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Hi everybody, welcome on my page!

I'm a French girl who started collecting in 2010. As you can see, my tastes tend to be eclectic, I like figures, books, as well as various goods. Bit by bit my collection is spreading over my apartment and that's what I enjoy the most.

As characters, I like Misty, Sakuya, Rick, Xiao Mei and Altina from the Shining series, Ai Enma from Jigoku Shoujo, Noel and Rachel from Blazblue, Ritsu and Azusa from K-On!, Shiki and Akira from Togainu no Chi and "Aoba-tachi" from Dramatical Murder.
But my favorite characters are Mina Tepes from Dance in the Vampire Bund and Al Azif, the incarnation of the magic book, Necronomicon!

Though I like the artists published by Art Jeuness, my favorite illustrator is Tony! I'm really fan of his work... but I don't like when it comes too explicite (his hentai doujinshi for instance). That's why I'm hunting all the Shining and T2 figures or merchandise I love.

Secondarily I want to get more male figures whatever the manufacturer is. And now, I'm also in Nendos because of the Touken Ranbu guys!

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08 d. temuChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
alazif03 (9 d. temu) #25862449Hi!
What do you think about Makoto from Bell Fine item #603823? The pose is not my fav, she seems to lean... and the price is killing. I don't know the manufacturer, so I'll wait and see. What about you?

Actually i think the pose is awesome and befitting makoto her style.. ^^"
I dont think she would lean but with any figure it is possible if not supported well enough..
Im actually considering preordering her ;)
021 d. temuChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
alazif03 (21 d. temu) #25333897Nice, I didn't know such goodies exist. Did you find something else?
This month, I had the best T2 art works's loot I ever got (mfc link). Somehow I'm in heaven now!

You mean if i combined it or if there were more fans?
Manda has another fan if you want one of taokaka
[ext link ]

I combined mine with gengar nano lego and flareon plush
022 d. temuSbabSbab
alazif03 (26 d. temu) #25155190View spoilerHide spoilerSalut, j'espère que tu tiens le coup au boulot, je t'envoie plein de bonnes ondes...
Je voulais aussi partager ma joie, parce qu'août est placé sous le signe de Tony pour moi. Voici ce que j'ai reçu vendredi: (mfc link). Mon premier full set!!! Je ne t'en ai pas parlé avant de tout avoir, un peu superstitieux le Nécronomicon! Bien sûr, ça a essoré mon portefeuille, mais ça en valait la peine. Il s'est surpassé Tony avec les filles de Fate Grand Order! Et j'ai mis la main sur deux illustrations dont je rêvais depuis longtemps: item #610926 et item #610920
PS: j'aime bien ton occupation, j'ai aussi un peu la même!

Petit passage très rapide pour te saluer et te féliciter pour ton premier set complet, bravo ^^ Mais tu feras comment quand tu auras tout de Tony ? xD

Pour ma part j'ai aussi en quelque sorte acheté un set: un ordi complet en pièces détachées parce que le mien a la bonne idée d'agoniser en ce moment °° Heureusement que ma situation financière me le permet maintenant, sinon internet se serait limité à mon téléphone sous peu :/ Par contre du coup je n'ai plus un rond à consacrer au hobby pour quelques temps, c'est le revers de la médaille ^^'
023 d. temuChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I bought this jin fan (not on ebay but manda tho for a lot less ofc)

[ext link ]

Cant wait since it is so hot
01 mies. temuChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
alazif03 (1 mies. temu) #24553818Yeah, you're right you should already have most of the illustrations. I only bought "Botan Nabe" and the Tony Magazines from the last Comikets, so I think I'll take this book too. I don't think there'll be illustrations from games like the Shining series and the eroge though.
I just took some pics for you:
picture #1810886
picture #1810887
picture #1810888
picture #1810889
picture #1810890
picture #1810891
picture #1810892
picture #1810893
Beautiful, right?

Well his eroge works are what i like the most, like fault!!!

And hes stunning :D youre very lucky

I guess you have the thing with tony like i got with louise

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