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I found a little surprise for me waiting in my mailbox. What could it be?

Okay, so I pre-ordered Puella Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Limited Edition from [ext link ] in December. It was released in Feb., I ordered all three volumes for $75 each. I wasn't to sure how I would like them for that price, but I liked all the little extras that it came with. Even before I opened the Blu-ray Box Set, they packed in a few flyers and this really cute Valentine's Post Card.

Here is what the Limited Edition Box Set Comes with. This is a Blu-ray/DVD combo and it comes with the ost. It contains Episodes 1-4 with a two sided poster, 4 post cards + Valentine's post card, kybey bumper stickers, and a 24 pg booklet.

If you want a better picture you can go here. [ext link ]
This is cover for the box set. I really liked how they made it. The gold writing was really nice, plus the pink circles are also inside the box. Because this box is white, I am scared that the box will get dirty very easily.
The blu-ray/dvd case has a two sided cover. Both sides are really Cute!!! ^__^ The image of Mami on the DVD is not as clear as Madoka on the blu-ray.

These are the post cards and the stickers that it came with.

This is the OST that it comes with.
Track List
1. Sis puella magica!
2. Salve, terrae magicae
3. Gradus prohibitus
4. Credens justitiam
5. Clementia
6. Desiderium
7. Conturbatio
8. Postmeridie
9. Puella in somino
10. Umbra nigra
11. Terror adhaerens
12. Scaena felix
13. Pugna cum maga

24pg Booklet and the two sided poster. The booklet has a two page interview with Director Akiyuki Shinbo, and two quick interviews with (the voice of Madoka)Aoi Yuki, and (the voice of Homura)Chiwa Saito. And then the last few pages are illustrations plus a translated comic panel. Link Here (mfc link)

I think it is a little overpriced, I wanted to see more special features. The extras on the DVD were Ending theme music video, a text-less opening, and trailers. I haven't tried out the Blu-ray, since someone is hogging the PS3. >__< As a collector's item, I think it will satisfy any collector that is willing to spend $75 on it. I am really happy with it, and can't wait for the other two. I can't really compare them on the one's released in Japan, since I don't have them. As I recall the Japanese released ones were hard cases, these are plastic regular DVD boxes, and that's all I know. Well, I hope anyone reading this enjoyed my very first blog. ^___^

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05 r.YorunoYoruno
Thank you! That was very informative and useful - and really a pleasure.
All my jelly.
05 r.RisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
Wow, what a pretty box set! ^^
05 r.WatchJessieGoWatchJessieGo Magical Girl
Ugh, I'm still debating over whether or not to get this... I like all the stuff it comes with (I would kill for those bumper stickers), but still, it's so expensive... I mean, I was able to get my limited edition Haruhi Suzumiya box off of Amazon for $11, so I just can't grasp this price...
05 r.Strife212Strife212 Original Blue
Yeah, that's really nice.
Great box ^^ I have ordered the Italian version and I'm waiting it *_*
05 r. (5 r.)ShinigamiMaidShinigamiMaid
very nice limited edition boxset
lots of nice bits and all cute an fitting with theme
looks like worth the money to me

such a nice set and i would buy like that if it weren't for shipping and customs cost
doubt we'l get any nice limited edition boxsets released here
but i'l settle for gettting the series :)



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