Let's Make It Happen!!Let's Make It Happen!!Want a Kaito figma or something else? if so, join this club!

Do you want a certain figure to be made? if so, you are at the right place!

How it works: Start a forum for a figure that you wanted to be made, example for a forum name: Stardust Witch Meruru figma. I will check all of the forums, post an update on them, and alot of us here on MFC will send a WHOLE BUNCH of request e-mails to a company like Good Smile Company. Then we wait until the company gets enough of the requests, then they will make it!

P.S. i will post the latest forums on the front page so we can get more people to send requests.


Kirino Stardust Witch Meruru Ver. Nendoroid
(mfc link)

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04 r. (4 r.)ILoveWammyILoveWammy
StalkingWe could also make online petitions and sign them! But, how will we send the petitions results to GSC, or whatever company we want to make them? o.o
04 r.YorunoYoruno
A good PVC for this Shinobu! item #41762 It can't be GSC, but what about, say, Alter or Kotobukiya?
04 r.JoichiJoichi
I want the Okumura brothers as a nendoroid or at least a nice One-Coin figure by Kotobukiya or Niitengo :X!! Love this club, i won't have too much high hopes but it's worth a try!
04 r.sillyker0niansillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
@Stalking: Do itttttttt~! 8D
04 r.kuuumakuuuma
I wonder if anyone would be interested in bringing Sailor Moon back... I mean, the manga's already getting a re-release, and the anime is being re-aired in some countries.
One can only wish Q v Q

04 r.StalkingStalking Loli hunter
We could also make online petitions and sign them!
04 r.sillyker0niansillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
Well - this is an AMAZING idea for a club!! As well, I am already putting up some topics for ideas I have. lol.

However, how do I send an e-mail request to GSC? Which email would I send it to?

Let's Make It Happen!!


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