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01 mies. temuMauxjediMauxjedi
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a good one!
03 mies. temu (3 mies. temu)MauxjediMauxjedi
Reiichiru (3 mies. temu) #22041877Sure~ Not sure if it'd be to your taste but you seem to have a fair bit of SM stuff so...
Always forget that Americans do dates the other way 6.10 @__@'' Occrued to me only after saving xD
Had a good day though?

Yeah, I did! I had some cinnamon rolls, BBQ, and a trifle. I got a GPS for a gift too, so that was cool.

And the dates confuse me too btw, I use both ways at work bc I can never remember which is which.
03 mies. temuMauxjediMauxjedi
Reiichiru (3 mies. temu) #22023971I put it together this morning for a little project~
I found the sailor moon render here tho :
[ext link ]

Well thank you for sharing it! it looks good!
03 mies. temuMauxjediMauxjedi
Reiichiru (3 mies. temu) #22005211

Thank you so much, I love the picture! Where did you find it?
06 mies. temuTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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