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***Updated shots at the bottom***

The Box 10/10
When I first heard about this figure and saw prototype pictures and initial event photos I was happy... yet disappointed at the same time. Happy because this figure was going to be sculpted at such a large size, but sad because of the stark pose that it had. Naruto is a hyperactive "think with your heart not with your head" type of person that "leaps before he looks" so to speak. Never one to be hesitant or to wait for the answer, he blindly and bluntly charges forward with his will. So imagine my personal disparity when I saw that the figure was in a static pose, still it looked like an amazing concept so I decided to get the figure anyway, and... I was not disappointed after-all! I love it, from the sculpt, to the paint applications, to the size and feel and even the amazing box! From it's beautiful yet simplistic design, to the artwork displayed prominently all around it... everything meets my expectations! But nothing is without it's flaws so Ill also be pointing out what I believe are to be the figures flaws (which are minor in and of themselves.) I'll review the box, pose, sculpt and all of that while pointing out my likes and dislikes of the figure. So without further adieu lets get into it!!!

Front side view of the box
The box features a nice full body shot of the figure (except his feet) displayed in the center with his name in large bold letters near the bottom with the title "Master Stars Piece" underneath it with the Naruto Shippuden logo to the left. The Banpresto logo is in the upper right hand corner with the "Master Stars Piece" logo to the upper left. There is also some text in Japanese on the front of the box that I am unable to decipher (forgive me!)

Right side view of the box
The right side of the box features a large prominent artwork of the figure, featuring the front side of the upper torso with his name near the bottom. There is also a faded background image of what appears to be a mountain displayed behind him.

Back side view of the box
The back of the box has a nice image of the entire figure to the right with nice artwork in the background. His name is to the left with the shippuden logo with a lot of Japanese text to the lower right. (I'd assume this is comprised of safety warnings, the content of the box, company contact information like the number and a website, etc, etc.) The box also denotes that the figure is comprised of PVC and ABS along with the name of the company. (Banpresto 2011 Made in China).

Left side view of the box
The left side view of the box piqued my interest lightly. It has a large graphic of the back half of Naruto's top section. It sort of gives off a "looking into the sunset" type feel I really like it. Nice closeup on the details of the back of his head.

Top view of the box
The top of the box has a simple Konoha symbol with his name on the top along with the Master Stars Piece logo, and a "Pierot" sticker in the lower right. I'd assume for authenticities sake.

Bottom side view of the box
The bottom image on the box is a mirror of the top.

Open view of the box (top)
An interesting tidbit was revealed when I went to open the box, on the tabs there were small advertisements for upcoming figures in Banpresto's popular HSCF (High Spec Coloring Figure) line! This line usually comes in increments of four. On the right tab you can see the figures listed along with the number "8" to signify an August release date. The characters to be released are Sage Mode Naruto, Jiraiya, Kakashi and Killer Bee. I've been really anticipating the Sage Mode Naruto HSCF as there have been few figures released that represent this figure in it's entirety. I'm not a fan of the arms crossed pose but I still really want the figure. This is one of my most favourite lines from Banpresto and also one of my most beloved forms of Naruto ever seen, so when these two elements mix you can bet I'll be there getting a lot of these. I really cannot wait for the Sage Mode Naruto HSCF. The Jiraiya is also a highly anticipated piece.
On the left tab there are four figures listed along with the number "11" to signify a November release date. The characters in the line up are 12 year old Naruto and Sasuke (Pre Shippuden Timeskip- Naruto has a nice dynamic pose here very befitting of him), Itachi in his Akatsuki cloak, also with a nice pose looking smug as usual, and a First Hokage Era Madara Uchiha! While I also highly anticipate this set, the shining crown jewel is the Madara figure. I'm sure this will be insanely popular due to the level of detail and accuracy for the size, as well as the fact that figures of Madara in this form are scarce. It's good to see Banpresto branching out with this line and releasing rare and obscure/anticipated figures, I can't wait to see what they do next year!

The Packaging 10/10
Inside the box
The figure is packaged well within the box. The figure fits snugly inside wrapped in a lot of bubble wrap to prevent any movement inside the box during shipment. The box could always be smaller but honestly like I've said before I love the box and the size for this piece is fine.

The figure sealed in plastic
The figure is sealed in a plastic bag split into two compartments coming in two parts. The top half features the torso and the bottom half featuring the legs, everything looks great so let's open it up!

Sculpt - 10/10

The sculpt is amazing. The size clocks under 25cm, at 24.5 cm. The figure also has a nice heavy feel to it, definitely premium quality here.


This figure is accurate to a "t" everything looks spot on, this figure LOOKS like Naruto. He may look off in promotional pictures or what not, but you need to have the figure in your hands to really see his greatness. Details are included to the wire including his utility packs on his right thigh, and also on his back left side. His body, head, feet, hands, toes and everything are all proportionate.


The face looks wonderful with accurate sculpting of his hair included. His hair looks great, realistic 3d spikes and sideburns. His headband with the Konoha symbol on it looks superb. The headband "tails" look excellent, large and long and off to the side. On his torso, his sweater looks excellent with the turtleneck sculpted nicely.


The "Whirlpool Country" symbol on his left shoulder looks excellent, I like how detailed it is, with the appropriate Chuunin symbol on his back (Yes yes I know that technically he's still a genin). Realistic ruffles and creases are included all throughout his clothing sculpture and looks accurate. His hands are sculpted into fists which look good. His legs are sculpted nicely and accurately sized. The feet are really well done too. The shoes are sculpted excellently to allow for the toes to show in the front while having the ankle guards in place etc, the bottom also features realistic treads and grooves as a normal shoe would.



Paint - 8/10
The paint-job is also top notch here, the zipper on his Sweater is painted in so well it almost looks real, wonderfully done. The Hair is painted a dull blonde colour. I realize in promotional pictures it was more of a vibrant yellowish blonde. I liked the colour that was shown there but I don't mind this colour either. The duller blonde adds a sense of realism to the figure. His headbands' metal plate is painted with a nice dull metallic silver. My biggest painting gripe and where the figure loses points for painting is the eyes. The eyes are first off way too much of a sky blue, they should be a little darker... more closer to a royal blue.

His outfit also seems to be airbrushed with a sort of rustic brown colour, I'd imagine this was done as if to imitate a buildup of dust that would indicate he's been in a scuffle of some sort. Another interesting 'paint plus' is the addition of 'mud' to the bottom of his shoes. If you look at the bottom of his shoes and in the treads and all around the base of the shoes you can see brown paint was added to give the effect that he had been running through dirt and mud. I really like this touch as again it adds a sense of realism to the figure. The tape around his right leg that holds his thigh utility pack is also shown to have a "worn" painting effect, again adding to a sense of realism.

Pose - 8/10
Another area where this figure loses points is his pose. The pose is so... static, for a character that imbues courage and life, is hyperactive and headstrong- his pose is very stagnant. While I do like the serious determined aura that it gives off I would have rather they made the figure doing something, like a hand sign, or yelling, or forming a rasengan... something! I still like the pose, but I would have liked to have seen more dynamics added to it.
Another area where the figure loses points is it's pose design structure. The figure is a little heavy towards it's center and the feet are very thin towards the front. Therefore if this figure leans forward too much it is likely to fall. He'll stand on any flat surface without a problem, but if it gets hit or there's shaking of some sort it is likely he could fall so bear that in mind when displaying him in high places.

Overall Thoughts:
My overall thoughts on this figure are excellent. With a minor paint mishap in the eyes the figure still shines bright. It's an ample sized figure and really gives a sense of realism with the rustic dirt paint applications and the excellent sculpting. Did I mention the price? the price is amazing, I paid $45.00 in total for TWO of these, that's insane! One order was from Hobby Link Japan (HLJ), for just about $20.00 and the other order was from Otacute for $27.00 total, with an initial price of 16.50. Case in point, the figure is dirt cheap right now, so if you're on the fence about getting him I'd suggest doing so before prices spike and you can't get him anymore! Wonderful figure in all honesty.


-Great Sculpt
-Excellent Detail
-Great Size
-Great Paint-job minus a few things.
-Box is amazing, compact and well packaged
-Amazing price for what you get

-Eye colour is off
-Hair could be a more vibrant yellow but it's not that bad (nitpicking, really)
-Design functionality flaw- if the figure leans too much he could fall, he should have come with a removable base of some sort to help him stand perfect.

And that's it! Hope you liked my review, feel free to comment on your thoughts about the figure and thanks for reading!


























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Raithos5 l. temu#2462007Exactly
Hashirama, Madara, Hinata, Naruto Ashura Mode, Minato, Itachi, omg the list... lol
All instant buys

I agree 100% it would be great to see them release these characters. Now that the series is over, it would be cool to see them do MSP figures of Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura from how they looked at the end of the manga. =) I would buy those as well.
5 l. temu
Raithos Stagnant
DBZFanGirl22845 l. temu#2461990That would be awesome! Though I don't understand of why they never came out with a Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura MSP figures. I'd definitely buy them if they ever came out with these


Hashirama, Madara, Hinata, Naruto Ashura Mode, Minato, Itachi, omg the list... lol
All instant buys
5 l. temu
Raithos5 l. temu#2461969Yeah definitely get him! I just hope they do updated ones That would be awesome! Though I don't understand of why they never came out with a Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura MSP figures. I'd definitely buy them if they ever came out with these
5 l. temu
Raithos Stagnant
DBZFanGirl22845 l. temu#2461938He is an amazing figure and I plan to add him to my collection! =)

Yeah definitely get him! I just hope they do updated ones
5 l. temu
He is an amazing figure and I plan to add him to my collection! =)
5 l. temu
okay i will try :D
6 l. temu
Raithos Stagnant
TheWillOfT6 l. temu#1897100hey raithos !!
do you now a site which still sells him for a price beetwen 20-30 dollars ?

Hey, Oh Man, not sure MSP Naruto has been out for a while.
I'd try going with either Rakuten or Mandarake, maybe also try Big Bad Toy Store as well
6 l. temu
hey raithos !!
do you now a site which still sells him for a price beetwen 20-30 dollars ?
6 l. temu
Raithos Stagnant
InnocenceShiroWOW!!Looks better in your photos :D Amazing!!*-*

Thanks a lot! He just gets better and better everyday when I look at him! My amateur photos don't do him justice, I need to buy a real camera to start taking amazing shots ;)

levithianVery nice and helpful review.
I am really considering buying it now.

Thanks Raithos and waiting for more reviews

You really should buy him, for the price range and what you get out of it, it's simply wonderful:

Try getting him here: www.angolz.com/...

(Angolz for only 20.00!)
9 l. temu
Very nice and helpful review.
I am really considering buying it now.

Thanks Raithos and waiting for more reviews
9 l. temu