Welp, will wait for tomorrow and his price on AmiAmi, but still he is not worth exclusive mark ._.
I think that Megahouse nowadays don't think about fans but only focus about a money. It's sad
52 sekund temuTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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MelKeigo (4 godz.) #20425298Hahah yeah that would XDD I hope the current figs announced turn out nice and sell well ;3; I hope I'm able to buy them too LMAO
I really like Yurio too and I've been trying to increase my nendo collection, so I don't think I'll skip him XD I'm curious about his faceplates too! Pissed off face for sure HAHAAHH

Same, I hope when they're released I can afford them (and pray they aren't exclusive) X'D I have everything crossed that Toy's Works do a decent job on their figures since they're the only ones who are making Yuuri T u T
Pissed off face or we riot X'D haha~ It's going to be exciting to see how he turns out and what accessories he gets too.
5 min.LoveGameLoveGame
I doubt they'll cancel the figures considering they already showed them off somewhere apparently. I mean, they already had the pillows come out.
6 min. (2 min.)AnimeGurumaAnimeGuruma
Jesus, limited+exclusive? For this?
Zooming in:
-What's up with the dark grey "shading" in the hair?
-Clumpy-looking hair
-Both shirt and pants have cheap shiny finish...
-Huge hands
Honestly, the figure would have looked better if the shirt had a matte instead of shiny finish, and if the hair sculpt was finer/more detailed without the cheap-looking dark grey shading at the back of his head.

Now I'm not sure if I'm going to order one, since the price will probably be 12,000 JPY...which is quite a lot for what this is...
Also if they went with his Stammi Vicino outfit...GOD this could've been so good.
It's just too bad since this is the first scale figure revealed and it could've been better...not to mention Kotobukiya's and Toy's Works haven't had any work on theirs yet. Oh well...
8 min.Kiz-xoKiz-xo
Well megahouses looks pretty bad, so heres hoping this ones better!
Exclusive and with this quality? I don't bloody think so.

His face still looks really weird, the paint job looks pretty bad and the shading is non-existent.

I hadn't planned on buying him anyway but a part of me still wanted him to turn out great. I'm just really disappointed, especially for the people that were so excited for him :(
9 min.Kiz-xoKiz-xo
burcu (17 min.) #20429900Did they really not paint the tiny Russian flag that's supposed to be on his skates?
It looks rushed and cheap so i don't doubt they would.
lets hope one of the other companies do a better job!
When a figure I've been keeping an eye on ends up exclusive it's such a relief when I don't like it lol
11 min.Kiz-xoKiz-xo
How is it, they do a terrible YOI one, and it goes up for pre order the day after painting, but they do a beautiful one like this and theres no pre order date?!
14 min.Kiz-xoKiz-xo
ashtonlee (4 d.) #20177509I really hope they continue this line and make more characters like gaara, madara and sakura and a kyuubi naruto.
Same! I'd kill for a Gaara and Sakura!
17 min.burcuburcu
Did they really not paint the tiny Russian flag that's supposed to be on his skates?
19 min.MiauMiau
Oooh, congrats! You're right, you should try since it can be the last oportunity and maybe if your bosses are supportive, they maybe can readmit you in the future when you come back again?

As for the colletion/stuff around, if you want to get rid of things, i'd try the Konmari method and for the stuff you don't want (like the furniture, clothes, misc...) you can try to make a garage sale (i think it's super common in usa, idk about the rest of the world tho xD) to sell stuff fast
You can always give pamflets or put an ad in a local newspaper for awareness in your city (?)

Hope it helps a little!
22 min.Kiz-xoKiz-xo
we waited 5 months for this?!
I'm not impressed by the paint job, and i was hoping they'd go with the outfit from the photo on here, but they didn't. in my opinion it looks cheap and rushed.
23 min.murialitamurialita
Wow, wasn't expecting her to get a re-release! I like mine, so it's nice to see others get the chance to own her again.
Lol exclusive okay then. Another figure I won't be buying from Megahouse I suppose.
25 min.Kiz-xoKiz-xo
This is beautiful :o

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