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Ren's Kado Suri is JAN code 4935228177691, while Hibiki's Kado Suri is JAN code 4935228177684. Source
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Although they have no individual serial number [KS-XX], I also like to recommend grouping the Vol.1 Kado Suri as its own separate classification, as modeled after the other Volumes in the Related Entries of the page.

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KS-73 is not classified with Vol.24. In addition, as I look closer, KS-73 only has Tsunako (and Koushi Tachibana) as copyright holder only, no other role, and Fujimi Shobo has no credit in this card sleeve. Also, incorrect price. Source

-Item # 666863 doesn't have its model number KS-13 and other information and isn't classified w/Vol.4 Source
-KS-37 is not classified with Vol.12
-KS-55 is not classified with Vol.18
-KS-56 is not classified with Vol.19
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-Item #492712 is isolated from its own classification
-All four Kado Suri from Vol.7 aren't united under one Volume classification
-Kado Suri Vol.8 are not united under one Volume classification
-Item #524324 is not explicitly classified as Kado Suri Vol.9
-Item #671918 does not have Kado Suri Vol.24 classification
*Note: Volumes 8 and 9 are additionally classified with Comptiq Cover Collection and Newtype Cover Collection, respectively.
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