How to store/display clear files?How to store/display clear files?Ask MFC

mirberrymirberry6 l. temu
Hello, everyone.

I've got some A4 clear files in my collection, and as with a lot of clear files, the artwork on them is really wonderful, and I don't want them to have to be hidden away all of the time simply because they're a bit awkward. Nevertheless, it's difficult to find ways to display them.

If any of you collect clear files, how do you keep or display them? I'd be happy to hear, and maybe pick up a few pointers. I'm considering finding an A4 binder and sheet protectors myself to keep them like extra large trading cards or something.
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Do you collect clear files?

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mirberry 絶対可憐
Thanks for all of the answers, everyone. It's given me a lot of really great ideas!
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ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Mine currently sit in a drawer T_T

WindsorSeven6 l. temu#1908606This. I frame them even when they're not one sided.
I like this idea a lot.
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I only collect clear files with Arakawa artwork, but they're too many to display them (plus my walls are full already). I just store them on my shelves, next to my artbooks/doujinshi/etc.

I guess I should buy a binder or something and organize them (like I do with my postcards and teleka), but ugh their sizes vary so much.
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Wulf496 l. temu#1908074 If they're one-sided (assuming the reverse simply depicts the origin's logo), I frame them.
This. I frame them even when they're not one sided.
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Yup, I basically use them as backdrops for my figures on the shelf which was already mentioned too. I have a sheet protector attached to the back panel of my shelf using blu tack and I just slot the file into it. Makes it easier for me to change the backdrop whenever I want to and the file doesn't get ruin as well in this way!

Here's an image of it! → picture/888738&... (´・ω・`)
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I know a person who puts them up in her room like posters. So I guess that's a way to display them.
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Recently I ordered a few clear files and I plan to just put poster tack on them and hang them as posters. I have a white wall so the image should show through.
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I have a few. From my stamp collecting days, I knew they make large-sized albums with clear sheets/pouches to protect large sheets of mint stamps. So I have a binder with clear protective sheets made for mint stamp sheets, that I put the clear files in.

I can't display them this way, but it does keep them safe.

You can search through stamp collecting supplies for appropriately sized sheets. I know the stock certificate collectors use similar albums to store their larger certificates, so you might want to search on that as well.
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I place mine in a 9"x12" art portfolio.
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I have some clear files, most of them from Lawson (Eva stuff)... but I still didn't display them because I don't have space. But I guess they're like mini posters, you can display them as background for your figures, etc...
I like the pictures in the clear files but I don't want to use them x'D
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