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Hello everyone!

So my Homura review got into the Readers' Selection?! This was my second article to do so!!? I can't believe it!! Anyway, thank you so much for the second Readers' Selection. You're spoiling me...^^;

Now, let's get to the point. Today, I will be reviewing Nendoroid Yuyuko Saigyouji from Touhou Project!

Yuyuko is one of my top favourite characters in Touhou (tied with Byakuren, whose Nendoroid I'd love to see, of course) and one of my general favourites, so as soon as I saw her Nendoroid, I knew I wanted it. She was 3000 yen on Mandarake, which is a bit much for me considering all of Mandarake's additional fees. But after thinking "should I really?" for a while, I decided to get her. And here she is!


Here's Yuyuko in her box. The box is pink and has a sakura pattern, which definitely suits Yuyuko.

Now, let's open her up...


Oh, there it is. The wire. None of my other Nendoroids had anything like this, but I watched an unboxing video so I knew about the wire. Undoing it was pretty painful - literally. My hands got sore... But the effort paid off, the wire was undone and pulled out of the package, and the blister can be opened now!


Yuyuko right out of the box in her default pose. She had a bit of dust on her, but it was easy to remove.

She's really cute, but... doesn't she look incomplete? Doesn't it seem like something is missing?


Now that's more like it! Yuyuko has her ZUNhat on like any good Touhou girl should (with a few exceptions). The hat really completes her look and gives her a whole new level of cuteness!


I think the hat deserves a couple of pictures of its own. Here is the front view. The hat has a veil as well as the trademark hitaikakushi with the red swirl on it, it can stand on its own, is almost as big as Yuyuko herself, and looks really nice.


Back view. Both the hat itself and the veil are shaded, which gives them a really nice look.


Here are all of Yuyuko's accessories. Aside from the ZUNhat, she also comes with a pair of bent arms, a hand with a closed fan, a hand with an open fan, an open hand with a peg hole in it, two spirits, two butterflies, two stands for the spirits, two more butterflies permanently attached to each other, shoulder parts for spreading Yuyuko's arms, a happy laughing face, and an upset face. That's a lot of accessories!! (o_o)


Of course, she also comes with a stand, and it's not just any stand! Yuyuko has the newer arm-type stand similar to Homura's and Madoka's, but her base is circular, has only one hole, and like with most Touhou Nendoroids (with the exception of Aya, I think), it has a unique pattern fitting her character. In Yuyuko's case, it's a blue circle with a ghost pattern.

Now, let's take a closer look at Yuyuko herself!


Here's a closeup of her outfit. Yuyuko's character design is definitely one of the reasons why I love her so much - her colour scheme is wonderful and reminds me of pink cherry blossoms against blue sky with a few white clouds passing over it. She's just really pleasant to look at. What's interesting is that even in canon, she's described as being extremely beautiful.

As for the Nendoroid, the outfit is recreated really nicely despite being somewhat elaborate. I'd say my favourite part of the outfit would be the cherry blossom prints - they really make the whole thing more lively!


We should also take a look at her shoes and socks which have tiny ruffles and bows on them and look really adorable. It's almost a shame that they're being overshadowed/covered by the long dress most of the time. Oh, and unlike most Nendoroids, Yuyuko is wearing bloomers which are really cute, but I won't show them ;)

Now, it's time to try some poses!


I've never seen the appeal of this pose until I made it myself and saw it in person. Now, it's one of my favourite poses - it's just so cool! I find it amazing how much it changes the mood. This Nendoroid looks very cute and sweet normally, but this pose makes her look cool and mysterious, which is kind of unusual for a Nendoroid!


Think Nendoroids are all about cuteness and nothing else? Yuyuko and Homura are here to prove you wrong with their mysterious aura!


If you look at the same pose from another angle, she looks really pensive. I wonder what she's thinking about... You can make all sorts of captions for this picture.

"Having that kind of ability as a human... why did I have to suffer like this?"

"Where's Youmu? I miss her..."

"I wonder what I should have for dinner today. I can't choose between a dragon dish and a fried night sparrow..."


"Oh, I didn't notice you, I'm sorry. What did you need?"

As you can see, she also comes with a closed fan. I don't find it as interesting as the open one, though...


"The lack of food makes me so sad that I am seriously about to cry."
But Yuyuko! You just ate a biscuit your size!!

Speaking of lack, some of you might have noticed that even despite the hat being put on, something was still missing in all of these pictures...


There you go, fixed. If you look at Yuyuko's official depictions, she always has two spirits floating around her, and of course, they are included with the Nendoroid. They're even decorated with butterflies! I wonder what these spirits are. Are they a part of Yuyuko like Youmu's ghost half, or are they just her friends?

And yes, in this picture I'm using Yuyuko's happy expression, as well as the shoulder parts that allow her to open her arms.


By the way, the pegs on Yuyuko's arms are different from most Nendoroids. I don't know if you can see, but these pegs have kind of a thicker tip, or little "heads". This ensures that her arms don't fall off which is nice, but changing hands is different (and quite a bit harder), and if you want to change the shoulder parts, that's pretty hard and it can make your fingers sore. D:

Tip: If you want to change the shoulder parts, don't remove the whole arm from the body and then try to separate the shoulder - it's really hard! Remove just the forearm first and then remove the shoulder from the body.

Back to the spirits. Here's the cool thing about them!


"Huh?... What's with the black picture?"

I know it didn't come out very well, but please look carefully. Can you see something greenish in the picture? That's right - the spirits glow in the dark!! It was one of the things that made me want this Nendoroid so much. Of course, it looks much more awesome in real life than in this picture ;_; If you have Yuyuko, definitely try "charging" them under a source of light, then turning the lights off at night and putting them on a table, desk, or whatever you have. They look like real small spirits hovering over your table, and it looks so cool!! If only there was something that could make them move as well to make them completely realistic... (*o*)


Yuyuko also comes with two butterflies that have pegs. They can be pegged into either of the spirits (as shown above) or into Yuyuko's special left hand that has a peg hole in it, so that you can pose her holding a butterfly. By the way, if you look closely, you'll notice that the butterflies are slightly different - one is bluish, while the other is pinkish.


Yuyuko is holding the butterfly joyfully. One of the butterflies is pegged into her hand, while the other one is inserted into the spirit on the right.


As for the double butterfly part... Well, it was attached to the stand, and I have no idea if it was supposed to come off like this or it just snapped off in a very fortunate way, but it fell off when I was putting the spirit stand into the base, and when I put it back on, it stayed there fairly well. I mean, it does have a tendency to fall off all the time, but still, it does stay on if you don't touch it, or touch it carefully. As you can probably see, the butterflies appear to have a tiny peg.

So, are they supposed to be permanently attached and just broke off in a nice way, or are they supposed to be detachable and just have a loose peg?

By the way, putting the spirit stands into their bases was such a nightmare. They just wouldn't come in, and I was so afraid of breaking them... That's why I didn't pull them out for the accessory picture, I didn't want to go through this hell again. ^^;

Anyway, let's look at more poses!

If you do the "mysterious" pose but put the laughing face instead of the upset one, you get this pose that looks kind of mischievous. :D


"Yuyuko, where did my Pocky go? I'm pretty sure I had a whole box..."
"Ufufu, it was really good♪"

This pose would be especially fun if I had Youmu as well, but I don't have her now and I don't know when I'll be able to get her. She tends to be a bit expensive from what I noticed...

But let's not forget that Yuyuko is a powerful being and the final boss in her game! That means we should make some battle poses!


Yuyuko is about to attack with her fan!


She opened the fan and sent some butterfly bullets from it!

(Please add the butterfly bullets in your imagination. ^^; )


Yuyuko's ability is inflicting death on any living being, and in some fan works, she does it by placing a butterfly on the person she wants to kill (or threaten mostly, because she doesn't really use this ability). So the butterfly can be used as a lethal weapon!

...Or as a precious friend.


In conclusion, I can say that Yuyuko is a great, great, wonderful Nendoroid and I definitely don't regret buying her. The only downside is that the arms and shoulders can be a little hard to change (but on the other hand, it prevents them from slipping out of the peg holes), and plugging the spirit stands into the bases is really, really, really hard and scary. Other than that, she's a beautiful, quality Nendoroid. She's both adorable and beautiful at the same time, but you can make her mysterious and cool if you want to, and she comes with loads of awesome accessories and a lot of play value.

As always, thank you for reading!
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neL6 l. temu#2150036Nice review :) Yuyuko is one of my favorite nendos, she's so adorable >v<
Thank you! I know, she's my favourite Nendoroid so far, too :)
6 l. temu
neL on ice
Nice review :) Yuyuko is one of my favorite nendos, she's so adorable >v<
6 l. temu
S12576 l. temu#2149170This is a really good, detailed review. Yuyuko is so cute.
Thank you very much!
6 l. temu
This is a really good, detailed review. Yuyuko is so cute.
6 l. temu
Aldena6 l. temu#2148544Lovely review, she's so cute! Though I'm personally quite bothered by how dark and sharp her eyes are. In most of the official art they're a more pink redish color~ Nevertheless she's a adorable Nendoroid! Thank you again for the review ^u^
To be honest, the eyes bothered me a bit, too. I find them a bit too big (the ones on the default face, anyway) and too... simplistic? I mean, the way they're painted, there's not enough texture and shine to them compared to other Nendoroids... okay, I don't know how to explain it. ^^; But still, she's really cute.
And thank you! ^_^
6 l. temu
Lovely review, she's so cute! Though I'm personally quite bothered by how dark and sharp her eyes are. In most of the official art they're a more pink redish color~ Nevertheless she's a adorable Nendoroid! Thank you again for the review ^u^
6 l. temu
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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