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Ain't it Funny?

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not funny but lovely moment ^^
Thanks all for the comments! ^.^
Very nice colors.
03 r.xKstarxKstar
03 r. (3 r.)kriskittenkriskitten
cute! I like the effect with the candies.

edit: beads... not candies...hehe!
03 r.AOS-AOS-
Not really liking how you put so much red into the blacks, but I do like the composition.
03 r.VamppyVamppy
Nice & cute picture! ^___^
Nami looks so HAPPY and is glad to see us! XDDDD
03 r.NayachiNayachi
Awww <3
03 r.phantomphantom
Mami! I'll get you
03 r.JoichiJoichi
Awww that is a great effect using little pebbles/stones laid out like that >w< Puella Magi girls in PebbleLand

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