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I started from the shop floor in the film business and now I am one of the last Production Designers to be apprenticed the old studio way. I came into the film industry in the late 70's and had a chance to work with and get experience from some of the best the business had to offer.

Some know me for building the Borg Ship, while others know me for my VFX company in the 80's into 2000's. Either way, I'm a film brat, plain and simple. Yet when I got hooked on Anime in the 80 with Akira and Battleship Yamato, that was it for me. My favorite anime has to be Ghost in the Shell.

There ya go.

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02 r. temuOnibankOnibank
You say you're liquidating your collection, are Rei, Chocolate and tachikoma up for grabs?
03 r. temuCrysisJDCrysisJD
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
04 r. temuKita_LinKita_Lin
kbsfx (4 r. temu) #1718086Hey Kita Lin ^.^
I started in film when I was 16, it was a small film at the time that no one thought would do well. So when I saw Star Wars in the theater in 1977 it took me by surprise and that summer I had worked on Battlestar Galacatica and Buck Rogers. By the time I was 27 I was doing Star Trek the Next Generation and building the Borg Ship for the episode Q-Who. Well after 37 years of film I have been to 2/3rds of the world and worked on over 30 multi-million dollar films. The tragedy is that films are no longer made in Hollywood and the economy is so bad that business is leaving Los Angeles at 20% per year. I guess I have had a good career and I do have the very first Streamy Award for production design/art direction.
Now with the internet being the way movies are going to get out there, if I were you I would find a director who is looking for an editor and cut for him no matter where he is in the world. Movies are no a micro budget scale ($200,000 USD) and are making millions in the US market. You have great prospects, you just need to find the right directors. Try Mandy.com or Media Match, who knows you may get lucky.

Awesome! Those ones are pretty popular! You had a long career there. Wow! Thanks for the tips! I might do that! Unfortenely Internet is killing entertainment industry as we know it and the producers are really desperate to not let it happen but it's happening more fast than they wanted. :( Now it's a hit or a miss, if you're a miss you're screwed big time.
04 r. temuKita_LinKita_Lin
kbsfx (4 r. temu) #1714874You're very welcome Kita Lin ^.^

Yeah I've been a geek for a very long time and in the industry for 37 years now. My anime interest started as a kid with Prince Planet and Speed Racer. As for my figures I have been building my collection for a while now and really didn't get started until I was in Hong Kong shopping in the toy district there. It is my wish to hit Japan and see the toy district there and to make sure I bring lots of money. Now days the local businesses see me coming and start wondering just how much I am going to take home.
I would love to have a FR here and thanks for the invite. Please do keep in touch and tell me where you are located in the world.
All the Best

Hey! Thanks for the FR! Wow that's a quite time. As for me, I always loved videogames, been playing since I was 7 and in 2010 I got in Animé and Manga so you can say that's when I got serious being a otaku. This year I set myself a goal, that goal included to have a mini Gintama and Gintoki collection since it's my favorite serie and it had an huge impact on me. So here I am. :)

As for films, I started in 2007 yet I'm still a newbie. Back in my country, Portugal, Government treat Film industry like Sh!... we don't have funds to make films or series so it's kinda hard to be in this business here. I love cinema it's my major passion but it gets me to know how we are treated in here, below dogs. The public doesn't like portuguese cinema because they are for the elites, the directors hate the standard public and when there is one who doesn't, he makes a movie for the big money. So all it's left are portuguese soap operas. So it's hard...

How about you? Tell me about your experiences on your job, I'm curious :)
04 r. temuKita_LinKita_Lin
Hello! I'm a "film editor in process" so cool to see people in film industry appreciating Geek stuff. I always thought they were too cool for that. Guess I was wrong :) Nice collection you've got there! If you don't mind I would like to FR you! Thanks!

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