Fate/Zero - Saber - 1/8 - Zero ver. (Max Factory...Fate/Zero - Saber - 1/8 - Zero ver. (Max Factory)


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© Max Factory / Nitroplus / Type Moon / Kuroda Masanori

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In stock @ Japan Best
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fate/stay night mib unit. xd!
02 r.KCKoopaKCKoopa 完成した模型愛好家
Got her unopened for a cool 1500yen through Mandarake.
Think she'll look great alongside the MF's refined version of Emiya Kiritsugu :)
This is 69% off at Plamoya. Ordered mine for only $17.00 CAD!
03 r.b3ezb3ez
2,380 yen AmiAmi => [ext link ]
03 r.RhyeRhye
Selling mine sale #27270 - 15 euros discount on end total price (sale 'till 20 May)
What's the improvement with the new "refined" version?

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