Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Zack Fair - Pla...Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Zack Fair - Play Arts (Kotobukiya, Square Enix)



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    ¥3,990 zmień na USD
Includes Buster Sword



© Kotobukiya / Square Enix / OOParts

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04 mieś.alphaprotoalphaproto
If anyone is selling PM me!
09 mieś.memzymemzy
Xanandra (9 mieś.) #6660397How much it cost?
Willing to do 55 shipped
09 mieś.XanandraXanandra
memzy (10 mieś.) #6349004selling one How much it cost?
010 mieś. (9 mieś.)memzymemzy
selling one
010 mieś.tiffanyuchihatiffanyuchiha
Anyone selling? Please pm me
01 r.FourzeFourze
Selling brand new and sealed check out my listing sale #81996
01 r. (1 r.)partisanx_partisanx_
Selling in EU (free shipping in Poland), damaged, PM me if interested.
Want to buy one, pm me if you are selling!
01 r.junseojunseo
Anyone selling new and unopened?
02 r. (2 r.)RyokoDWolfwoodRyokoDWolfwood
Downsizing my collection. Selling mine. 100% authentic. Was opened to inspect but never displayed. Was kept away from any sunlight. Figure and box in great condition. $50 + (shipping and pp fees) SOLD

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