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Hello everyone, I want to share with you a little experience, tell and show how this poster was created Piec Es II.
Topic poster based on the game Parasite Eve II
http://s7.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2014/03/cf9e648c7fa79ddbd9618bfe7851ce5b.gifIn this review I will not talk about the creation, manipulation of any object, I will discuss the coherence of the poster, hoping that it is useful and will help you create your future work.

http://s5.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2014/04/466fd6fbdb1dda3adcb8540e21304e86.jpg Let's start from the beginning.

Before you start creating a project , I came up with the theme and then choose the appropriate figure for the main theme.
Games theme is always interested me since the advent of video games. Previously, I was fond of creating Level - design for games and sound effects , but the creation of posters , covers for me has always played an important role as a person , an idea of what you want to show , namely his thought or idea , of course the same success his idea You can show and music than I'm doing lately, but we 're talking about the poster . Theme Parasite Eve always excited me , because it's my favorite game , I think it is an ingenious concept since the game itself, the script and plot of atmospheric music . Create a poster based on the game for me was a pleasant experience. Theme is dedicated to the gaming scene , namely the initial game story - Tower Acropolis Plaza, Los Angeles , is the moment when the heroine Aya Brea sent on a mission , then we see the intro video :
many police cars with flashing lights surrounded the tower Acropolis, helicopter patrolling this area, loses control falls directly on police cars, boom, big explosion, and to this moment arrives, our heroine, who played knows this scene.

Yes, a very interesting time, but I went a little different way. Knowing that the figures for this game does not exist, I decided to make a scene and just create a similar happening at the moment before, that is, then, is the helicopter is still circling the tower.

http://s5.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2014/04/466fd6fbdb1dda3adcb8540e21304e86.jpg Next choice figures:

I already knew who would choose - Pieces 2 Iris Hallett. Back in 2012, when the figure went on sale, I knew who she reminds me. It is those main qualities: hair color, hairstyle, attractiveness, courage, bravery and military equipment. Of course Iris Hallett only prototype of Aya Brea, nevertheless, similar quality in it, and if you change clothes, like Aya, one would assume that Iris is Aya.



http://s7.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2014/04/64ad3012ce36faaa2ae27ff3cc430b4d.gif Also the inverse image including:
- Cyril Brooklyn. This is especially beautiful incarnation recognizable artist Shirow Masamune famous manga «Ghost in the Shell». First Cyril appears in artbook «Pieces 2» as her friend Iris Hallett. It can also be seen in the book «W-Tails Cat». Company Arcadia well embodies the image created by the artist.
Probably all blonde characters with short hair in a series of books Pieces will remind me Aya Brea.

- Canaan. This beautiful character of the anime-series based on the visual novel story «428: Fusasareta Shibuya de» for Nintendo Wii. The series is named after the main character Canaan, which she received in honor of the biblical «promised land». Creation figures involved in the company GOODSMILECOMPANY
, this character reminds me of a young Aya Brea from the first part of the game Parasite Eve.

Information of Aya Brea
Aya Brea is a character series Parasite Eve, which includes a novel, play, movie and manga. The character was created by the artist Tetsuya Nomura, known as a designer of characters in the series Final Fantasy.
Aya was born in Boston, Massachusetts November 20, 1972. Father of mixed European descent, Japanese mother, in this connection, it has Asian features and eyes, but at the same time, blue eyes and blonde hair. Although since the birth defect was the heroine right orbit. She had a sister named Maya, which, together with his mother died in a car accident in December 1977. After her sister's death, her organs were preserved, and when Aya was 7 years old, doctors transplanted from Maya right eye socket Aya, a kidney transplant a young girl named Melissa. Subsequently, these experiments resulted in the mutation of mitochondria.
At 22, went to university and studied criminology, and after graduation in 25 years Aya fulfill his dream, she became an intern Seventeenth Police area in New York.
after 6 months of work experience, the heroine is involved in a catastrophic event, titled as «New York Blockade Incident». After all the incidents taking place in New York, Aya is working with the police still more than two years, and to learn about the formation of MIST FBI Los Angeles, moved. Although three years have passed, Aya little older, she began to realize that her mitochondria affect its biological age.

More information and biography can be read on wikia.com

http://s5.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2014/04/466fd6fbdb1dda3adcb8540e21304e86.jpg Now the time has come to work with the scene.


At the beginning of the game the action takes place in Los Angeles, and since I decided to make it an alternative to the city and decided to make another by New York. Browsing the Internet a lot of photos, I made certain choices for themselves and created a sketch.


Further, to make dynamic scene you want to add additional objects: a police car, ambulance, helicopter, police yellow tape with the word «police line do not cross» - it will give the frame more liveliness and tension.


FDNY Haz-Tac Ambulance 570

This modern type of emergency, which is based on the chassis cab of a lightweight pickup Ford. Compared with the game then attaching new color, but rather other strips, instead of a wide, thin strips of three. In fact it is due to the fact that new cars have become slightly different name, FDNY Ambulance like two in one, the game was just NY Ambulance. The new machine stands - Fire Department of New York, below the inscription Ambulance. Such machines were needed such a large city, performing more work.

police car Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Crown Victoria is popular with police departments of USA and Canada. Model for the police has reinforced structure. Chose this model because of its alternate color, the game had the standard black-and-white cars.

patrol helicopter Bell-429

Developed by the American company Bell Helicopter Textron. Designed primarily for providing emergency medical care outside the hospital, but is also used by the Police Department of New York. New helicopters are equipped to meet the challenges of maintaining order, including patrolling, surveillance, search and rescue, and first aid. A similar helicopter was used in the game.

You would think, but where is the hint of the game?


I decided to create mini-easter eggs, make an inscription «Acropolis Plaza» high building, now I think no doubt that it would be something like, in addition to the character, the background should also be reminded of the game.


Once the scene is filled with everything you need to do color correction, go with this red sketch in a realistic world, give our frame more cinematic atmosphere, background blur to the main character stand out against this background and not merged, well, do not forget about lighting.


By the end, add a little more reflective of light, since the action takes place in a vibrant city - would not be realistic if the reflection of light on us not fall. So at the end make a poster format, the vertical position of the image, supplement labels and designer logo.

Well, actually the result.
http://s5.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2014/04/466fd6fbdb1dda3adcb8540e21304e86.jpgmore postersclosehttp://s7.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2014/04/1123222d8e50c7d1982e0564399009c1.jpghttp://s6.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2014/04/e7d30b519a957fa3aa9cc572dcd02854.jpghttp://s6.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2014/04/60757077c4c6ddbed041c9c96f7a97e7.jpghttp://s7.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2014/04/23510eacba98d633227430eb22c60d0e.jpghttp://s5.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2014/04/5a50e65a8acff2d76ce30fe167c2792c.jpghttp://s5.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2014/04/0e6a0aab91d9e490fab5884357a3041c.jpg

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aeonblue6 l. temu#2079463Your Photoshop and editing skills are amazing and this will be helpful if I ever get Photoshop myself one day. I'm glad I could help you with the formatting. :)
thanks ;)
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aeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Your Photoshop and editing skills are amazing and this will be helpful if I ever get Photoshop myself one day. I'm glad I could help you with the formatting. :)
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FreezerBurn6 l. temu#2079182Cool stuff, wish I could create something like this.
Thank you friend.
Needed expertise, time, and the idea of ​​desire and get everything.

Good luck.
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Maakie6 l. temu#2078889I wanted to say that it's absolutely pretty how you made the layout for this blog-post!
And of course great work on the picture too! ^w^

Thank you.
Layout done in Photoshop, and put it all happened because of hidden features bbcode, helped aeonblue, thank her for that.
6 l. temu
Cool stuff, wish I could create something like this.
6 l. temu
I wanted to say that it's absolutely pretty how you made the layout for this blog-post!

And of course great work on the picture too! ^w^
6 l. temu