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Welcome to the SharkBait fan club!
A celebration of the passionate dynamics between Matsuoka Rin and Nanase Haruka, as they motivate each other '✿For the Future✿', towards their path of Olympic dreams.
"I couldn’t believe that a dream was something I could find just by looking. But then, Rin took me with him and showed me all these different sights. I realized how big the world really is. And then, I found it… I want to swim in that world."
Going on a trip feels completely different when you do it with your family, or with your friends, or with your…umm, you know, lover… -(Via: Fencer-X)
“Things Haruka reacts to” - In Spoon, Shimazaki Nobunaga-shi responds: water, swimming, mackerel, and “things relating to Matsuoka Rin” -(Via: Fencer-X)
[Haruka and Rin] just feel like the 'destined pair' for one another.-Miyano Mamoru, cast interview in HaruRin mook.-(Via: Fencer-X)

Feel Our Hearts Campain-Mission Accomplished!
KyoAni has officially received our feelings, and they have written a thank you to the international fans on their English web page. SharkBait 2K16 Future Days!


October 3, 2015
Taito Kuji Honpo Free! -Eternal Summer- ~Star Night
December 5, 2015:
High Speed!-Free! Starting Days-

December 16, 2016
High Speed!-Free! Starting Days- Theme song & Original Soundtrack release

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[Disclaimer]This club doesn't tolerate bashing or belittling people based on their preferred liking. As you know, in the community, there are a variety of clubs with different character pairings. If this isn't the club for you, please feel free to exit. Thank you.-Mod

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