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Good Start?Good Start?

Even though I'm just starting my collection, I've bought two Dead Master figures in a single week. I lost out a bit on the first one (original ver.) by not being patient and impulse buying. Got it for $105 after shipping when I could have waited a few days and got it for $80 after shipping. I guess I didn't really expect to find Black Friday deals for Japanese merchandise, but they sure showed me. Oh well, I made up for it with the purchase of the other figure (animation ver.). I really didn't plan on buying her.. or any figure for that matter, at least not for a while. However, black friday deals don't happen every weekend, so I got her while she was still $75, which I could see being a decent deal.

So, out of all this I have learned a quick lesson with figure collecting: Look around and be patient to find good deals, instead of rushing to get the figure (exempting figures that sell extremely fast, of course.)
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Oho I'm in the same boat. I just bought two Nendos this week, well preordered one. Even though I'd been thinking over which ones to get pretty intensely I still kind of regret the one I ordered (Sendou Erika). I paid $70 for her because I that was the cheapest I saw, and she seemed to be going for up to $100 but now I found out I could have gotten her for cheaper. I looked all over the net but I couldn't really find any great black Friday deals. Kind of wish I would have got Elsea instead...
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Black Friday deal for figurines? Seriously?! Doh, well there's always after christmas and next year I guess >_<

Thanks for the info though
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Hoshi_Akari Honorary D-mailer
Sometimes impulse buys like these are needed if you don't want to miss the chance to get a figure, like a pre-order one that will disapear in a few hours, but it can also be a reckless decision sometimes. You will get used to this by trial and error in no time. ^^
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