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    ¥800 zmień na USD
Ichiban Kuji Code Geass R2 ~Romantic Variation~ Premium Prize Set - B Prize



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03 mieś.CitrixNovaCitrixNova
She looks amazing, Might have to cave in and order her :o
15 mieś.strictlystylesstrictlystyles Closet Nerd
i cant belive i spent 90 for this off mandarake back in the day and now its just sitting at places for 3-6k. ughhh
The true figure dismount. piece ?
01 r. (1 r.)ZetsuboudaZetsubouda
There's one @amiami, C/B, ¥3280 gone
If you don't mind displaying her without the skirt, then this one seems perfect for you.
Tearing it is quite easy, though.
Looking for her to go with my GEM Lelouch let me know!
01 r.XKatanaXKatana
3,000 yen mandarake [ext link ]
Gimm (2 r.) #2436316Aww sorry to hear that.
Try this one: [ext link ]
Opened, and Box damaged. But the price is really low. Not sure about the condition of good tho...

I've been staring at that for a bit now haha.
I dont really like buying opened figures from Mandarake. bad past experience.

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