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06 mies. temuhintukihintuki
this group is dead ?
02 r. temuSchwarzDahlieSchwarzDahlie
A friend of mine is givin up her Preorder of the bundle Rin and Len Senbonzakura (FREEingn Company and GSC) on AmiAmi. Anyone interested? MP her!! (Lina17inverse)
05 r. temuHintHint
I will own her some day :">
05 r. temuhintCV02hintCV02
anyone here :3
05 r. temuHintHint
Rin :x love Rin
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06 r. temukriskittenkriskitten
Oh hey, been a while since anyone posted here. Just joined the club. I bet a lot of folks are super happy that Rin and her twin are being re-issued with the Cheerful Japan thing. :) Whoever missed it before could totally grab her now!

I considered getting a second Rin Nendoroid with CJ, but when it's the same thing save a few adjustments (making it more face compatible), I'm not sure if it's worth it when I should be saving my money anyhow.
07 r. temuOsasakiOsasaki Homu Homu
if anyone is interested im selling my full nendo of Rin (mfc link)
07 r. temuIchii-ouji-samaIchii-ouji-sama
I love Rin >< unfortunately, i haven't get her figures yet =,=
07 r. temuspasepeepole026spasepeepole026
Come on guys; no one has done anything here in so long :(
07 r. temuzerogeasszerogeass
Rin, she is so cute ^^ I fell in love with her ^^
07 r. temu (7 r. temu)icechuicechu
Aaaahhh! So happy someone made a club for her ^^ She really deserves it!
07 r. temuSyrup_DropSyrup_Drop
itachi377Gotta love Rin and her Bow.

Amen to that :D
07 r. temuitachi377itachi377
Gotta love Rin and her Bow.

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