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Update on me: I'm poor and sad so I only collect very few figures now. Open to trade any of my figures on my sell/free list for wish listed figures. Will buy any figures on my wish list.

BA in Graphic Design, still studying graphic design and in between jobs right now, I just got laid off ayy.
I've been collecting figures since 2005, coincidentally my bank account has been weeping since 2005
I am crazy in love with my figures...You know that crazy old cat lady? That's me, but with figures instead of cats, or maybe figures and cats, or maybe FIGURES OF CATS.
I don't really have a problem with anything (or shame for that matter), so feel free to say whatever, drop by to say hello, or tell a horrible knock knock joke.
I have plenty of interests other than figures and anime, so it's pretty easy to hold a conversation with me…I think

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027 d. temuAzaizerAzaizer
It's been awhile since we talked. Your FB page updates seem to show that your life has been going through helluva ups and downs. I hope things eventually pan out for you and life gives you a break at some point!

In any case, I know Lelouch is your husbando so just wanted to share with you that this is in the works! Prepare your wallet for it! item #574524
08 mies. temuAzaizerAzaizer
Soliloquy (8 mies. temu) #17428085It's getting there. Anyways what is the figure loot box you speak of? What did you get?
(do you have a skype?)

If you look at my figure history you will see figures I marked as "owned" about 3-4 hours ago (depending on when you see it). I have a Skype but I mainly use it for work (but I can add you if you prefer it) . I can add you to my Facebook since you use it as well. So far I chat with a couple of my MFC friends I've met on here through there. So might as well keep you all in the same place lol. I'll send you a Facebook request.
08 mies. temuAzaizerAzaizer
Soliloquy (8 mies. temu) #17360312Wanting to talk about it at all makes me wanna cry and I don't know where my head is at.
2016 was shitty and 2017 carried over the shit.

I'm doing really good. My holiday break was AMAZING! Spent it partying with family/friends! Can't complain! I REALLY needed it though! Work has been really keeping me busy and it was nice to step away from just the work mindset for a couple weeks and get to enjoy myself a little!

Just got a nice figure loot box in today that I've been going through. So things are pretty good on my end. I hope in the time since you messaged your situation has gotten better and you two worked things out.
08 mies. temuAzaizerAzaizer
Soliloquy (8 mies. temu) #17357037Well I wasn't going to say any more about my relationship issues, I was just really emotional at the time. >_>
Sorry 'bout that.

No no, you don't have to be sorry about it. I get it. When people are emotional they can sometimes spill their beans to whosoever just happens to be there and be able to listen sometimes. I'm just saying from experience I know it's always best to be discreet about where and who you talk to about it. Like if you wanted to talk to me about it, I don't mind but it's probably best to do so over PM is more of what I was getting at. I hope you guys can work it out though. Aside from the fighting you sounded like the guy really made you happy.
08 mies. temu (8 mies. temu)AzaizerAzaizer
Soliloquy (8 mies. temu) #17320786Yes I linked you to the Japan album, that's the only public thing on my Facebook I believe. There should be like 130 pictures, and yes the CC Yukata I've been meaning to get for a while now and found her for cheap in Japan. Japan was ok but my boyfriend and I fought a lot and I sort of have a broken heart and have been crying. Japan itself was good, I don't know where my relationship stands right now.

I was always on the fence about that C.C. Yakata. I liked her but I didn't want to end up getting an ARMY of C.C. LOL I kept it to a couple versions that I really liked.

Sorry to hear about your relationship troubles. I'm sorry you're hurting =( . I know all to well how love can be a hard endeavor. It's probably best if you don't post about it publicly though. You and him should try to talk calmly and see if you can resolve your problems. I hope things work out well for you guys.

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