PETIT Chara! Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Figurines (Set of 6)PETIT Chara! Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Figurines (Set of 6)Review

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I normally don't write reviews about figurines, but I felt that I needed to write about this set. I won't go into too much detail and try to let the pictures be enough. Along with collecting figurines I'm also a cosplayer, so I need time to work on my costumes too ^_^

The 6-piece set of PETIT Chara! Sailor Moon figurines arrived at my place today. I pre-ordered them as soon as they were available, because of how absolutely adorable I thought they were. I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan--have been one ever since I was 5 or 6 years old--and once 20th Anniversary items started coming out, I decided to get my hands on the merchandise! Good thing I live in Japan, it makes buying these things a lot easier.

Anyway, here are pictures of the box (I took these pictures last, which explains why the figures are already outside of the box):










As you can see, each character has two variations A or B. Someone on Amazon.co.jp gave a 1-star review, saying they thought that pre-ordering a set meant that they'd get either an A set or a B set. I don't know where they got that idea from, but that's not the case at all. I got mostly A variations, with my only B variants being Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus. I kinda wished I could've gotten the B variant of Tuxedo Mask, but oh well.

Also, if you're "lucky" you'll get Luna or Artemis with your figurine. The box doesn't specify exactly which figurine either cat comes with, but I assume it's only either with Sailor Moon (Luna) or Sailor Venus (Artemis).

Once I had found this out, I thought, "Well, I can forget about getting a consistent set, and I might as well not hope too much for the cats."

Well, I ended up getting both! You can see that Moon has Luna and Venus has Artemis. None of the other figures in the set came with cats, which is how I came to my above assumption.


Now with that out of the way, I opened each box to see each character. I squealed at Mercury's (^_^) face the most. At first glance, the faces are very cute and look nice. But much to my dismay, my Tuxedo Mask had a very visible defect, which led me to write this review.


I shrugged it off and decided to start assembling them, starting with Sailor Jupiter. I noticed that I ended up with another defect, chipped paint off her glove.


Oh, poor Jupiter. If you knew my history with Sailor Moon toys, you'd know that I don't have great luck with Sailor Jupiter items. When I was about 8 years old, I was playing with my Sailor Moon dolls outside when a dog stole my Sailor Jupiter and dropped it somewhere in his owner's backyard. I cried really hard. Fortunately, I found her months later, skirt faded and misaligned legs (still intact but one was somehow shorter than the other, she wouldn't stand up straight but with a limp, lol). I bought a replacement years later and left it in the box. Then, in high school, I brought my Sailor Jupiter plushie with me for Class Color Day (my color was green). Somehow I either lost the plushie or it was stolen. I managed to replace her though, so it's all good.

Okay, back to the review. Clearly, quality control is not so high with these figures. I also had a problem with the paint job on my Sailor Mars Figuarts, but it wasn't anything like this. Oh well.

Each figurine has a hole in their head, where you plug in the plastic stand piece. So I located the piece and proceeded to try to connect it to the base first. Seems I wasn't careful enough, because I ended up breaking it.


I blame myself for that, but I already stopped caring when I saw the paint job. I figured I wouldn't bother with the others, but surely there had to be a way to connect the stand piece without snapping the stick in two. I managed to be successful with Sailor Moon.


I wasn't sure if she was supposed to be floating though. Sailor Venus' feet seem to touch the base just fine...


The other stands were also successfully assembled, and some super glue easily fixed my Sailor Jupiter stand. The key is to hold the plastic rod only by the end that you're inserting. Getting it into the figure is pretty easy, but the base requires some effort. Take note of where my fingers are on the Tuxedo Mask stand:



By the way, his hat doesn't attach; it just sits on his head. And you probably want to put the cape on his shoulders before you attach the head. I tried to do it the other way around and had trouble getting the cape on.

Each base has the Senshi's planet symbol etched in (Tuxedo Mask has a rose). Mars' symbol is pointing the wrong way. I don't know if this is a common thing with Sailor Mars items...I don't think so.







Overall, while I'm disappointed with the quality, I'm still going to hold onto them. I also plan on ordering the Outer Senshi set as well. I'm not concerned about getting a full A or B set. I read two other reviews in Japanese about the complete set, and they also got Luna and Artemis, so it may not be as rare as the advertisement implies.

As with many of the popular Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary pre-order items, getting them for retail price (500 yen each) is already near impossible. I got them from Amazon.co.jp for 2700 yen (about US$27) and now they're listed at double the price. If you must have a set of these adorable figurines, get them now. But if you're not a die-hard Sailor Moon fan, save your money.

You can see my entire album of photos here:
PETIT Chara! Sailor Moon Figures

I'm no expert nor a serious figure collector, so I didn't put too much thought into my scores. Ignore them if you like. :)
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Would you buy these figurines?

29%Yes, I want them regardless of price or possible defects!
32%Yes, I'll buy them if I can get them for a decent price.
6%No. I was going to, but I've changed my mind!
33%Nope, wasn't planning on buying them and still don't intend to.
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I have the five senshi and 2 of the stands broke on the exact same spot..the quality of the stands is so bad ... yet the figures are nice and im happy with them! I hadnt even noticed sailor mars' sign was upside down tho.
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jena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
This is the aftermath of my attempts to connect the stands to the bases. The plastic is so brittle and crap. I ended up glueing them together.
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Thanks for writing this review! I gotta say, looking at the picture of your broken Jupiter stand made me laugh a little, cause my Jupiter stand broke in the EXACT SAME PLACE! I've super glued it 3 times and it keeps re-breaking when I try to assemble the stand.

I wish the quality of the painting was better. Might try to paint over some of the defects if I find the right colors. Hopefully the outer senshi are better, but I'm not keeping my hopes up. At least they are cute! :)
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Wow those paint defects are horrible! That's such a shame :( Mine don't have any major problems, but I agree the stands are a pain in the butt. Two of mine broke, but then I got the hang of putting them together, haha >_>

I've heard people say they're similar to Nendoroid Petit stands but they seem flimsier to me...
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I still can't get my stands in the base. One of mine came with a crack and broke off immediately, and although it was sturdily attached with glue, it broke again after trying to get it in. I have tried at least 10 times. After I watched it video, I tried again and that was when it broke again...:( My regular Moon has some overlapping paint on a boot...and missing paint on the red part of the glove. Winking Moon has defective hair with chips/cracks in two places and the same glove paint problem. Where did you find Bandai's contact info? And have you heard back?
AAANNND...I just broke winking Moon's stand which was perfectly fine before i tried to attach it...
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sooyong6 l. temu#2008801No, these are much smaller than Nendoroids, maybe about half the size. Each figurine stands about 5 centimeters tall.

Great, now I know AmiAmi is really trolling me, thanks.
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Imanov6 l. temu#2006919Thanks for reviewing them! The box size is something like a Nendoroid one?

No, these are much smaller than Nendoroids, maybe about half the size. Each figurine stands about 5 centimeters tall.
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Thanks for reviewing them! The box size is something like a Nendoroid one?
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maggie6 l. temu#2002609I got my tuxedo masks today (I only wanted him, A & B). The one with the mask is horribly painted. There is blue paint and glue all over his forehead and under his hair. His hair seems to have a paint chunk taken out of it and the mask has the blue tint glue on it as well. I'll need to remove the mask and re-paint it, and also attempt to remove the extra stuff all over his face.
Still cute though... >_<;;

So sorry to hear that :( It almost sounds like it's not even genuine!
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Plume6 l. temu#1990374I was waiting for reviews and photos before deciding if I wanted a set and just my luck, they're releasing a second batch together with the Outers. So I'm getting both :). I just hope I'll get most of the figures (as in, most of the characters, I really don't care if they're winking or not). But hey, honestly now... both sets are 4800 on AmiAmi. That's the price of one S.H. Figuarts and those are not exactly brilliant quality either. That's 12 tiny figurines... so I'm not surprised the quality is lacking. At least this way you have a version of each character (or most of the characters) to satisfy your need for a collection of the cast :))
Anywho. Big thanks for the review. I was really hoping someone would do this :)

I'm glad to be of help! I'll be getting the Outers as well :)
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