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8211 mieś.VictoryfraudVictoryfraud
Emilia, or i riot. Rem is cute and all, but Emy is the main character. You'd think that would count for something.
7311 mieś.HaileeHimeHaileeHime
She's cute but I really want an Emilia nendoroid!! ^-^

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04 godz.KyokiPonKyokiPon
Selling mine for $60 USD + Shipping
she's opened but was put back like
15mins later. All her accessories are
I know she got a re release but just in
case you don't wanna wait.
09 godz. (9 godz.)Buffy6Buffy6
There's apparently some in stock on amazon for a little bit more than retail: ¥6886 Amazon Since there is a re-release now, people probably don't care. lol But, thought I'd say something in case there's someone who can't wait until September.
010 godz. (10 godz.)animeblvdanimeblvd
In stock @ Anime Blvd
➜ Free Shipping in U.S. ❤ Sorry for the double posting bug!
#19252192 // Sponsored by Anime Blvd
#19250731 // Sponsored by Plamoya (MF...
011 godz.Anime-IslandAnime-Island
Available for pre-order @ Anime-Island
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015 godz.kinkin
BioticGod (1 d.) #19228433I was soooo close to buying her for over $80... so glad I waited.
Yeah I saw some ridiculous prices going on on mfc for a figure that?? just got released? I instantly p/o her when I saw she was up for p/o again.
020 godz.songtantansongtantan
So happy she got released.
Instant pre-order

GSC surely knows how to milk our $$$

They know that if they bundle the 3 characters, it will trigger the people know missed out the first time to order.
020 godz.purinbunpurinbun
BioticGod (21 godz.) #19237491Surprised but super happy that she's being offered on other sites, because they said it would be a goodsmile shop exclusive!!They actually said Ram is getting a second batch of preorders on GSC's shop, not Rem. Rem got a rerelease. ;>
020 godz.wewewewe
Just in time for amazon (and the rest of the US) to get their stock!
021 godz.BioticGodBioticGod
Surprised but super happy that she's being offered on other sites, because they said it would be a goodsmile shop exclusive!!

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