to dress her or even mounting her to the base.


Moving on to her arms, you can see the blades on her arm are as delicate as her hair ornaments. What makes it worse is these get in the way when dressing her. The transition point from her arm to the bands was seamless but results may vary between figures.


Her collarbones are defined very nicely and her small breasts are detailed for her scale. Her tummy is flat and the bellybutton is present.


And of course with that dress on, you get to admire her cleavage that's just starting to develope.


Moving on down to her hands, as mentioned its a pain to install her guns. One of her thumbs popped out on me when the glue failed. Luckily that was all that happened and I was able to fix it. Hopefully when you attempt it that's the worse that happens to you. her hands and fingers are quite detailed and the transition point between the gloves and her arms were seamless. Her fingers have some flex and you'll need to test them but try not to do the same for her thumbs.


I just had stop and point out the lovely job down on her shoulders and back. The definition and form is superb for her lithe frame. The muscle tone and definition is reminiscent of the classical sculptures that declare the human body a work of art. The body lines you see here are just fantastic, which really makes it difficult for you to decide whether to dress her or not.


Her tail is removable as you can see but it's not even necessary as it doesn't get in the way of anything. I love the way it winds around her right leg but it would have been nice if it was more articulated like ALTER's Boost version for more posing options.


Which brings her us to her nicely defined rear end. Just look at those curves on this lithe body of hers. It looks great from various angles and she's definitely has a butt that won't quit. The details of her butt cheeks can be seen in her panties, leaving little to the imagination.


Moving on down to her long legs, you see they are adorned by stockings and a thigh band. The transition point from her flesh to the various articles of clothing was seamless. Note how the thigh band digs into her thigh and the wrinkles seen at the back of her knees in the stockings. Her boots just look fantastic as well in their details and overall execution.


Considering this is just a recolor of an existing figure, you basically expect them not to screw up the sculpting of the figure since all the work had already been done. She's a nicely detailed figure even if some of the details are quite fragile. She's a pain in the butt to cast off, but is so worth it if you want to enjoy those body lines of hers. Expectations were met.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

ALPHA X OMEGA from my experience colors their figure competently. We are talking about ALTER and MegaHouse after all, so they don't usually skimp on the details. However, we arrive at our first "issue". Maybe you don't care but it does bother me. Look at the pictures of Alice on the sides of the figure box shown below. Notice the difference in flesh tone? The prototype and official photos showed Alice as pale, with porcelain skin. However, mine was more or less the flesh tone of the illustration Alice. I like my girls pale so that was a let down for me. Maybe results will vary between figures but I doubt it as this was purely tinting and not airbrushing. As I said, maybe you don't care but don't be surprised when you see yours isn't as pale as their official photos either.


Overall, they did a nice job. I think the dark hair fits her but again wish her skin was more pale to contrast better with it and her panties and stockings. Her eyes are quite exotic and lovely. They were placed precisely and look spot on the the illustration. The biggest thing is she has a blush as advertised. Maybe manufactures are getting the hint if you show the prototype with a blush that you actually implement it in the production figure.

Even though I'm disappointed with her flesh tone, it was still done very nicely. Throughout her body you'll see her curves and various details enhanced by the accents.


The hand painting was very precise as can be seen on her outfit. The belt and various metal bits demonstrate this fairly well. Also, note the red lacing on her right stocking. The biggest thing is the inside of her outfit is treated to prevent paint transfer which is needed since dressing her involves rubbing her outfit very roughly against her bare flesh.


I usually appreciate the accents they use on flesh to assist with the transition to articles of clothing but there were too many transition points in one close area. This causes a big overload and it actually doesn't look as good at least for me. They might have wanted to go a little lighter or do something else instead.


Besides her flesh tone being darker than advertised, they did an nice job. Everything was painted precisely, no paint transfer issues and the overall presentation was done well. Expectations mostly met. Bottom line, I loved the color scheme and it fits the figure quite nicely. A gothic loli look indeed.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Not sure there's much for me to say here. This is just a re-color of an existing figure which was very popular. I don't see any difference with this one except the different color. She has the same pose so there is no surprise about it. It's definitely sexy and seductive the way her tail winds it way around her stocking leg forming a half heart shape. How her legs strain as she stands on arched feet accentuating her long, toned legs which manage to give a lot of curves the higher you go. That butt of hers, presented to all the world to see.

Note the placement of her legs as they are spread outward with her leaning over. Very sexy but clashing with that innocent look in her face. Then the fact you have a cute girl with guns in a tight outfit showing off a lot of skin. What more can you ask except another girl to join her. 8Þ


The overall presentation was executed perfectly tripping the various triggers in desire, adoration, paternal instinct and awe. Considering this is the 3rd iteration of a ever popular figure, I don't see how they could get this wrong.

Base: 6/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡

Look, I know people don't buy figures for their bases but could they seriously do something more imaginative with the base then this? There's not much to say, it's not too big but it also doesn't get the job done...


If you look closely, you will see neither feet will rest correctly on the mounting points of the base. No matter how hard I tried, they wouldn't fit correctly. Every once in a while when I move her around she might fall over. Results may vary so maybe you'll be fine but I sure do not appreciate the poor job they did on the mounting points let alone the plain ugly base. They could have at least just made it transparent.


What can I say? Ugly base, doesn't fit well. Expectations... not met. I was expecting an ugly base since this is MegaHouse, but i wasn't expecting the lousy job they did on the mountings.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Well, we've taken a close up look at ALPHA X OMEGA's latest offering. She's a well put together figure which was expected considering she's a recolor of an existing figure. Speaking of color, though I don't agree with the false advertisement on her flesh tone, she still looks nice. She's detailed in both features and paint work. She possesses very nice body lines but you pay the price for it by working for it by dressing and undressing her. Considering this was 3rd version of the figure, you would think they would have improved one some areas such as her hands and allow her head to be removed. And of course the horrible job they did on the base. Now results may vary and maybe I just had bad luck?

Do I regret getting her? No. Was she worth what I paid? Yes, considering she cost a lot less than the other two versions. I'd say I obtained her for a reasonable price. She's a keeper and all I can say is you missed out on the other two before her this is a great chance to acquire Alice without breaking the bank.


See you later.
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great review, though it mgithve been unnecessary for me to read it--mien was exactly the same after all^^ i even had the same thign with her thmb happen to e! i glued it back on, but now im scared of takign the secodn gun otu of her hand.. XD
well, at leats thats proof that tehy are consistent with their work also in the endproduct^^ not taht i wouldve doubted taht anyways though
8 l. temu
De-JaY Teitoku
She looks great. I'm so glad my firend in Tokyo ordered her for me. I was close to buying the first version of her for 150 bucks but then this one popped up. From the pictures I think I like this version best. I guess her value won't go anywhere but up either.

Just gotta wait a few more months before I can pick her up. I'm so excited.
8 l. temu
First of all: wonderful and thorough review! (As always).
I'm still debating with me, myself and I on ordering one...
8 l. temu
*Siggggh* How I want all 3 so badly.
8 l. temu
Asako Om nom nom
A very thorough, detailed review. Thanks. But now I'm paranoid I'll break her when she arrives. ;.; I've only ever had one damaged figure (arrived damaged, not done myself) but maybe I'll just leave the guns out of her hands as I don't want to break them. Reattaching a thumb would be a lot more difficult than the twintail I had to glue on to my L2 Dwarf.

The base is underwhelming, too. I have one or two figures that don't snugly fit on as you describe; that's irksome.

I do really want to have her dressed though, I never cast off any of my figures sans unwrapping them, but you make this one sound rather bothersome. I will have to be incredibly careful, even moreso than I am with figures anyway.

Regardless of the bland base and potential breakages/difficulties with her accessories, she is a beautiful figure and I'm glad I ordered her. She looks well worth the 11000 (shipped) I paid.
8 l. temu