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Well I, in fact, I own quite some figures. It's a hobby I've been practicing for some time now. But some store policies this website upholds discouraged me from becoming a fully active member of this community.

Meaning: I buy a lot from Nippon-Yasan and E2046. I reserve my comments about the standing of many people here about a very specific kind of bootlegs.

I'm a computer theorist, software developer and a bit of physicist. Enjoy most kinds of metal music, classical music, non-mainstream electronic and experimental.

I don't watch anime. At least not regularly. But I really like most anime girls designs, and figures are their perfect materialization.
Programy TV
The Expanse, Mr. Robot, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Broadchurch, Downton Abbey, Stargate, Angel, Nip Tuck, Boston Legal
The Prince, Goethe's Faust, the Picture of Dorian Gray
Half-Life 2, Starcraft, The Elder Scrolls series, GTA series, The Legend of Zelda series
Punkty MOE
KVLT, doom, power, progressive metals; Electronica Trance; Classical Music; Dark, death ambient/Experimental
Gaming Rig, HP Proliant, MacBook Pro 2012

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