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04 mieś. (4 mieś.)otakurepublicotakurepublic
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
[ext link ]
Someone want her with broken sword? U can glue it. Little cratches on base and one scratch on sword.. Price 20€ with box. Original one. Think only for EU its interesting cause shipping cost
01 r.TonorasTonoras
Still selling her: sale #86559 \o/
02 r.GTOunetGTOunet
Selling mine from Paris (France), opened but box + figure like new : 44,90 €. Seller with 100% positives evaluations. Shipping cost:8.95 € (France), 16,50 € (European Union) and 36,10 € (US, Canada).
03 r. (1 r.)YoyoYoyo
Selling this one for €60. She is in a good condition, with her box and all included. Shipping from the Netherlands, PM for more info.
03 r. (3 r.)ffenrisffenris
AmiAmi preowned:

A/B 3980yen : [ext link ]
A-/C 3680yen : [ext link ]
03 r.hitorihitori
I'm selling this as well as everything from my collection. PM me if interested. Was opened and put on display. Then put back in the original box. The sword was broken and can be glued back on. Looking at $80 and you pay for shipping.
a unique one! I love the base its pretty cool!
05 r. (5 r.)AmbAmb ....?!
I am so tempted to get this one from the AmiAmi sale >.<
I'm trying to limit my orders and I already have many pre-orders for April. I even just spent 15700 Yen on one figure, even though my March orders were kinda full already DX

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