Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - Zack Fair - Pla...Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - Zack Fair - Play Arts (Kotobukiya Square Enix)


Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - Zack Fair - Play Arts (Kotobukiya Square Enix)



Includes Buster Sword



© Kotobukiya / Square Enix / OOParts

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01 mieś.TrinTriniTrinTrini
Looking to buy! PM please!!
06 mieś.FuroFuro
I want to buy it. Please PM me if you have one
01 r.AnokrahAnokrah
Wish there was Genesis Rhapsodos :/
Okay so, they're selling this figure on ebay, from Australia, for the not-so-bad price of about $64 (total). Not sure if want...
i want to buy this one. if anyone has it and wants to sell it, please pm me.
02 r. (2 r.)neptunecadetneptunecadet ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~
Selling Mine! PM for details! Sold!
02 r.Konel82Konel82
I opened him a year ago, but i didn't like his articulation and placed him back into the box. Just today I decided to pull him out once again. This time I looked at all of his joints and noticed that they were all stuck together or stiff. No wonder I didn't like him at first. Zack now has better articulation once I did the basic movements with applied force, you know like side kick, front kick, tip toe, and arm flex. Now he's sitting on my desk instead of the box until I decide where to put him for display
Got mine today! It's just... Beautiful! As others said, maybe it's not very posable (legs in particular) but I just fell in love with it! <3
I was thinking about selling him but then I got all nostalgic when I came here so screw that xD
03 r.ImanovImanov
This figure is just amazing, I'm so happy I got him, maybe not THAT posable, but for sure one of the most beautiful Play Arts. Do you like Zack? MUST item!

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