Persona 3 - Aegis - Nendoroid Plus - 018 (Gift)Persona 3 - Aegis - Nendoroid Plus - 018 (Gift)





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02 r.JennyfurJennyfur ʕ•ᴥ~ʔ
got her from YJA, love her <33
03 r. (3 r.)YamiYukari16YamiYukari16
Anyone interested in selling her to me or know a site where I can buy it? D: I've been wanting this plush for a very long time and every time I find a seller selling her, I'm late. BOUGHT ONE!
03 r.KazamirKazamir Savage Elitist Scum
Selling her in like new condition for 70.00 us dollars w/ free shipping to the states.
Ack, I want her so badly! She's so cute <3
04 r. (4 r.)PoshulPoshul
Budgie (4 r.) #1268729Does anyone know how big is she?
[ext link ] From the GSC product page: 25 cm in height
04 r.BudgieBudgie
Does anyone know how big is she?
Has there been a re-release of thise plushie lately or something? At the start of the year I couldn't find this plushie anywhere and the ones I did were $200 @.@
But now I see them everywhere for $40-70. I really want one, but I'm just worried that these might all be bootlegs or something
05 r.AlkaidAlkaid
Got my precious little Aegis/Aigis as a present from a very good friend (Thanks athousand times!! >////<).
I love her, the gaze is simply adorable and she's always smiling right at me, so detailed and awesome! :3
Sits on my couch. ;)
06 r.NergyNergy
Got given one as a late xmas present. The plushie is amazing, it has articulation in the arms and legs. Very well made and nice use of materials

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