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Ousaka Kotone - Creator's Collection - 1/7 (Nati...Ousaka Kotone - Creator's Collection - 1/7 (Native)



  • Limited
    ¥8,000 zmień na USD



© Native / Chieri / Tony Taka

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01 mieś.XxKingYBxXXxKingYBxX
Selling mine sale #118168
02 mieś. (2 mieś.)J-FigureJ-Figure
Pre-owned at 16K. [ext link ]
08 mieś. (8 mieś.)HappyHikikomoriHappyHikikomori
Looking to purchase this from within Europe, pm me prices please.

09 mieś.KinoKino
Selling her for US$ 200. She's brand new and not opened. Please feel free to PM for more details :)
Nek-Yasha (1 r.) #5046228Put on sale, thanks: sale #88432
Still available for purchase, thanks :)
Put on sale, thanks: sale #88432
I'm going to sell this one, has not been exposed, just opened and stocked in smoke free house far from sunlight.
PM me if anybody wants to make an offer ^_^
So much stuff to choose from Tony Taka. Looking so good!!
01 r.GoukiGouki
Okay, next unicorn to scratch off the list. You know its bad when used figures are commanding almost double retail, and I hate myself for starting my Tony collection so late in the game.
02 r.XKatanaXKatana
AmiAmi (B/B) 14,240 JPY
*This item is sold to ages 18 and above.
*This is for sale in Japan and made according to Japanese market Standards.
*This item can only be paid for via Credit Card.
[ext link ]

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