Let's Make It Happen!!Let's Make It Happen!!Make your voices heard and let's get some figures made! ^o^

When are we going to get some Monster Musume scale figures?
Why does Li Syaoran not have a Figma or Nendoroid yet?
What do I have to do for someone to make a Shovel Knight statue?

There are all kinds of figures we have been wanting, but somehow never got made. And that is what this club is for!

This club is dedicated to one purpose. To gather information on what the MFC community is wanting companies to make for their collections.

We will do this be researching comments on item pages, making polls and forums where specific types of figures can be discussed and voted on, and then take all the data we find and submit it to companies.

I hope you all will join us in this endeavor. Please remember to submit requests to companies directly on their websites and social media pages along with telling us what you want. That is their primary method of determining what products to produce.

Also feel free to mention figures, companies and franchises not of Japanese origin if you wish. This club's activities are not limited to Japanese franchises and companies. :3

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01 d.SekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Huhu so DMMd Gothic Aoba is happening, hopefully the rest of the N+C mains get their Gothic versions too. I hope everyone got something they wanted from Wonfes!

Now, another MFC member has created a survey questionnaire. Please take a look! (mfc link)
020 d. (20 d.)ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
The results from the new Nendoroid poll are in. Here are the most demanded Nendoroids wanted to be made next. (mfc link)

[1] Emilia (Re:Zero)

[2] Izaya & Shizuo (Durarara)

[3] Yurio (Yuri on Ice)

An excellent combination of demands. Now to send this poll off to Good Smile. Good wrok, everyone! :D
Looks like it has been a while since there was any activity here, so let's get things rolling again.

We have had a good bit of success with getting the character we have been voted for turned into figures. It is time for another Nendoroid poll. Who should be miniaturized next? :D

(mfc link)
43 mieś.SekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
It's finally happened you guys the rest of the Free! boys are being made by Altair and the DMMd line is continuing in nendo form with Mink I'm sobbing.

Let's keep bugging companies for more figures to complete our sets! ^.^
It's been a while since our last poll, but here is a new one. This one is all about Pokémon. :D
(mfc link)
05 mieś.SekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Forgot to add those company email addresses to the contact page. Derp. It's now up~ (mfc link)
05 mieś.SekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Alright everyone! I have some good news! I actually received this awhile ago but due to illness I had to go on hiatus for awhile >.> Anyways! Awhile ago I contacted a couple more companies and a few of them responded back.

Firstly, I contacted Myethos as per the information from the wonderful user Maronn from this club a few posts down. I asked them to please consider re-releasing their Alice figure since she is pretty pricey now and I also thanked them for their first male figure (Dante from DMC3) and asked them to make more, including fairy tale versions to go with their female fairytale line. Here is their exact quote:
View spoilerHide spoilerWe are so glad that you like our products.

Thank you so much for your advise. We do plan to re-release Alice, and we will improving the sculpting and the coloring. Also, the final quality will be higher than the existing Alice.

Speaking of the male character, we may publish the first male character in FairyTale series next year. please stay tuned.

If you have any further question or suggestion, please feel free to let us know.

So, we will be getting a re-release of their Alice figure and we may be getting matching male fairytale figures! I am SO excited with the thoughts of being able to place a dynamic King of Hearts next to their upcoming Queen of Hearts which I have on order. And a male Alice with a dynamic pose and awesome clothing? Umm, yes please! Let them know what you want! I plan to let the people in the Myethos club know about this too!

I also emailed Flare and thanked them for their Bayonetta figure since she is pure perfection, seriously. I wanted a Bayonetta 2 figure and a Jeanne figure. I mentioned to them that I was so happy for them branching into male figures (King of Prism & Oswald) and they responded in English!
View spoilerHide spoilerThank you for your mail.

And thank you very much for purchasing BAYONETTA figure and for your praise.

We will deliver your words to Product Planning Div.

Hope you enjoy our products.

Thank you.

There you have it! support@flare-web.jp

Another company not really in the figure making business-but they do respond in English-is Kadokawa! I messaged them about a manga localization request and they responded in English! It does seem they recently have a figure they are manufacturing so they should respond about that too! Here is their contact form [ext link ] Just use google translate to get through the options.

Another company is Nitro+ which I am sure everyone on this site likes something of theirs, they have so many branching properties. They don't respond in English but they do respond so if you are ok with JP or just have a simple sentence that google translate can work for then go ahead and message them about localization requests! inquiry@nitroplus.co.jp Although maybe if they get enough requests in English they may have someone respond in English? We can try!
07 mieś.SekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
And more Free! boys were announced! item #464652 Also a user on here has shared info that Hobby Stock responds in English so I will be adding them to the contacts list. Here is the image source picture #1584128
17 mieś. (7 mieś.)timeless54timeless54
Congrats!! Syaoran is getting made! [ext link ] & [ext link ]
07 mieś.SekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Maronn (7 mieś.) #12574376No problem! We need to work on making impossible things happen after all! :D
Sure, for suggestions it's: info@myethos.hk ^_^
They also have an english website with other e-mail adresses for several other inquiries: [ext link ]
Oh yes I'm looking forward for him too! I just hope they take their time, with the yen rate rising all the time I really can't afford any more figures atm. ^^"
Oh gods, cat boys! YES....YESS!

Thanks! Company contacts info has now been updated! I had no idea they had an English page, that's great! Their other figures seem to have been well received so I am looking forward to Dante. I'll thank for him as well and request more boys! I'm going to ask for male versions of fairy tale characters^^

I'll post here when I hear back from them and toys works^^

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Let's Make It Happen!!


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