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I'm a big nerd, and proud of it. I've always collected all sorts of figures and toys, and been a fan of Anime, (Espicially the dark stuff) but just recently decided to bring the best of both worlds together. Ahhhh......bliss ^_^
I'm a big customizer, so expect to see me post some pics soon of my future creations, BWAAHAHA!
My first will be a custom Figma Hisoka Kurosaki, from Descendants of Darkness :D
I'm up to 10 figmas now, and just recently purchased a few rare Anime dolls/figures from online, so expect to see those very soon.
If anybody is selling any loose Figma's drop me a PM, as i am now collecting them how i can get them.
Also, the pic of the guy in the wings actually is me in cosplay.
Was quite fun!
If you're kind of a a misfit, like myself, feel free to befriend me :D
Normal people please don't bother.

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