Touhou Project - Inu Sakuya (Gift)Touhou Project - Inu Sakuya (Gift)



  • Limited
    ¥2,000 zmień na USD
  • Limited
    ¥2,000 zmień na USD
Inu Sakuya created and popularized by AngelType doujinshi



© AngelType / Gift / Team Shanghai Alice

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04 mieś.GCNessGCNess
too moé!!!
It helps that Sakuya is best girl.
one day they'll make a full distribution version, and instead of lowering the price of this one, the new will be as much pricey and this one will get out-of-this-world prices.
02 r.SickPeaSickPea
Got her way back then for $90. An online friend had a counterfeit of her, she was missing her tail.
02 r. (1 r.)RokikiRokiki
Got her for 5500Y on Yahoo JP (along with 2 other inu sakuya figures)
A good price, isn't it? =p

My precious is finally here, she is so tiny and cute!
Very happy to own this lovely item!
omg omg why this is so cute sdadsad
05 r.KotatsuKotatsu No Nitroplus No Life !
ordered too .
Found her on Rakuten for 8 400yen ...
MewIchigo8543Considering that you have no Touhou plush, maybe it would be best if you bought regular Sakuya first? This one is crazy rare and I've been looking for TWO years.

I just found her on ebay asking a seller and they sold me her

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