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I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but just never found the time to do it. But finally, it's here...

Sanji's Three Musketeers Review! Though really, I should be reviewing Luffy and Zoro first but I just decided to go with Sanji being that he's more recent.

Sanji-kun ♥

Sanji is the third edition to the D.P.C.F - Three Musketeers series that includes the three beasts - Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji, based on Eiichiro Oda's drawing:


Like the other two released before him, the box design is the same. Nothing new but I quite like the box design. Fits the whole 'Three Musketeers' theme. I like how they include the illustration of the design its based on as well.


Though...they could have given me a backdrop to use ;__;

I think his sculpting overall looks pretty nice. He's a 1/7 scale, and I've never had a 1/7 before. So he's really big for me. All my figures are 1/8 scale so yeah.

The one complaint I've heard is that his head looks too big? And I think when you actually compare it to Zoro, it's slightly bigger, but, it could also be due to the fluffiness of his hair. Doesn't bother me so I don't mind.


I also wanted to point out his eye. Like, the direction he's looking at seems off from the way he is posing and how his head is positioned.


Moving on from the small errors. His hair has nice waves just like what his hair is like.


Butt shot!...Ok ok, what I meant to say is...the clothes are nicely sculpted, with the wrinkles and crinkles that clothes should have at the back of the knee, around the arms and such. The gun pouches are strapped around onto his belt, and are placed behind his butt. I like the placement of it, better than having it at the side.


Of course, after the butt shot, it's the...FRONT! Σ(゚д゚lll)Got to take both front and back. Anyways...the front shows us the design of his belt and belt buckle. It's a simple black belt, with gold studs on it. His buckle is half hidden under his shirt but you can still half of its design. An oval shape consisting of three different colors, red, blue and green with gold studs as well.


I have to say, I like the design of his jacket. It's really nice, kind of like a jacket you would wear. It nicely fits his body, gives it a nice figure outline, lol. The bottom crops around his waist, and poofs out the jacket a bit. The front is zipped down, almost half way, exposing part of his chest. Couldn't he have been half shirtless like Zoro and Luffy? lol Guess not.

Sanji also wears a necklace, which nicely compliments that empty area around his neck and upper chest.



Boots...are basically, cowboy boots. It has a buckle around the ankle, a nice design style, not sure what it is, for the calves. The point of the boots is not too sharp, and it has a slight heel.



As far as I can see, there's nothing wrong with the paint job. Everything is nicely done, no huge errors that I could find. And unlike Zoro, Sanji doesn't have black nostrils. Though, I did find one thing.


It's kind of hard to see, but, the inside of his ears are kind of black. I noticed on Zoro's, its really notable. Sanji's hair partly covers it so it's not that big of a deal.

For once! Sanji is actually posing. Ok, well, he's not just standing like his other figures. But then again, that's Sanji so...it fits.

Anyways, his pose is really nice but I do find it a little awkward how he holds his gun.




Guns. Both are the same, same size, same style. I like how they made each character's gun color different.


Hm...not much else to say about the pose. He only comes with what is displayed in the picture. Other than his cigarettes. One being straight. Another slightly bent. One thing I hate...is how the freaking cigarettes are hard to put in and they easily fall out when you knock them! I almost lost one. Sometimes, I wish they would already make his cigarette stuck there. I mean, you can't have a Sanji without a cigarette anyways.

Another issue Sanji's head is tilted slightly down. Compared to the others, Luffy looks straight and Zoro looks upright. Sanji sort of looks down. That's just an issue for me since I'd like my figures to look straight.


His base is really simple. It's just like the ones made for the P.O.P versions. His base is the exact same as Zoro and Luffy's. Same size, same design, nothing different or new.


I guess...I like the base overall. I like the whole hexagon shape, I can put my figures close together, and make a puzzle! lol. Though, it would have been nice if each base had their name written on there instead of just being the same.

I really enjoyed him overall, despite the few errors that I talked about. I mainly bought him because I like the whole Three Musketeers theme, and also, the fact that he's a 1/7 scale. He's really tall and big. And he just stands out on my shelf with the rest of the boys.


If you love Sanji, or just love One Piece, he's definitely a keeper. And of course, what better to have him then with his Nakamas! Can't be a lone Musketeer without Zoro and Luffy.

I also have Zoro and Luffy and might review them later on. Anyways, thanks for reading and hoped you enjoyed it! (^∇^)

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Having this figurine in my ownership, seen that I like the character of Sanji, I also find that she is perfectly succeeds, quite as that of Zoro.

Even if I there do not possess not still, that of Luffy is made well too.

Well done for this very detailed article
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lina_inverseRotating his head and hands will solve the problem with the awkwardness of the pose (yes, they are articulated !) Otherwise, yeah he looks straight ahead, and thats just weird compared to the position of his arms....

Yeah. I noticed after messing around with him. lol, but I still think its odd with the position of his arms :)
9 l. temu
Rotating his head and hands will solve the problem with the awkwardness of the pose (yes, they are articulated !) Otherwise, yeah he looks straight ahead, and thats just weird compared to the position of his arms....
9 l. temu
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