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01 r. (1 r.)pancakeswfrostinpancakeswfrostin
Selling away my collection. All of them are new and undisplayed.

I accept paypal for payment. I ship internationally from Singapore. Do pm me if interested ^^


First edition:

Selling as a whole set of 5 for usd $65.
I have an extra of kagami so you can buy those seperately if you want ^^

Second edition:
Takao x2

Selling individually for usd $14 each

Third Edition:
Fukui (usd $10)
Miyaji (usd $10)

(Get any of these two for usd $5 each when you buy 5 or more figures from me)

Forth Edition:
Izuki (usd $12)
Hayama (usd $12)

Selling as a set for usd $39
Wont be selling akashi seperately. The other two are up for individual sale :)

Fifth Edition:
Kuroko (usd $14)
Akashi (usd $15)

Thanks for reading till here! Have a wonderful day ahead ^^
02 r. (1 r.)T_ReinaT_Reina
Selling for 5 SGD
> Whole set at 25 SGD
PM if interested ^^
03 r. (1 r.)SShirokazeSShirokaze
Got Takao, Kasamatsu, and Murasakibara doubles. Selling for 3€ each, shipping not included (from Spain) :3
03 r.dodododo
I got an extra Takao in my set. Looking to trade for a Kise from the same set if anyone has an extra (or a Kuroko one from the first set). Would also be willing to sell my extra (but priority goes to whoever can offer me a Kise or Kuroko in trade).
03 r.yuki013yuki013
Midorima, Takao and Himuro still available in this split (mfc link)
13 r. (3 r.)rinilovesriniloves
why did I get him -_-
03 r.Aya-KunAya-Kun
My box was missing Kasamatsu if you have a spare one for sale or would like to trade I have Kise x2, Takao and Himuro spare
03 r. (3 r.)KTYCKTYC
Trading this figure for Sakurai
03 r.SekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Looking to buy or trade for this one.......the only one from the set I didn't get. I have extras of the others, please PM if you have him^^
Does anyone have an extra for sale? My friend is looking for one.


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