Queen's Blade - Airi - 1/6 (Kaitendoh)Queen's Blade - Airi - 1/6 (Kaitendoh)Review

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WARNING: This review contains graphic nudity. If you're reading this in front of a sensitive wife or girlfriend, I apologize for potentially jeopardizing your relationship. If you're reading this in front of a sensitive husband or boyfriend, tell him to grow a pair.

Everyone should be familiar with Queen's Blade and their affinity for nudity and all things ecchi by now, and if you're not, I can't begin to imagine what kind of cave you've been holing yourself in for the past few years.

A couple months ago, Kaitendoh released a 1/6 of Airi, everyone's favorite ghostly, scythe-rocking, soul-draining, maid cutie. Does it meet expectations?







The large window in the front of the box gives you a good general view of what you're getting, but it would been nice to have some smaller windows on the side of the box as well so you could get an almost 360 degree look at her before buying.

Also, there's a lot of unused space on the sides of the box. A little text, a tiny portrait (only showing the same front view you could get by looking at the front of the box), and leaving about 2/3 of the surface completely untouched. It really feels like they could've done more with the sides, like say, add in those side windows I mentioned earlier.

Open her up, and...



Once she's out of the box, you see that there's not much else to her. There's Airi, her base...and a bra.

That's a bra, right?


Yup, that's a bra.

So if the bra's packaged separately, it would be safe to assume that she's wearing a less-than-average amount of underwear under that maid uniform.

Crack the plastic open...


Well, she's in good condition. The box, while being a little more "plain" than I would've liked, got Airi to my place in one piece, I suppose that's what's most important.

Bra's in one piece, too.


Packaging: 8

Let's glance at the base for a bit.



While the design is pretty typical, the dimensions kind of struck me as odd. It's thicker than most bases for a figure this size, but much smaller around. Its size falls somewhere between a regular, platter-like base and a standard regulation hockey puck.

On the bottom, the usual copyright stuff.


Pretty simple. The smaller diameter of the base makes it a little more space-friendly than you'd expect for a figure like this, but when all's said and done, it's still just a plain black disc.

Base: 5

All right, let's give Airi a look-see.

Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttp://img163.imagevenue.com/loc345/th_968675464_AiriReview14_123_345lo.JPG




















Okay, Airi looks great as she is, but of course the main draw of Queen's Blade and much of their merchandise is nudity, and this figure is no exception. So let's go ahead and up her sexiness quotient a bit.

Now, if you feel so inclined, you can start by sliding her scythe right out of her hand.



It's not really "secure", but Airi holds it in such a manner that there's really no danger of it falling out of her hand under normal conditions. It's mostly a matter of maneuvering the tape on the scythe handle through a gap in her hand. Not terribly difficult.

I actually find that the scythe doesn't really get in the way when removing Airi's clothing, so I'm not going to bother taking it away from her.

First, pop that bow right off.



Then just slide the apron off towards the front.




The skirt's pretty simple, too. Start with the badly-hidden seam on Airi's right...


Lift the right side...


And then slide off to her left.




Now her blouse will take a little bit more effort. It's not that it's complicated, but rather, that her top holds together a bit better than the rest of her clothing. It might require that you apply a little more muscle, or at least a good fingernail.

Now, start by lopping her head off. You might want to take off that lacy neck thing-a-ma-bob too.


Then move to the seam on either shoulder...


And muscle that thing open.



Same with the other side.



When opening the seams, don't worry too much about breaking the pegs inside. They hold pretty well, and even if you manage to break a peg off the blouse, they're the same on both ends, so it's just a matter of pushing the peg back in the hole.

Once the shirt is loosened, just push it down and off to the side.


Done. Now she looks amazing.


...Well, as amazing as a headless girl with an elongated peg for a neck can be, anyway.

Now for those panties. Start with the opening on her left...



Then slip down off of her legs. This might also take a little bit of effort because the panties are just barely small enough to squeeze past Airi's thighs.


Apply a little bit of effort though, and you'll get those bothersome panties off.


Stick her head back on, and she's the sexiest little scythe-wielding ghost girl around.


Oh, and in case you were wondering, she's not "correct" down there.


So our darling little Airi's deprived of her clothing aside from thighhighs and some lovely lace. How about another look-around?

Pokaż zawartość spoileraUkryj zawartość spoilerahttp://img207.imagevenue.com/loc461/th_968918119_AiriReview58_123_461lo.JPG




















Okay, Airi definitely looks spectacular without her clothes, but it wouldn't be a very fair review if I focused only on the positives, especially when the negatives are pretty obvious. Let's start with a certain article of clothing we may have forgotten about by now.


Okay, so assuming you want want to strip Airi down to her underwear to simulate the "enough life force to sustain her existence but not her clothing" look that she seemed to frequently appear in during the anime, let's see if we can put that bra on her.


Sure, it looks great from the front...


But the strap is a bit too short to reach the clasp on the other side. Without a useable bra, the option of displaying her in a sexy manner still suitable for ages 16 and under is gone.

Also, about the right side of Airi's blouse, specifically under her right arm...


I can't get that side to close for anything. When she was wearing it, I thought the problem might just be that the shirt was too small, but even when I remove it from her body, I had to grunt and groan to get it to close, and I even popped one of the pegs out of their hole while doing so. Sure, if you plan on displaying her without her shirt, you probably won't be too bothered by it, but this kind of thing shouldn't have to be an issue.

For the most part, sure, removing and replacing Airi's clothing is easy enough, but what few mistakes there are happen to be pretty bad ones.

Assembly: 7

The sculpting is rather nice. Airi's uniform is quite lovely, and her face is very well done. I don't mind the look on her face, but I personally would've perferred a smile. Airi is much more adorable when she's smiling, don't you think?


I also like the way her stockings dig ever-so-slightly into her thighs. Very cute.


Also, take a closer look at her chest for just a moment.


ELLIOTT even put forth the effort to sculpt the pores in her nipples leading to the milk ducts. It may not seem like much, but just a little bit of effort like that goes a long way for me.

And check out her scythe.



The blade is pretty much on par with what you'd expect, but surprised me was the handle of all things. It actually feels a little like it's made out of wood.

Unfortunately, amidst all the qualities, there are some pretty glaring flaws. Let's start with some of those seams.


The seam on the right side of Airi's skirt is particularly bad. It's practically large enough to drive a truck though. Not to mention, that photo just reminds me how irritating it is that her blouse can't close very well.

Also, while I do like the detail that was put into her hair and all of the individual strands, some of them kind of worry me into thinking that they'll break if something bumps them too hard.

Plenty of ups such as detail where it counts, and while there aren't too many downs, what few there are I find to be rather serious. Granted, displaying her naked goes far toward clearing these up, but that kind of thing shouldn't be forced upon the owner if they don't want it.

Sculpting: 8

The painting's not bad, for the most part. As long as you don't study it with a magnifying glass it's okay, but upon very close inspection, there are some flaws with the painting on the uniform, specifically where the white and black parts join. It's not uncommon to find spots where the white flows slightly into the area that should be black and vice versa.



While a lot of the negatives I've mentioned in this review can be solved by removing her clothes, there's one that actually becomes more visible if you do so.



On Airi's leg, just above the thighhighs, it appears some paint has smudged off onto her leg. While it may be worth trying to rub it off with a pencil eraser, this kind of mistake shouldn't even happen in the first place.

Again, if you don't know that they're there and you're not looking for them, the mistakes in the painting aren't obvious, but once you know about them, it's like someone circled them with a highlighting marker.

Painting: 7

The posing isn't bad. A calm, relaxed state with an arm up, possibly to shield herself from some bright sunlight. I have no problem with the pose itself, but like I said before, it really would've been nice for her to be smiling. The look on her face almost makes it appear as though she doesn't want to be there.

Posing: 8

Now, enjoyment can be a crapshoot, depending on how critical you are of your figures. If you find yourself picking and at glaring at every little mistake you see on a figure, this will probably bug you every other time you look at it. However, if you're a hardcore Airi fan who will forgive practically any flaw on an Airi figure just because it's Airi, you're going to love this.

Personally, I find myself to be somewhere between the halfway mark and Airi fanatic on this one. Yeah, the errors are pretty irritating, but I also take the time to look at the qualities that made me want this figure in the first place. From liking Airi to just being a maid fan in general, from the gorgeous lace to the lightly-gripping stockings, from the cute face to the incredibly sexy body (not to mention the wonderfully detailed breasts), I find there are plenty more reasons to like this figure than to not like it.

Enjoyment: 9

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A few years late, but hey, good review! Really wanting this one but pricey now. Will get one day!
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I didn't think they would also have this peg problem at Kaitendoh... It makes me glad I didn't purchase her, I think she looks great, but I want her dressed up, so... ^^;

Good review!^^
9 l. temu
Damn nice! I bought the 1/6 Menace figure not too long ago (the one where she's sitting down) and I was taken aback by her breast detailing, lol. In any case, I really enjoy my Queen's Blade/Gate figures enough to get more of them. Good article and great read! :D
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