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Nice to meet you ~★ I'm Yllia,spanish manga artist and doll and figure collector ♥♥ I've started in the hobby about 8 years ago and, with drawing,collecting figures and dolls has become my passion.Also I really love figure photography and I’ve been spending more and more time taking figure photos and learning new tips by myself. Hope you'll enjoy my gallery!

Feel free to send me a FR! ♥

Check my galleries bellow :3


http://orig04.deviantart.net/9fd9/f/2012/212/0/6/facebook_by_mr_emoo-d59bu9d.png http://orig02.deviantart.net/8d7e/f/2012/212/d/c/twitter_by_mr_emoo-d59buk3.png http://www.zslrepublic.net/belhome/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/deviantart.png http://orig00.deviantart.net/0de7/f/2014/093/b/7/instagram_by_th3emoo-d7cxqkv.png http://orig11.deviantart.net/9d63/f/2014/097/f/e/tumblr_by_th3emoo-d59bxec.png http://orig14.deviantart.net/669c/f/2015/295/3/e/icon_xl_by_sakon04-d9e0vt7.png

Also,if you like my pics you can support my work on Ko-fi


Programy TV
Wolf's Rain,Psycho-pass,Mononoke,Haikyuu,Mushishi,GITS,Evangelion,Fate series,Hakuouki,No6, Sakamichi no Apollon,Last Exile,Bakemonogatar ,Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun,Tiger & Bunny,Akira,Ao no roku-go,Code Geass,Eureka Seven,Hellsing Ultimate


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BlueRaven (7 d. temu) #28476223Thanks for accepting my FR. Have a good one. :)

You're welcome!! Thanks for the FR in the first place ^_^ Your collection is really nice
7 d. temu
Thanks for accepting my FR. Have a good one. :)
7 d. temu
Ylliasviel (3 mies. temu) #24333069Thanks for the FR dear ♡♡♡ I love your collection!

Thank you to you too for accept my FR :)
I'm really new in MFA so I will be a bit slow to reply^^"
3 mies. temu
Ylliasviel (10 mies. temu) #17683378Muchas gracias por la FR!!Tienes una colección muy cuqui <3
Muchas gracias por aceptar la FR. Me gustan mucho las fotografías que sacas especialmente las de monogatari. Encantada! ^_^
10 mies. temu
Thank you for accepting! Your collection is beautiful as well! So as your photos <3
Nice to meet you too!
Ylliasviel (1 r. temu) #16077452Thank you so much for the FR!<3 You have a really lovely colection :D
Nice to meet you!
1 r. temu
Ylliasviel (1 r. temu) #15807411Thank you so much for the FR! You have a really nice collection <3

You're welcome! Thanks a lot for accepting ♡ you have a wonderful collection as well! :3
1 r. temu
Thank you for accepting my friend request :) <3
1 r. temu
Reycoenma (1 r. temu) #15261672Si dale amiga, muchas gracias , espero sigas haciendo Mas fotos , están geniales <3

De nada! :D Claro! seguiré actualizando,y me alegra que te gusten! ^_^ jeje
1 r. temu
Reycoenma (1 r. temu) #15246395Hola amiga me encantó tu fotografía PICTURE #1631682 Oikawa Tooru me permites colocarla como Avatar ? =)

Hola! Muchas gracias,me alegra mucho que te haya gustado :D Claro,puedes usarla siempre y cuando no borres la forma y me acrdites como autora ^^

Un saludo! ♥
1 r. temu
Ylliasviel (1 r. temu) #6470404Thank you so much for the FR!! You have a nice collection :D You're welcome! You do have a nice collection as well :)
1 r. temu
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