18 sekund temuSavingDaysSavingDays
Thanks for sharing! This gives me hope for my own grab boxes :D You got a lot of decent things out of this one! The Sailor Moon pen set looks very nice (even though I do not collect Sailor Moon merch or figures it kinda impressed me the most).
5 min.AgletAglet
the adventures of never dying meme
Is school ver. Madoka still available?
9 min. (7 min.)jessicrottejessicrotte
Thanks for the FR! but i cant accept u cause it's 300 friends max D:
12 min.rumichuurumichuu
Baosai (22 godz.) #18497521Dropping by to say hi to another Kenma lover! c: I love your collection (and I'm really jealous 'w')

AHH HI!!! glad to meet another kenma fan :D and thank you!
16 min.falugalobfalugalob
Hope you have a great birthday.
It still looks very nice and I'm still pre-ordering it too! :3
17 min.riringoriringo
GreyFox (1 godz.) #18520206If what they are doing with their money is supporting theft and actual criminals, I would have to disagree
Sure, you can't actually make them do anything, but if I think what they are doing is wrong, I don't see why I should stay quite because it's "not my business"
It seems pretty black and white to me, so you are going to have to explain to me these "grey areas"

If we go by OP's statement of "bootleg" being broad, then it can be as simple as just something being unlicensed, which fan goods fall into. They're completely original, just don't have licensor approval. Are fans criminals? What about artists who mod figures and sell them?

As for gray areas, what I meant was gray justification for turning to bootlegs, like the product they want not existing in official capacity, items that have gone out of print for considerable time, and people who can't afford the official copy, but feel their lives would be enriched by having it (like nostalgia or sentimental value).

*For the record I'm NOT encouraging people to buy bootlegs, just stating how it's not completely black/white when you consider it on the level of the individual. Not everyone's going to consider the big picture when their own wants are not being met.... which, to be clear, does not justify supporting bootlegs on a moral level, but it does get gray on the personal, decision-making level.

Also when I said "not anyone's business", it was refering to my own personal stance on this, and was not meant to encourage others to think the same way. I've been in hobbies where people who have bought bootlegs for the most minor of things (like for spare parts) were literally banned from participating in aspects of the hobby at large by the community. I felt that was unfairly harsh, but I also understand where it's coming from. And because I can't wholly side with one side, I've personally decided that I just won't care where people are putting their money as long as they're aware that they're buying a bootleg. To clarify, this is just in terms of the hobby, and not any potential ties the bootleg may have with organized crime at large.
28 min. (13 min.)DreadedSwordsmanDreadedSwordsman
SUPER (2 godz.) #18519079has it ever dawned on you guys that maybe the berserk license in itself might be very expensive?
Personally I'm super happy that they are doing 1/4, I was disappointed the MF guts wasn't. allows for better detailing, presence etc. Hopefully a company does a 1/3 sometime in the future
item #101488 i picked up these for like 30 bucks a few years ago
Gecco did a 1/6 and a 1/8 berserker armor kit.


I know what Gecco did, I said in a previous comment I missed the 1/6 scale release. Also, good for you that you are happy with these bigger more expensive scales. I would prefer smaller less expensive scales though.
31 min. (30 min.)GreyFoxGreyFox
AdrienAgreste (51 min.) #18521058woah what....

Yup, they are absolutely correct

Knowing those facts does make justifying knowingly purchasing bootlegs a little harder to defend
33 min.rumichuurumichuu
selling whole set for $63 USD includes shipping worldwide (+$7 for shipping to europe)
33 min.RuiseRuise
I want her. I wonder how, exactly, she's gonna stand.
sorry for the delay i should be able to buy him next month. my buyer didnt pay and it set me back -_-
35 min.SkiaEshSkiaEsh
I see. So if Rightstuf lists release as Feb 28, 2017, it will probably late March to late May.

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